Ketogenic Affiliate Programs – 7 Of The Best

When it comes to finding a diet that works there are a vast array to choose that are all claiming to be the best. The Ketogenic diet is no different and is fast becoming to go to diet for celebrities and Joe public alike.

Often referred to as being similar to the Atkins diet because of the way they both drastically reduce the intake of carbs. The Keto diet though focuses more on high fat intake to replace the lack of carbs.

Studies into the Keto diet have shown that it may even have benefits for a number of conditions such as, epilepsy, blood pressure, cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

With the popularity continuing to grow now is a great time to take advantage of the numerous Ketogenic Affiliate Programs that are out there, today I’m going to show you the best ones to choose from.

Ketogenic Affiliate Programs

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healthful pursuit

healthful pursuit affiliate program

Healthful Pursuit is run by Leanne Vogel who is a nutrition educator with a passion for helping people find the tools they need to stop being controlled by food.

During her crusade she has published several online programs along with a paperback and now runs a very successful Youtube channel, giving out lots of great advice, recipes and tips for anyone looking to get started with the keto diet.

  • The affiliate program offers a 50% commission on most products with the exception of the video training program that offers 35%
  • 0.5% refund rate
  • All promotional material for all the different products
  • Their program can be applied for here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • Does ketogenic diet help depression
  • Does ketogenic diet help with acne
  • Ketogenic diet for type 1 diabetes

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perfect keto

perfect keto affiliate program

Perfect Keto was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin in 2016 with the goal of helping people to upgrade their nutrition and to achieve the best health possible.

They supply people with all the tools necessary to make their way into the Ketogenic diet as easy as possible with articles, podcast episodes, recipes and products that contain no strange chemicals, artificial flavors or fillers.

  • Their affiliate program offers a 10% base commission rising to 20% after hitting $2,500 in sales
  • Average conversion rate 6.2%
  • Average affiliate earns $108 per 10 conversions
  • Constantly updated product list
  • Their program can be accessed here:

Possible keywords to target;

  • What is the Ketogenic diet
  • Keto diet and alcohol
  • ketogenic diet vs vegetarian

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ketogeek affiliate program

Ketogeek was founded by Fahad Ahmad who practices yoga, weight training, cross fit, calisthenics and plyometrics and is on a mission to deliver his vision health, food and nutrition to the greater public.

He regularly delivers his podcast which covers a wide range of health and nutrition based episodes and with a website full of resources you can be sure of finding everything related to keto.

They even have their own snack which started off as something just for themselves, but due to the popularity of it they now sell it and called them ‘energy pods’.

Possible keywords to target:

  • ketogenic diet vs raw vegan
  • keto diet vegetarian options
  • keto diet vs Atkins for weight loss

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the keto specialist

the keto specialist affiliate program

The main purpose of The Keto Specialist is to reach as many people as possible and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.

They do this by way of their Ketogenic diet blueprint which consists of an ebook, top ketogenic foods and recipes, a video pack, audio files, a complete checklist and a comprehensive mindmap.

Possible keywords to target:

  • Benefits of keto diet for weight loss
  • How effective is ketogenic diet for weight loss
  • Keto diet weight loss without exercise

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now keto affiliate program

Believing that nutrition should be the cornerstone of everyones lives, Nowketo was born. What makes this company different to the rest is the fact that for every purchase that someone makes Nowketo donates an entire year of vitamins to a mother or child in need.

Their emphasis is on supplying keto products that don’t contain added fillers and sugars so that what the customer gets is the purest product.

  • Their affiliate program offers 15% commission rising to 25% based on the number of sales in a 30 day period.
  • 30 day cookie duration
  • Payment made through Paypal
  • The program can be found here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • Quick and easy keto snacks
  • Keto diet fully explained
  • Free keto diet breakfast recipes

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ketologie affiiate program

Ketologie was born out of a necessity when it became clear to this family owned business that there was a distinct lack of ready to eat products that were in line with the principle of the ketogenic diet.

They supply collagen bone broth, keto shakes, white tea elixirs and a 21-day keto kick start program as well as healthy recipes.

Possible keywords to target:

  • What is keto flu
  • Tips for keto beginnes
  • Can you do the keto diet if you are diabetic

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ketologic affiliate program

Ketologic was founded by Mike McCandless with the goal of helping people to improve the way they live their lives through diet and nutrition.

They do this by providing the resources needed to live a ketogenic lifestyle including recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and deserts.

You’ll also find a 4-week exercise plan for novices and advanced covering 3 different disciplines as well as informational videos.

Possible keywords to target:

  • How does the Keto diet compare to Paleo
  • Do you have to starve yourself on the Keto diet
  • How to make keto friendly meals

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so what now

Well you have 7 of the best Ketogenic affiliate programs, but what are you going to do with them? You could choose one to focus on with your website or you could showcase all of them, the choice is yours.

Whatever you choose what’s the point of joining these programs if you’re not getting traffic to your site for people to click your links?

When it comes to that side of things I would highly recommend the affiliate training I used to get my websites making the solid profit that I enjoy today.

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