Profit vortex review By Bill Hugall

Welcome to my Profit Vortex review by bill Hugall. I’ve only ever reviewed a Bill Hugall product a couple of times before and they didn’t turn out too well.

With one of those products he claimed you could make $130 a day which is a far cry from the 3K a day they’re expecting you to believe with this one.

Once I got into the training on that one it came to light that rather than the $130 a day the sales page claimed it was actually half that amount that they reckoned you could have earned.

Now the amount is much much higher at 3k with this one, but if you can get half that amount it would be nice wouldn’t it.

Let’s find out if it’s possible to even get near that amount.

NAME: Profit vortexprofit vortex review by bill hugall

OWNERS: Bill Hugall, Simple Spencer

& Wayne Crow

PRICE: $8.37


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is profit vortex about

Having gone over the sales page with a fine tooth comb all I could make out was this has something to do with list building and banking big figure numbers.

profit vortex sales page headline

But there is nothing to give you any idea how you’re going to be making those “job replacing” numbers.

We are led to believe that this method is as newbie friendly as it gets and it’s actually perfect for newcomers because there is no product or making videos, nothing technical required and all it takes is 30 minutes a day.

Come on guys, please. Do you really expect people to believe all that is possible and you’re letting them have it all for $8???

I’ve got to ask the question. What do you, the people who are thinking of buying this, actually think this is.?

Well I’m going to tell you what the sales page doesn’t.

What you get is a 69 page PDF, no videos just writing, so if you don’t like reading you might struggle a bit.

The first 5 pages are just screenshot of income like on the sales page.

Have you heard of the term ‘Click banking‘, I must admit I hadn’t actually heard of it before so I looked into what it is.

Click banking is the process of finding a partner in your niche who has a list and ask them if they want to ‘click bank’.

Once you have found someone suitable you send email clicks to them. This is done via writing an email to your list directing them to your partners squeeze page.

Once that is done they will return the same number of clicks back to you.

Now I see a few problems here and they are:

  • How do you find a partner in the first place?
  • How do you send email clicks to them if you haven’t got a list?
  • The sales page said you didn’t need a list.
  • You are going to need a squeeze page for them to send the clicks to
  • Getting emails is all well and good, but what do you do with it once you have it?
  • Remember you don’t need any technical skill.

So to get this to work you’re going to need 4 things:

  • An autoresponder $19 a month
  • A squeeze page creator $47 a month
  • Push notification software $18 a month once you reach 2000 subscribers
  • Click tracking software $8 a month on a starter plan

And of course you’re going to need to set all these things up with no technical skill and being a total newbie.

Now with their squeeze page creator of choice you need a domain to host it on, unfortunately there is absolutely no mention of that on the sales page.

There are alternatives like leadpages, but again they’re going to cost you around $25 a month.

The one they recommend has some tools that you are going to need for this to work fully apparently.

what did I like

  • Money back guarantee??? The reason I put the question marks is the fact that a lot of my readers have been letting me know of the trouble they have getting a refund. Have a look here in the comment section

what didn’t I like

  • Misleading sales page
  • It isn’t newbie friendly
  • No videos to walk you through the training
  • Very limited section on how to actually make money
  • Overly complicated

Remember this on the sales page:

no list

Now take a look at what’s inside the training:

your list

Or this:

no website

Then look at this in the training;

type of website

Inside the training

I’ve sat here for a while thinking how best to describe the training to you. Basically as I’ve already said it’s a 69 page PDF that goes through:

  • setting up an autoresponder
  • setting up your squeeze page
  • creating a sign up form
  • making a secret page
  • setting up your click tracker
  • setting up push notifications
  • buying some hosting with cPanel
  • buying a domain name and connecting that to your hosting
  • creating Your First Push Notifications
  • ways to make money

And that’s it really.

I found it very hard to follow, but that might just be me, I like the option of having a video to follow.

I think you are going to get stuck more often than not and unfortunately the only help is by way of a Facebook group that doesn’t seem overly active.

the oto’s

One thing I hate more than rubbish products that don’t deliver is upsells. Why don’t people just make the product decent in the first place then there would be no need for any upsells.

  • OTO #1: Super Simple $300/day Method – $27
  • OTO #2: FULL Resale Rights to Profit Vortex – $47
  • OTO #3: How To Bank Insane 5-Figure Days – $27
  • OTO #4: Simple BUYERS List Building Method – $12

Now I would like to point something out here and that is you don’t need the upsells, if you are going to buy this then concentrate on one thing at a time.

The other point I’d like to make is you know the product comes with a money back guarantee well that doesn’t mean it extends to the upsells.

So if you realise after you buy everything it’s a lot harder than they have made out and want your money back then it’s only going to be your $8 and not the $113 from the oto’s.

Just something I thought you need to be made aware of.

final thoughts

This is a lot more in depth than the sales page has you believe, but unfortunately the training falls way short of any sort of meaningful implementation of the process.

The section on making money is a complete joke if I’m being totally honest and the section on sending out emails to YOUR list doesn’t make any sense if you haven’t got one.

As far as this being as newbie friendly as it gets, nothing could be further from the truth and that’s going to be a big problem because there just isn’t the support there that you’re going to need.

He even says in the training that click banking ISN’T a get rich quick method, but that goes against the whole “quick and easy job replacer” being claimed on the sales page.

Things are never as they seem with MMO products and this one is no different.

not approved

so what do you do now?

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