Drone Affiliate Programs – 6 Of The Best

Drones have become very popular in recent years, my husband has one himself which he uses to take aerial videos of the many places we go on holiday to.

I actually wrote a post on the various ways people use a drone to make money which you can read here.

This post however is about the drone affiliate programs that are out there which are going to enable you to promote drones on your website and earn commissions from any sales and with the global market estimated to be around $15 billion now would be a good time to get involved.

drone affiliate programs

#1 recommendation for making money from home

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dji affiliate program

These guys have been around a long time and it’s actually the make my husband has so i know from firsthand experience how good these things are.

Starting from a small office in 2006 they have grown to be a name synonymous with drone production, but not only that, they produce stabilization equipment, cameras and everything else related to flying drones.

They are constantly looking to push the envelope in terms of research and development which can only mean good things for the consumers and commercial customers.

Possible keywords to target:

  • Drones for kids under 15
  • Drones with a camera
  • Drones for commercial use

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swellpro affiliate program

Swellpro prides itself on making the worlds first waterproof drone which I know from personal experience is a fantastic option to have for an ordinary flyer, but if you are constantly filming on or near water this is a godsend.

They aim to offer their customers the best price along with exceptional customer service and lightning fast shipping.

Although they only have 2 drones available at present they are in the process of developing new waterproof drones which will be available very soon.

  • Their affiliate program offers 5% on all sales with a $50 payout threshold
  • 365 cookie duration
  • They supply all the text links or banners that you are going to need.
  • You can apply for their affiliate program here: https://store.swellpro.com/affiliates.

Possible keywords to target:

  • waterproof fishing drones
  • professional waterproof drones
  • waterproof drones that follow you

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sold by air

sold by air affiliate program

Sold By Air is a company that specializes in drone services for the real estate sector. They have drones in every state in America and guarantee delivery of all footage within 24hrs of the shoot.

Drone photography has really opened up the real estate business, enabling new ways to highlight properties like never before.

They also edit the drone photos to ensure the property is seen at it’s best. That may include removing objects of even replacing the sky.

Possible keywords to target:

  • real estate aerial drone photography
  • benefits of aerial photography for real estate
  • aerial real estate photography cost

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Xcellent Drones

Xcellent Drones affiliate program

Xcellent Drones is a company that are proud to manufacture high quality drones in the USA that are within most peoples budget, totally dependable and fun to fly.

They have met the BBB accreditation standards for an A rating so customers can be sure of great service.

Each drone is custom-built from scratch and includes their unique electronic driver. They tune and test each one in the day and the night to ensure everything is just right before shipping out to the customer.

Possible keywords to target:

  • custom-built drones for property damage assesment
  • how much are custom-built drones
  • Are custom-built drones better than off the shelf models

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force flyersforce flyers affiliate program

Force Flyers manufacture and supply RC products. Founded in 2012, they are based in Columbus, Ohio. they have R+D offices in the USA as well as production facilities in China.

They offer a fast and efficient delivery process along with an after sales service that is second to none within the industry.

They feature many types of drones including STEM drones which are building blocks that you can build into a fully flyable machine.

Possible keywords to target:

  • drones for stem education
  • can you build your own drone
  • build your own toy drone

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abj drone academy

abj drone academy affiliate program

ABJ Drone Academy specializes in providing a full range of drone training to professional individuals to government organizations.

With the commercial side of using a drone becoming increasingly competitive it’s important to have the best training available to stay ahead of the pack.

They offer a number of different training courses including specialist and instructor training as well as primary training which goes through the different laws and regulations that apply to flying a drone.

  • Their affiliate program offers commissions of between 40% – 70%
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • $50 payout threshold
  • Once you hit a certain commission level, you stay at that level, so if you were to hit 100 sales in 30 days, you’d get 70% commission for the rest of the year regardless of your sales.
  • You can find their program here: https://abjacademy.global/affiliate/

Possible keywords to target:

  • where can I find drone pilot training
  • what are drone certification requirements
  • Is commercial drone training different to normal training

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so what now

Well you have 6 of the best drone affiliate programs, but what are you going to do with them? You could choose one to focus on with your website, the waterproof drone market seems to be an area that isn’t being utilized to its full potential at the moment.

Whatever you choose what’s the point of joining these programs if you’re not getting traffic to your site for people to click your links?

When it comes to that side of things I would highly recommend the affiliate training I used to get my websites making the solid profit that I enjoy today.

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3 thoughts on “Drone Affiliate Programs – 6 Of The Best”

  1. Wow, I would never in a thousand years have thought of a drone affiliate programme, sounds like a very interesting niche. It would definitely be interesting to know how affiliate marketers have found marketing drone-related products. 

    I must say I am particularly interested in the ABJ Drone Academy programme, considering all the regulations (and now tests) required to gain permission to fly a drone in the UK (commercially). 

    ABJ for me could be one to go for. What do you think and do you have any particular affiliate programmes you would personally recommend and why?

  2. Thanks for this insightful article. My wife and I run Canola farm, and pest and disease monitoring happens to be one of the major challenges we face. Which drone would you recommend for us?  I will be most grateful for your advice. The closest option I have seen on your list is the ‘Sold by air’ drones. Even though I know all the drones will give us some service, we’d appreciate an industry specific option for farming.Best regardsVictor

  3. That’s a really good niche to get into as the drone market is well on the up these days – even after the various weight bans and license problems that have been introduced in some countries (here in the UK we have a few, and after the recent Gatwick airport incident – we are probably going to see a few more!). 

    Have you ever dived into this niche yourself as an affiliate, and if so, did you see much success?


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