Viral News Jacker Review

Welcome to my Viral News Jacker review. Today we’re going to looking at the latest release from Glynn & Leigh Kosky. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing products from these guys before.

Products such as Traffic Multiplier, Instant eCom Funnels, xPress Funnels and Triple Traffic Bots, all of which failed to live up to expectations and I ended up not approving any of them.

I even had one of my readers contact me to tell me of the trouble they had trying to contact either of them when he ran into trouble with one of their products.

That sort of thing is high on my list of stuff you should make sure doesn’t happen. If someone is going to buy your product then at least help them out when they need it.

Hopefully customer support is something they’ve worked on because it’s not just about the product, it’s the whole package.

One thing I won’t do is let those past failures have any influence over what I’m reviewing today, if it’s a good product then I’ll be the first to tell you, on the other hand if it’s bad I’ll tell you that as well.

NAME: Viral News Jackerviral news jacker review

OWNERS: Glynn & Leigh Kosky

PRICE: $26.95


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What Is Viral News Jacker About?

Viral News Jacker is a plugin that creates self updating news websites with the latest viral trending news from all the popular news websites.

Once it’s setup on your website you’ll select the news channels you want to draw content from, the text is then put through a spinner to create unique content and put back on your website. The software also posts to social media so the idea is you get viral traffic back to your website.

You can monetize it with banner ads, affiliate links or with something like Adsense.

There are a few potential issues I can see with this, but I’ll cover those in a later section.

Sales Page Hype?

When it comes to sales pages in this industry they are generally over hyped and unrealistic in terms of what the vendors claim the product can do.

I’m in a unique position where I can see both sides. I can see what the sales page says and I can also see if the product stands any chance of living up to what it says.

Now, why am I even bothering? Well, like I said the difference between the two can be like night and day and if you’re thinking of buying this product off the back of the sales page then you really need to know if you can trust it.

viral news jacker sales page headline

Pretty impressive, right? No paid traffic, no tech skills and no content creation, almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it.

Now, News sites do make a lot of money, you only have to look to the likes of Huffington Post to see that, but they are hugely established.

My personal view on statements like this:

sales page hype

is that they create a false sense of what is going to be achievable to the ‘normal person’ looking for a way to make money. That being said I have been running a site with this plugin and I have seen some very small success, nothing like $500+ a day, more like less than a couple of dollars, but I am only using Adsense and it has only been a couple of weeks

Perhaps with different monetization I could bump it up a bit, but I still think $500+ a day is very unrealistic especially as the traffic comes from Facebook which isn’t the best type of traffic to have.

One thing that I couldn’t quite understand on the sales page was this income screenshot that claimed the results where down to trending viral news and this software:

income proofWhat I fail to see is how having a News site would enable you to sell RapidProFixPro? I might be missing something, ok you could have banner ads, but your audience isn’t going to be the most targeted in the world is it.

I mean someone coming to your site looking for News about Donald Trump or Brexit isn’t really going to be interested in a piece of software that claims to let you sell DFY courses, which by the way was a terrible product.

What Did I Like

  • The fact it actually works which believe me is a bonus.
  • As well as the plugin you also get a theme
  • A good amount of videos showing you how to set this up
  • Some extra bonuses like some of their past products

What I Didn’t Like

  • Way too many distractions in the members area
  • Auto posting to Facebook via FB cookie didn’t work for me
  • The News API was a bit hit and miss, sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldn’t
  • Using social media to get traffic
  • Spinning content to please Google to try and get traffic
  • Exaggerated earning claims
  • Support takes you to Tube Traffic Machine, NOT Viral News Jacker

Inside The Product

Before we see what’s inside I must caution you. I’ve had too many people contact me to tell me of how hard it is to get their money back from vendors, especially considering that this has 6 upsells which you’re going to have to get past before you even get to the product you purchased.

Take a quick look at Donna’s and Stephane’s comment here to get some idea of what I mean. Now I’m not saying you’d have that sort of trouble here, but it’s well worth being aware of.

I would say just click ‘No Thanks’ at the bottom of each upsell.

Once you do manage to get into the members area you’re presented with a video that goes over some of the offers that they have for you.

One thing that stood out for me was him telling you to NOT go through PayPal if you need a refund, just contact his support desk which as we now know doesn’t even go to Viral News Jacker support so I think you’re better off getting a refund through PayPal and stand a much better chance of getting it.

He also tells you to sign up for the VIP members workshop which is basically a webinar selling a high ticket item.

