Traffic Robot 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Traffic Robot 2.0 review. This is a cloud based app that has been developed by Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay.

I’m really looking forward to this one. I had the opportunity to review the 1.0 version and boy was that bad!

In his demo video on the JV page he says that all the issues have been ironed out in this version so it will be interesting to see if he’s just paying lip service or if they really have redeveloped this so that it actually does what the sales page claims.

Now the thing is Traffic Robot 1.0 & 2.0 aren’t the only cloud based apps that they have released, in fact they have another 4 that I know of that really failed to live up to their hype.

So, without even seeing this one, I’m to going to hold my breath on this being any different to all the rest of them, but I’ll give it a thorough review like I always do and if it does surprise me and actually work and can make your life easier to make money then I’ll be the first to say so.

But if it is just another piece of cloud based crap then I’ll tell you that as well.

NAME: Traffic Robot 2.0Traffic Robot 2.0 Review

OWNERS: Billy Darr, David Kirby,

& Justin Opay

PRICE: $22.95 > $17.95 with this code: ‘tr5off’


#1 recommendation for making money from home

What Is Traffic Robot 2.0 About

Well surprisingly they are calling this “brand new software” which is strange considering this is a reincarnation of the first one??

Perhaps they are calling this brand new because they’ve taken out all the bugs! Who knows? But regardless of that, this software has been released by them on a number of occasions just with a different name.

What they tend to do is just change the color, the name and add or take away different social platforms.

What they are claiming with this one is similar to what they claimed on the last one, only this time instead of unlimited traffic to your offers in under 60 seconds, they’re claiming this one will do it in less that 46 seconds!

I’m sorry, but I’m finding that pretty hard to believe, do they even know what ‘unlimited‘ means?

traffic robot 2.0 sales page headline

I really hope that you don’t fooled by these types of headlines because in my experience nothing could be further from the truth.

I mean that doesn’t even make any real sense does it, how can you do anything with just a touch of one button? It’s ridiculous, totally ridiculous.

Now, if you take a look at the JV demo video you’ll hear Billy say that this is an updated version of the first one and that they have fixed the problems that the 1.0 version had and added more features and social sites.

My question is, do all those people who bought Traffic Robot get this update for free? I very much doubt that.

As for adding more social sites, they ones you get are exactly the same as the first one so I’m not even sure he knows what it is he’s talking about.

Here’s Traffic Robot 1.0:

traffic robot 1.0

And here’s Traffic Robot 2.0, see if you can spot all the extra social sites:

Traffic Robot 2.0

Oh Billy, why do you do that??

What Did I Like

  • Really struggling to find something I liked
  • Ah, the 30 day money back guarantee 🙂

What Didn’t I Like

  • All the hype on the sales page
  • Unreliable cloud based software
  • You need a decent following on social media
  • It takes time to build a following
  • The training actually says you ‘should‘ get traffic, not you will.
  • NEVER going to take less than 46 seconds

Inside Members Area

As with all these types of products they come with upsells, oto’s as they are called. Now, this one has 5 of them to contend with because once you buy the front end you’ll be presented with upsell after upsell until they’ve gone through all 5 of them.

I always, always tell my readers to stay well away from them, to begin with anyway. You need to see for yourself if the product you just bought is what you were expecting and if it wasn’t then you need to get a refund.

With the price of the upsells you could be looking at trying to get back $832 not including the main product price!

You see although the front end comes with a guarantee, a lot of the time the oto’s don’t have any such guarantee even though most people just assume they have seeing as the front end did.

What I’ll do is leave the URL’s to the upsells in the next section so you can take a look at them when should you feel the need to buy them.

Back to the members area.

As you already know you get access to the software, but you also get the training that goes with it, which brings me to another point.

In the training Billy goes about connecting this software to his Twitter account and on the page you can clearly see the words:


What the hell is Push Button 3.0 Pro?

I decided to do some digging and found out that it is another piece of software just like this one that was released in May 2018.

I need you to take a look at the JV demo video for Push Button 3.0 Pro and tell me what you think:

By the way that particular product is still available at a fraction of the price of this one. The thing is though I didn’t do a review on it so I can’t tell you if it works or not, but I think it’s a good bet to say it doesn’t.

Back to Traffic Robot 2.0.

In the training you get 4 videos:traffic robot 2.0 training

  • Video 1 – Overview – 4.47
  • Video 2 – Setting up your social sites – 2.46
  • Video 3 – The Campaign Builder – 3.30
  • Video 4 – Finding offers & Getting Traffic – 6.08

At no point in any of the video training does he show it working! I think that says it all really, don’t you?

The Oto’s

As if buying something that doesn’t really work the way they claim isn’t bad enough they even expect you to buy 5 expensive upsells.

  • OTO #1 Elite Edition – $67 –
  • OTO #2 – Rose Gold – $47 –
  • OTO #3 –Sapphire Edition – $47 –
  • OTO #4 – Ultimate – $47 –
  • OTO #5 – Diamond Edition – $197 –

Does It Work

So what I thought I’d do is a little test to see if this actually works or not and I’m disappointed to report that yet again they have produced something that doesn’t work. Let me show you what I mean.

When you start a new campaign you have the options of Video, image or text campaign, I went for the video one.

First of all you have to connect either your Dailymotion or YouTube account to the software, I chose youtube. Once you’ve successfully connected your account you’ll get this pop up:

account successfully connectedThis lets you know that it’s all connected.

You then fill out the campaign name, title, description and tags and then choose a file to upload and this is where the problems start.

It constantly says processing at the bottom of the screen:

problems with processing

And once it’s just done that for what seemed like hours, it decided to stop and show me this:

connection errorAfter which it totally froze and if I remember rightly that is exactly what the last version did along with another of their programs Video Profit Machines.

So it would seem that the very same bugs that plagued those previous platforms are back to terrorise this one as well, if they ever went away that is.

Perhaps that is why in the demo video and the actual training he doesn’t even show you it working.

Final Thoughts

I have to be honest and say I didn’t come into this review full of confidence simply because I know their track record, the sad thing is they could change all that and produce something that is worthwhile and helpful and yet they continue to resort back to type.

These guys have a really bad reputation in the internet marketing world for producing products that simply don’t work

I think they must be expecting a high number of complaints with this because In the first training video he makes a point of saying NOT to open a PayPal dispute, but open a support ticket instead.

I would advise you to ignore that and go ahead and open a dispute because they are much more likely to take notice of you that way.

This seems to be just a case of seeing how many times you can release virtually the same product under different names and milk it for all it’s worth before everyone clicks on to what you’re doing.

One of the most disturbing aspects of this is the amount of affiliates selling their souls and giving this a positive “review” if you can call it that, so they can just get a commission.

They clearly don’t care what they promote to you whereas I would highly recommend you stay as far away as possible from this one.

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