Wine Club Affiliate Programs – 6 Of The Best

Wine clubs are a great way to experience wines that you would never necessarily come across. Not only that, they can take the mystery out of choosing what wine to pick the next time your invited around a friends for dinner.

No more standing confused in front of the unfathomable amount of choice on the supermarket shelves and taking pot luck on your choice.

And don’t think you have to be a wine enthusiast to join a club, more and more ‘ordinary‘ people are becoming members of wine clubs everyday.

With the consumption of wine not expecting to end any time soon Wine Club Affiliate Programs make a great accompaniment to any alcohol related website and is well worth taking a look at.

wine club affiliate programs

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International Wine of the Month Club

international wine of the month club affiliate program

First up we have a company called Monthly Club who have been in business for 22 years and holds an A+ with the BBB. They run several clubs including cheese and cigar as well as craft beers.

Being passionate about wine they feature wines that are extraordinary and rare, but still at great value to their members which carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Their tagline is “we drink a lot of bad wine …… so you don’t have to

They have four membership types starting at $39.95 a month going up to $72.95 a month.

They will assess your website so it must be fully functioning and not under construction.

Possible keywords to target:

  • what wines pair with pork
  • best wine for pulled pork
  • best wine for roast pork

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organic wine club

organic wine club affiliate program

Organic Wine Club prides itself on becoming the UK’s first wine club dedicated to selling organic wines. With fewer chemicals, drinking organic wine results in less headaches which are caused by the sometimes excessive sulphites in regular wine.

Although a small company their aim is to make a big impact and since their launch in 2016 have closely examined over 6000 wines and handpicked only 100 of the best tasting organic wines around.

Their club offers 12 different organic wines every month, 2 months or 3 months and will come with tasting notes and pairing suggestions which costs £150.

They also sell on an individual basis with an average order size of £146 and offer international delivery.

  • Their affiliate program offers 5% on all purchases not including shipping and taxes
  • They offer banners logo’s, voucher codes, different landing ages, anything to make the partnership work for both parties.
  • The program is run through Rakuten LinkShare and can be found here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • Is all organic wine sulphite free
  • organic red wine without sulphites
  • sulphite free wine

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gold medal wine club

gold medal wine club affiliate program

Gold Medal Wine Club has been around for 25+ years and offer an impressive 6 wine clubs ranging from $39 all the way up to $179 for  2 to 3 bottles shipped either monthly or quarterly.

They offer discounts of up to 40% off winery retail prices plus additional discounts for those who purchase in greater numbers.

Gold Medal Wine Club specialises in delivering small production wines from award winning wineries in California and around the world.

Each club option gives you the ability to customise your order so you can choose more, less, red, white or mixed. Delivered every month, every other month or quarterly. Each club has its own options.

Possible keywords to target:

  • how many calories are in a glass of red wine
  • buy wine online
  • monthly wine delivery

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plonk wine club

plonk wine club affiliate program

Plonk Wine Club was created by Etty Lewensztain, a wine expert and Los Angeles native who has featured in many publications and websites.

They are deeply committed to showcasing the more adventurous wines made from grapes that are not as well known as well as their origin and the people who hand crafted them.

All of the purchases come with detailed descriptions and tasting notes as well as supplying recipes that accompany each of the featured wines.

Club membership runs for either 3,6 or 12 months with the offer of 4 or 12 bottles.

  • Their affiliate program aims to become the highest paying partners for their affiliates with commissions of up to 40% and the chance to increase that based on performance.
  • You have access to their affiliate manager where you can discuss campaign strategies and find out about incentive programs.
  • They run their program through Shareasale here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • best wine wedding gift
  • best red wine for beginners
  • best red wine for health

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california wine club

california wine club affiliate program

The California Wine Club has been around since 1990 and prides itself on finding the hidden gems of wine country. They believe that small family run wineries fulfill that criteria on a level the big producers don’t.

Unfortunately because of the size of the small wineries their produce would only be tasted by the local community, but all that changed when California wine Club decided to make it their mission to give these wineries the means to get their wine to the world.

They offer 5 different club levels so you can be sure of finding one that suits your needs starting from $40 going up to $231 per month.

All club levels are customizable so you can receive 2 or 4 bottles on a monthly, every other month or quarterly as well as mixed red and white wine.

  • Their affiliate program offers 15% commission on each sale along with huge bonuses.
  • 90 day cookie duration
  • An average order value of $161 which results in the average commission of $24
  • Monthly promotions
  • They run their affiliate program through Shareasale which can be found here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • what is handcrafted wine
  • best Napa valley cabernets
  • what wine do you have with fish

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firstleaf wine club

firstleaf wine club affiliate program

Firstleaf Wine Club was founded by Philip James with the goal of creating a wine club with the customers at the foremost of their thinking.

They partner directly with the wineries to cut out the middlemen and pass on the saving so their customers pay less for their wine.

They claim to be the only club that actually tailors the wine choices to a members taste and with feedback from their customers they are working with winemakers to create wines that meet their requirements.

They offer an introductory shipment which costs $15 for 3 bottles so they can get an idea of your taste which is based on how you rate the wine.

Club shipments consist of 6 bottles that are matched to your taste by experts and will cost $79.95

Possible keywords to target:

  • what wine goes with goudacheese
  • cheese and wine pairing
  • food and wine pairing chart

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so what now

Well you have 6 of the best wine club affiliate programs, but what are you going to do with them? You could choose one to focus on with your website, the organic wine market seems to be an area that isn’t being utilized to its full potential at the moment.

Whatever you choose what’s the point of joining these programs if you’re not getting traffic to your site for people to click your links?

When it comes to that side of things I would highly recommend the affiliate training I used to get my websites making the solid profit that I enjoy today.

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