If you’ve bought any of their products before you’ll be familiar with the layout of the training:

viral news jacker members area

You have the menu on the left where you can navigate your way through the training which consists of:

  • Overview – Essential Viewing – 4.24
  • How To Install Viral News Jacker – 8.02
  • Important Initial Setting – 3.25
  • Setting Up Appearance – 5.35
  • Connecting To The News Sources – 4.02
  • How To Create Campaigns – 8.18
  • Auto Post To Facebook – 6.42
  • Setup Ads – 9.00
  • Setup Call To Action – 3.05
  • Setup Email Optin – 2.52

And that is basically it. Apart from you do get a bunch of unrelated Youtube videos like ‘Make $2k with expired domains’ and calls to join various clubs and groups.

The Oto’s

Let’s quickly touch on those upsells that we spoke about a bit earlier. There are 6 of them which in my mind is wholly unnecessary, but to be fair I don’t see the point of upsells, period!

  • OTO #1 – $97 with a downsell to $47 – Unlimited Version
  • OTO #2 – $97 with a downsell to $67 – Done for you Profits Themes
  • OTO #3 – $97 with a downsell to $67 – Automated Traffic Flow
  • OTO #4 – $67 with a downsell to $47 – Tube Traffic Jacker
  • OTO #5 – $67 with a downsell to $47 – Triple Threat Traffic
  • OTO #6 – $197 with a downsell to $97 – License Rights.

Now, there are a couple of points I’d like to go over and the first is OTO #1 – Unlimited Version. Nowhere on the sales page or even inside the members area did it say that you are restricted to the number of sites you can run this on, but the 1st upsell suggests you need to buy it if you want to create unlimited News sites??

The second point is how pissed off would you be if you had paid $197 for the License Rights only to find out you could have got it for $100 less?

You don’t need to answer that, I already know the answer. It’s pretty poor isn’t it.

If you were contemplating buying any of those and are wondering how to get the discounted price all you have to do is click ‘No Thanks’ at the bottom of each sales page. You’re welcome 🙂

Final Thoughts

Anything automated always throws up a red flag for me. Although this can work, it doesn’t always and that’s the same for a lot of these types of software.

In the course of my research for this review I came across another product that is incredibly similar to this one and is available on Code Canyon by Code Revolution.

Now these guys could have taken the concept and added a few things, but to me it looks the same thing. Who knows?

Some people swear by automation, personally I don’t, I like to be in control of what’s happening and that way I can ensure it all goes as smooth as possible.

The other thing I didn’t really like about this was the traffic source. Having a great website is only the beginning, if you don’t have traffic to that website what’s the point of having it?

Just relying on Facebook for traffic isn’t a great strategy especially with them cracking down on what you can post. They do say you can spin the content, but again I’m not a big fan of spinning articles.

In summing up I would say if you are looking for this kind of thing then yes this would be a good option, BUT just don’t expect to earn the big numbers being touted on the sales page, I suppose I’m saying don’t expect to hit a home run with this, but it is something you could use to bring in a few extra bucks.

Oh, and that’s assuming you either have a website or know how to set one up because that’s the other thing that isn’t included with this.

For now I’m going to approve this unless you guys know any different.


What Next?

Whether you have a website or not, getting traffic to it is still the biggest hurdle you have to get over. This product doesn’t really cover that aspect of it and that could prove to be its downfall.

Getting traffic basically boils down to either paid or free. I don’t pay for traffic. Why would I when I get all the traffic I need for free, no not from Facebook.

I get my traffic from the search engines, mainly Google, but also Bing and Yahoo. I’m going to tell you a little secret now that most of the product vendors don’t want you to know ……. getting the sort of traffic I do takes time, it’s not going to happen overnight.

And that’s a big problem for most people, they listen to the guru’s telling them how easy it is to make money virtually overnight and when they don’t they tend to move on to the next product telling them the same thing.

It turns into a vicious circle that will never end. And that’s what a lot of vendors prey on. let’s face it, if people stuck to one thing and one thing only these guys would be out of business.

They wouldn’t be able to release a new so-called money making idea with no foundation what seems like every week now would they.

And it wasn’t until I realised that myself that I made this work. Focus and determination. If you haven’t got those you might as well quit now or keep chasing empty promises.

Trouble is who do you trust? There are literally hundreds if not thousands of scams on the internet, it’s a real minefield.

If you feel you those qualities I spoke of then I have the perfect solution, it’s the exact same solution I found over 4 years ago.

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I’ll meet you on the inside and be there to help you every step of the way 🙂

Have you had any experience with Viral News Jacker? We’d love to hear about it.

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