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Welcome to my xPress Funnels review. Today we’re looking at a product that is being released by Glynn And Leigh Kosky that is all about eCommerce.

Usually you need something like a Shopify store, but the big selling point of this is that you don’t need your own store, it’s all done via a cloud based app.

These types of apps have their pros and cons such as you don’t have any software to install or host, but on the other hand you’re at the mercy of the people who are hosting it.

I’ve had the opportunity to review another one of their products not so long ago called Traffic Multiplier which in all honesty wasn’t that good, in fact, I had one of my readers contact me to tell me of their troubles even getting in contact with Glynn and Leigh when they ran into problems with that product.

I would like to think that they have put customer support at the top of their list since that was released in January this year because there is nothing more annoying than running into problems and not being able to get any help from the vendors.

Like I say hopefully that has been resolved and there is a better system in place for this one.

NAME: xPress FunnelsxPress funnels review

OWNERS: Glynn Kosky & Leigh kosky

PRICE: $22.95

WEBSITE: http://xpressfunnels.com/warrior/exclusive/

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What Is xPress Funnels About

The sales page actually tells you quite a lot to be fair. Now you’re probably thinking that’s what a sales page is meant to do isn’t it?

Well yes it is, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve reviewed a product that you have no idea what you’re going to be getting once you’ve paid your money.

So for this one to tell you is a step in the right direction.

The real problem comes with what the sales page says it can do, if it works at all.

xPress funnels sales page headline

‘Newbie Friendly’, I see that so many times that I’ve come to despise it a bit. A lot of the times there’s nothing ‘newbie friendly’ about it.

I think it’s just a phrase that gets thrown in as a matter of course without really understanding what it means to be new and not quite fully understand the processes involved.

Let’s take a look at the claims for this ‘newbie friendly’ product shall we:

sales page hype

I really like the look of that last one, but do they really expect you, a newbie, to be able to turn this into a 7 figure business with ease?

Do they even realise that 7 figures means you’ll earn at least 1 million dollars! At least!

Now I’ve had some good experience with cloud based apps and it isn’t very positive, they very rarely work as they are intended to work.

There are some very well-known people in this industry that are constantly releasing cloud based apps that fail to work, I’m not going to name them on this post, but you can read about their latest failure here which is in a long line of apps that promise so much, but deliver so little.

In fact, I do believe they are going to be launching yet another one this Saturday which is a 2.0 version of an earlier release and yes I’ll be doing a review on it just to see if they have ironed out their problems.

Back to this review. Now as I’m sure you’re aware eCommerce is BIG business if you do it right, you only have to look at the number of Shopify stores to see that, right.

The thing is, you talk to any Shopify store owner and the last thing they’ll tell you is how easy it all was, in fact they’ll tell you the exact opposite.

Unfortunately xPress Funnels is trying to get you to believe that all it takes is 4 simple steps:

4 simple steps

I have reservations about step #4, I’ve had a look at that low cost traffic system and there is absolutely no way you’re going to get hordes of clicks, visitors or potential sales within hours of setting up your first funnel which by the way I thought was only going to take you 60 seconds??

What Did I Like

  • The Concept of it
  • It does tell you how to set it all up
  • Money back guarantee

What I Didn’t Like

  • The training fails to tell you WHAT to do with it once you’ve got it set up
  • The training on how to get the actual traffic to your offer is fantastically poor
  • I couldn’t get the app to work like the training showed, it kept crashing

What It Looks Like Inside

Once you’ve chosen what package you’re going to get, either the Lite or Pro version, you’ll be presented with an unbelievable amount of upsells.

You have to navigate your way past 5 of the little blighters, which is a lot of upsells.

I would highly recommend you pass on all of these at least until you’ve seen the front end product and hopefully it will work for you, if it doesn’t then you can ask for a refund.

Now asking for a refund you’d think was a really straightforward process wouldn’t you, but I have had people leave comments telling me how they have struggled to get their money back on products they have purchased.

Which is why I say don’t buy the upsells because with 5 of them you can be sure they ain’t going to be cheap and the potential for losing out on more money is a very real possibility.

I’ll leave the URLs for the upsells when I go over what they are in the next section, for now let’s see what you get in the members area:

xPress funnels members area

The training is split into 3 sections:

1. HOW TO USE INSTANT ECOM FUNNELSxPress funnels training

  • Introduction – 4.06
  • How To Build Your Funnel Pages – 17.53
  • How to Connect PayPal – 12.42
  • Set Up Your Emails – 18.02


  • How To Get Support – 2.13
  • How To Create a Funnel – 0.34
  • How To Create a Page – 0.40
  • How To Activate The Timer – 0.39
  • How To Create an Order Bump Page – 1.12
  • How To Link Pages Within Your Funnel – 1.39
  • How To Use Your Own Domain – 0.25
  • How To Replace The Video – 1.57


  • Preferred Traffic Sources – 6.19
  • How To Choose Products – 13.51

Now all that would be great if you could actually get the thing to work. It obviously works in the training videos which is great, but for some reason it’s not working for me and that makes it totally useless.

So you remember the 4 simple steps? I’m going to add a 5th step: Ask for that refund!

The One Time Offers

Like I said this has 5 upsells that they try and get you to buy and if you buy all of them you’re going to be shelling out a total of $695 not including what you payed for the front end.

That’s a massive amount of money, so what I would say to you is if you still want to buy this product that I couldn’t get to work then go ahead, but wait until you see for yourself if it works then you still have the option of buying the upsells from these links here:

  • OTO #1 – http://xpressfunnels.com/gold/ – $67
  • OTO #2 – http://xpressfunnels.com/platinum/ – $67
  • OTO #3 – http://xpressfunnels.com/titanium/ – $67
  • OTO #4 – http://xpressfunnels.com/agency/ – $197
  • OTO #5 – http://xpressfunnels.com/license/ – $297

Final Thoughts

To be fair I didn’t have great expectations of this being any good and it didn’t disappoint. Software like this is always a bit hit-and-miss and in my experience it’s a lot more miss than hit.

Setting up your funnel is all well and good, but when you have no idea how to get eyeballs on those offers then what’s the point?

This is another area where this product falls well short, on the training for traffic. It’s all a bit ……. well hit-and-miss with no real strategy in place, which if I was new it would be one of the most important parts of the whole product.

Unfortunately it just has a 6-minute video saying you could do this or you could do that, all a bit wishy-washy.

One thing has been niggling at me the whole time I’ve been doing this review, something just seemed very familiar and I just found out why.

In July last year these 2 guys released a product called Instant eCom Funnels that is basically a carbon copy of xPress Funnels or I should say xPress Funnels is a copy of Instant eCom Funnels seeing as that was released first.

So, if you bought that product you won’t be needing this one.

not approved

So What Now

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