2019 Blast Off Review

Welcome to my 2019 blast Off Review. Bill Hugall And Simple Spencer are two guys that I have come across before in the course of reviewing different products.

In fact I’ve had the dubious pleasure of reviewing 3 other products of theirs, all of which failed to live up to all the promises made on the sales page.

I’m really hoping this one breaks that losing streak and that they offer something of value to you, the paying customer, but if their track record is anything to go by I’m not holding out much hope this offering will be any better than the rest.

NAME: 2019 blast Off2019 blast off review

OWNERS: Bill Hugall & Simple Spencer

PRICE: $7.97

WEBSITE: http://2019blastoff.com/live.html

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what is 2019 blast off about

2019 blast off sales page headline

Well apparently it’s something that no-one else is doing, which I have to say I find a very hard to believe statement, but we’ll see as we go along whether this is true or not.

it’s 100% newbie friendly, which again whenever I see those words very rarely, if at all does it turn out to be true.

it requires no list, no tech skills, no product creation or launching, but here’s the most important line, NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED.

And it’s just going to take you 30 minutes a day to get INSANE profits rolling in.

Well, what are you going to do with all those spare hours in the day that you’re going to have? Some diy perhaps, play golf? who knows.


One thing I do know is I’ve been reviewing stuff like this for a number of years now and can catergorically say that I have never come across a product that can do that, they all say they can, but I’ve never seen one and I don’t expect to see one either.

You see the very simple reason for that is it even takes time for experienced people to make this stuff work. A total 100% newbie is going to feel absolutely lost.

I t doesn’t matter that they say it’s step by step training, they either leave important information out of the main product so you have to buy the expensive upsells or the training just doesn’t really make sense to someone who is new.

They will need to ask questions, lots of questions and that just a fact of learning.

sales page hypeThere they go again banging on about this SECRET, I tell you what, there better be a bloody secret in there when I go through the training.

Now where was I?

That’s right, so what is this about? I don’t know because the sales page doesn’t tell you does it. All it goes on about is how easy it is, what it isn’t, what you don’t need, but it doesn’t tell you what you do need or what it is you’ll be doing, which is just crazy right.

I’ve come across a few products that will tell you what you’re getting once you buy the product so at the very least you can make a better decision because you know what you’re getting.

This on the other hand is like the majority of sales pages and doesn’t let you know what it’s about.

Well all that’s about to change Because I’m here to tell you exactly what you’re going to be getting for your money.

Let’s get this straight from the start, THIS IS NOT NEW, THIS IS FROM 2016, THIS IS A BONUS THAT HE USED TO GIVE AWAY.

He then lets you know it’s old because he couldn’t be bothered to spend the time recording a new product when he had an old one just sitting there.

Perhaps that’s the SECRET?

inside the product

You basically have 4 training videos and a conclusion video. Not a lot right. Do you remember this from the sales page?

bonusSo to bulk it out a bit he’s giving you access to his other 3 products that he must have a really hard time trying to sell, I’ve reviewed here and can see why he would have trouble, they really wasn’t very good.

I’m not sure where he gets his valuation from, $197 value? All 3 are being sold for $28, the supposed “regular” price is $81, so I really don’t know where he gets $197 from.

Oh and while I was getting the prices from those products I noticed something that I’ve seen on this products’ sales page and that is this:

This is as newbie friendly as it gets! He says that on all 3 sales pages, how can all 3 be as newbie friendly as it gets? Total rubbish Bill.

Sorry, you still don’t know what you’re going to be doing do you.

This is about making a leadpage, making a sign up form, sending traffic to your landing page from Solo Ads for a product you’re promoting from somewhere like JVZoo.

Is Solo Ads the SECRET?

2019 blast off members area

After being through the videos all I can say is, boy, what a mess that was, so much so that last video, conclusion, he talks about showing you targeting and some other stuff in the next video.


There is no ‘next’ video, what on earth is this guy talking about. I know this product is fairly cheap, but you’d be better just chucking your money straight down the drain cause you’re going to be left scratching your head wondering what the hell just went on.

This is so thin, it’s virtually see-through. Out of his other 3 products I’ve reviewed this has got to be the worst, it’s just terrible.

How other so called reviewers can say this is a good product is beyond me, it’s a total joke for people to be promoting this rubbish to people on their lists, people who are more than likely going to take notice of what they recommend to them.

This is a new year people, lets start being a bit more truthful with everyone and stop trying to rip people off, start calling out these types of products for exactly what they are.


Before we wrap things up here I must tell you about the upsells, this is something that even I wasn’t aware of until quite recently.

You may very well be tempted to purchase this product because of the relatively low front end price, but after you buy it and before you actually get to the product you just brought, you’ll have to get past the upsells.

Upsells or OTO’s as they are called are a way for the vendor to make money because in most cases 100% of the purchase price goes to the affiliate.

Anyway the point I’d like to make is that the upsells are NOT covered by the money back guarantee as pointed out to me by some of my readers, in fact the whole money back guarantee can be a bit sketchy.

Take a look at what some of my readers have to say when they tried to get their money back under the guarantee.

See the comments here and here.

If you are determined to go ahead and buy the upsells then at least let me save you some money. All of the OTO’s have a downsell meaning that if you go to the bottom of the sales page for each OTO and click ‘NO THANKS‘ you’ll get a discount of between $5 and $20.

final thoughts

Run for the hills, Newbies. Why do I say newbies? Well for one this is who this product is aimed at and second anyone with any experience isn’t going to touch this with a ten-foot barge pole attached to another ten-foot barge pole.

In the first video he struggles to even remember what this is called. And as for getting up and running in the next 24 -48 hrs, well he’s just having a laugh at your expense.

I mean he couldn’t even be bothered to record an up to date product for crying out loud. What does that tell you about the man.

I know what it says to me and that is he isn’t really concerned about the people who are on the receiving end of his products.

Why didn’t tell you on the sales page that this isn’t new? I think we both know the reason for that, don’t we.

not approved

so what do you do now?

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