Traffic Multiplier Review – $227 Per Day? – Sounds Good.

Welcome to my Traffic Multiplier Review. Glynn Kosky is someone who I have reviewed on this site before, it was a product called 60 Minute Profit plan and that didn’t fair too well when put under the microscope, in fact it totally fell apart.

This time round he’s partnering with someone called Leigh, now I couldn’t find out too much on him apart from a Youtube channel called Leigh on Youtube, time will tell if choosing him to partner with is a good move or not.

***update*** just found out his last name is Kosky so it’s probably his brother or some relation anyway.

Now this has been out for a couple of days now so before I wrote this review I thought I’d have a quick look at what all the other reviews are saying about this product, I have a fairly good idea before even looking, but let’s take a look anyway.

Yep, just as I thought, they all basically just copy the sales page and give it a 9.8 out of 10 or a 4.8 out of 5 without even going through the training that they are reviewing.

They all seem MORE interested in how many bonuses they can throw at you rather than if the actual product is any good.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone loves a bonus, myself included, the thought of getting something for nothing is very appealing.

The trouble is those bonuses are going to seriously distract you from the very product you are buying and will very likely just be PLR products anyway that people have seen a million ties before, just with a different name on.

And that product that you bought won’t get the attention that you need to give it in order for it to work. A strange situation indeed.

Anyway back to this review.

NAME: Traffic Multipliertraffic multiplier review

OWNERS: Glynn Kosky & Leigh kosky

PRICE: $27


#1 recommendation for making money from home

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what is traffic multiplier about

Well hopefully it’s going to be about multiplying your traffic Lol. But before we dive into what this is REALLY about, let’s take a look at what the sales page says it is.

traffic multiplier sales page headlineOne thing I’d just like to let you know about is the price increase when the timer hits zero, it’s just a scarcity tactic to make you think if you don’t buy it now you’re going to have to pay more later. The fact is the price doesn’t go up so just ignore that.

It’s going to be interesting to see how these guys are going to validate those claims because let’s get real for a second.

Do you really think you can generate traffic, generate leads and get sales in just 60 seconds! That’s got to be the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard in a while.

That is just never going to happen, it takes longer than that just to turn my computer on 🙂sales page hype

You see’ve been through the training so I know the things that are being said to you on the sales page aren’t really true.

So when they say you don’t need a website, the reality is that you DO need a website.

When they say you can start from flat broke and generate traffic, leads and sales TODAY, you actually won’t.

And the same goes for the others on that list.


So what is it about then?

The basis of this product is using Push Notifications to build a list. Now they make out as though Push Notifications are the best thing since sliced bread and that every visitor to your website is going to press that little allow button.

Now I’ve actually been experimenting with Push Notifications on a couple of my sites including this one, you saw that little box at the top when you first landed here right, and you more than likely pressed “don’t allow” because even though the traffic to all my sites is quite considerable I only ever get 1 maybe 2 a week and considering all the traffic that I get that isn’t a great return.

3 simple steps

I’m confused as hell right now. I have no idea how those 3 simple steps relate to the training I’ve just gone through.

Let me explain.

  • Step 1 Shows you how to install 3 free plugin to your website, remember the website you don’t need!
  • Step 2 Now this is meant to show you how copy their proven traffic methods so you can instantly monetize them right? wrong! I couldn’t find anything about getting traffic to your website in the main training anywhere and I went through a good few times in case I missed it. In fact the only video I could find on traffic was in the *bonus* ‘additional training’ section and that was just an 8-minute video that waffled on about free and paid traffic.
  • Step 3 Tap into their methods for maximizing profit by delivering high converting offers. Are you just expected to find them yourselves because again I couldn’t find anything on finding offers, let alone applying to them to get approved.

It’s not until you go through the training that you realise that the things being said on the sales page to get you to make a purchase don’t actually make into the training.

He doesn’t even practice what he preaches, he says to use Onesignal Push notification and yet uses Pushcrew on his site instead. So isn’t it any good, is that why you don’t use it?

Remember that graphic where it says 100% newbie friendly? Take a look at this and you tell me if this is newbie friendly.traffic multiplier workflowReally? 100% newbie friendly? I don’t think so! [su_divider top=”no”]

inside the training

Ok so you still want to buy this and want to know what you’ll get once you do, that’s OK I get it.

Once you get past the upsells of which there are 4 and I would recommend you DO NOT buy them at this point ( I’ll explain why a little later) you get to the members area.

traffic multiplier members areaOne of the first things I noticed was the amount of “bonuses” on this page, remember what I said about bonuses distracting you earlier on, well get ready for some major distraction.

I really don’t know why they do that. What you should be doing is giving your entire focus to the job at hand, not wandering off to some nonsense bonus.

So back to the training. It’s basically split up into 3 sections:


The step by step training consists of 11 sub sections:traffic multiplier training

  1. Introduction – 13.42
  2. How To Set Up Your Site – 8.55
  3. How To Create Your Initial Page– 22.34
  4. How To Create The Additional Pages Required– 14.58
  5. How To Set Up Browser Notifications– 16.33
  6. How To Set Up The Email Capture– 13.34
  7. How To Set Up The Facebook Pixel – 5.48
  8. How To Send Emails & Deliver Lead Magnets– 12.29
  9. How To Send Further Browser Notifications– 3.43
  10. Strategy– 4.18
  11. A Full Example– 4.06

The free resources section is a bit misleading because it has UDIMI in there which is of course a Solo Ads provider which you have to pay for.

The *Bonus* additional training section has 5 videos:

  1. Lead Magnet Ideas – 17.32
  2. How To Resize & Crop Images – 3.47
  3. Facebook Engagement Ads– 6.25
  4. Growth Hacking Ad– 7.32
  5. Traffic– 8.24

So there you have the so called 3 steps to consistent and fully automated profits, their words not mine. [su_divider top=”no”]

the oto’s

Now we come to the bit that has caused a number of people a lot of trouble and heartache. Now what do I mean by that, well I’ve had and continue to have readers contacting me to let me know that the upsells that they purchase ARE NOT covered by the money back guarantee that you see on the main sales page. See here in the comment section

This means that if you find out that this particular product isn’t what they made it out to be and just isn’t for you and you want your money back, you’re only going to get the main product price back and not the expensive upsells, so you’ll find yourself considerably out-of-pocket.

Even getting your money back for the main product can be a total nightmare in itself, you can see what I mean in the comments here.

What I will do now is let you know that some of the upsells do have a downsell so at least I can save you a bit of money if you decide to go ahead and buy them.

sales funnel
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final thoughts

I think Push Notifications are very much overrated as I have found out in my own little experiment with them. As far as the sales page goes I just don’t understand the claims that they are making, like this one for example:

sales page

HOW? They just don’t show you. It sounds great, but what’s the point if they don’t show you?

The part about not needing a website is just plain crazy especially when you get inside the training only to find out you do need a website. Now if that’s not bad enough they don’t even show you how to set up a website, they don’t even show you how to get a domain name, hosting or even install wordpress.

It’s never, ever going to take you just a few minutes to set this system up.

There is so much left out of this system that you are probably going to end looking at all those bonuses just to see if there is anything else because you’re going to have a ton of questions that you won’t get answered with this one.

I just really don’t know how they can call this 100% newbie friendly, I really don’t.

not approved

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so what now

If you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way I can wholeheartedly recommend the training I used to get me where I am today.

You’ll get 2 FREE websites and 10 FREE lessons on how to set them up ready to make money online. Simply click the banner below, no credit card needed, just a name and email address and you’re good to go.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll meet you on the inside 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Traffic Multiplier Review – $227 Per Day? – Sounds Good.”

  1. This is nothing but crap! Following the so called training and the program would not setup the notification so I contacted onesignal for over a month and they could not resolve the issue so I contacted Traffic Multiplier over a dozen times and they never contacted me back once. This is why this industry has such a bad reputation. This is crap. My issue still has not been resolved. I do not recommend this to anyone, for real.

    • Wow, not good! Sorry to hear of the trouble you’re having, but thanks for sharing it with us, the more people that come forward the more chance that the vendors will stop treating their customers like this. Do they not realise that you put bread on their table?

  2. Hi Sharon
    You saved me $25 at least as I was about to bite this shiny bullet! Thanks for such a honest review. Even marketers who I thought were ethical were promoting this..heavily!
    Just curious- which was the free page builder they were speaking about?
    And they had the nerve to say Free autoresponder somewhere and then mention sneakily somewhere else free for 30 days!

  3. You know, I have a theory regarding why it can be so hard to get a refund, whether it be from Jason Fulton and Mosh Bari, or whatever other vendor:

    They want to protect their stats.

    If you go into Warrior Plus looking for a product to promote, and you see an offer that has high conversion rates and EPCs, and a low refund rate, you are more likely to want to promote that product.

    What are the vendors’ mentalities? The more affiliates they have, the more traffic they can get, and the more sales they can potentially make- aka more money for them.

    This is just a theory that came to mind, but perhaps it could be valid. Perhaps there are other things that I am not capable of seeing in this situation.

    On the flip side, some vendors will only give affiliate links to people they know and trust, so as to help their stats out. Especially with a new launch. You’ve alluded to this in some of your reviews about how hard it can be for a newbie to get approved.

    With older launches, the vendors may not care as much. However, it is still a passive income stream for them, so the more affiliates they have promoting that product, the more money they can make.

    How do they attract affiliates? By having good stats.

    I know that’s what I look for when deciding on a product to promote. Well, it’s one of the factors anyways.

    That is my theory on why some vendors are so resistant to giving refunds.

    • You could well be right David, but that doesn’t help the person just looking for a way to make money and then realising it doesn’t work and simply asking for their money back under the vendors supposed no questions asked, money back guarantee unfortunately.

  4. Smh. I’ve gotten several emails about this product the past few days. Did not bother to even read the sales page. They try to overhyped something that’s been done before (in this case the push notifications-and btw you’re right: I almost always press “do not allow.”) and make it sound like it’s never-before-seen. I just laugh at these people now. Though I do feel bad for people that fall for it.

    Interesting discovery I’ve observed regarding other marketers reviewing and offering bonuses: they’ll tell you about the upsells (or sometimes they call em oto’s but we know that’s nearly always a lie) but they just show the higher price, not the downsell. You, on the other hand, show the downsells. My guess is they don’t want the prospects to know that they could get the same thing for cheaper-this would decrease the commissions they would get from one buyer. Also I came across one guy who offered a ton of bonuses, like 10 or 11, but what he said was “if you buy the front end and any 3 upsells (out of like 5) you get these 7 bonuses; if you buy the front end and any 4 upsells you get all the bonuses.” So, does that mean if I only buy the front end I don’t get any bonuses? He’s just trying to get the customer to buy more which would increase his commissions.

    • Yeah definitely, but it would also mean the customer losing out on money because of the upsells not being covered by the money back guarantee should they wish to request a refund.


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