The Gold Rush Review [Michael Cheney]

Welcome to The Gold Rush review. Michael Cheney is someone who some of you may think is a new face on internet marketing scene, but you’d be wrong.

Michael Cheney has been around a long time, in fact it was one of Michael Cheneys products that caught my eye when I was first getting started, but for the life of me I can’t quite remember the name of it.

It may well have been the one product if his that I have reviewed, The Commission Machine, which to be fair wasn’t too bad.

I actually like the way he comes across, he tries to inject some humour into his stuff which, let’s be honest, isn’t a bad thing.

I’m not sure where he’s been all this time, I haven’t heard a thing about him for quite a while, but now he’s back with a new product that has a method of making money that very few people have ever heard of, apparently.

Now, people either love Michael Cheney or just don’t like him that much, he really does split opinion. Hopefully he can win a few people over with this one.

NAME: The Gold Rushthe gold rush review michael cheney

OWNER: Michael Cheney

PRICE: $19.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

What Is The Gold Rush About

Well it’s apparently a ‘New Breakthrough Training‘ that is going to accelerate you to the money. Now on the sales page he talks about finding a way to ‘game‘ the system which I can tell you from the get go is never a good idea because you will always get found out at some stage.

And when that happens all your income dries up and you’re left looking the next way to ‘game‘ the system.

He goes on to set the scene about how he struggled to make any money online for years and then one day $29,413.09 flooded into his bank account?? Really??

the gold rush sales pageNow this can go either one of 2 ways, this is going to be just another in a long line of products that make that claim and then fail miserably or he could be telling the truth and there is no-one else teaching this.

I have to say that with my experience I’m inclined to go with the former, but I hope I’m wrong.

the gold rush sales page hype

Once I’ve been through the training I’ll be in a better position to tell you if these are just false claims because a lot of the time you’ll see all kinds of crazy claims on the sales page that never make it into the product.

So the stuff you bought the product for isn’t actually included, sometimes you even have to buy the upsells to see some of the stuff.

There’s plenty of “once you unlock the secret to making money online” crap, I’m not sure if he’s been out of the game for too long, but headlines like that are normally reserved for the real crappy products.

Michael, I’m here to tell you there is no secret, there is no “Internet code” to break, there are no shortcuts.

So what is The Gold Rush?

Well, it’s a 6 part training program that covers subjects ranging from choosing a niche to getting traffic. Is there anything new in here?, well I’ll let you know in the next section.

A Closer Look At The Training

One thing he does do a lot is use metaphors, for example “head out to the rivers to pan for gold” is just basically finding products on places like JVZoo, so be prepared for some unusual comparisons.

Before you get to the members area you have 2 one time offers to get past which compared to a lot of offers product is a relatively low amount to have, some have 6 of them which is an unbelievable amount and plain stupid if you ask me.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that Michael Cheney makes it clear that these are truly one time offers (oto’s), they will not be offered again.

the gold rush members area

This course contains 6 modules, which he likes to call challenges, with some bonus training thrown in at the end. The first can’t really be called training as it’s only a welcome video.

  • Challenge #1 – Join The Gold Rush – A simple orientation video.
  • Challenge #2 – X Marks The Spot – This is where you are meant to choose a niche, unfortunately it becomes obvious that he is only interested in the make money online niche, so if you aren’t really interested in that you’re going to struggle because this training is centered around MMO.
  • Challenge #3 – Pan for Gold – In this module you’re meant to be finding the best products to promote. He goes over a few options including the products that are just launching and evergreen ones. He does say to have an interest in what you’re promoting and he uses the example of not promoting juggling if you’ve never juggled before.
  • Challenge #4 – Unearth the Golden Nuggets – A look into what makes a product a good product to promote. You’re going to looking for products that solve a pain, not a problem. He says that a product shouldn’t even be created if it doesn’t solve a problem. Perhaps he should have a word with some of the product creators I’ve come across recently.
  • Challenge #5 – Turn Nuggets Into Bullion – Here he goes through his process of looking at the sales letter of an offer to actually crating a promotion which he does in the form of emails to his list. Now I think I’m right in saying that he coined the phrase “edutainment” which is a mix of education and entertainment and he likes to inject that into his campaigns.
  • Challenge #6 – Prospecting for Cash – This is the traffic section, free traffic or paid traffic. He does tell you that free traffic takes quite a long time to build, there is a lot involved, but it is the best kind of traffic. The other option is using Solo ads which he admits is very hit-and-miss, there are no guarantees. He alludes to a NEW secret free traffic method which turns out to be none other than Quora!.

And that is the Gold Rush.

final Thoughts

I was really looking forward to seeing what Michael Cheney had come up with because to be honest this industry needs a big shake up, it is really in the doldrums in terms of quality products being released.

You only have to look at my recent reviews this year to see that. Unfortunately as much as I wanted to like this, and I do in a way, it just doesn’t really deliver.

Remember the sales page when it said NEW breakthrough training? Well if there was I couldn’t find it.

The training in here is very thin, it seems to skirt around the processes without really saying what it is you need to do. I really found it hard to uncover anything of any real benefit.

And the way he tells you to choose a product to promote leaves me thinking that he doesn’t really care about what he promotes to people.

For example, he uses the headline:

“Create Traffic Sucking Money Making Content In 3 Simple Steps”

And he uses that as an example of a good sales letter when we all know what total rubbish stuff like that really is.

He did make some good points in the training like saying that if you wouldn’t tell your best friend to buy it, then don’t tell anyone else to buy it.

That is the sort of thing that needs to happen more of in this industry, too many times nowadays reviewers just promote any old crap for the sake of the commission without even knowing if the product is any good.

He also tells you that you should really buy the product you’re thinking of promoting because this will serve a couple of points like showing the vendor that you are serious.

That will help in getting approval to promote the product and also you’re actually going to know if the product is something that does what it claims to do.

The other thing that lets this down is the price point, at $19 it’s way too expensive for what you get unfortunately and as such I won’t be approving it

not approved

So What Do You Do Now?

I’ll tell you what you should do. Take some training on not only the MMO niche, but any niche you’re interested in. Where can you get that training?

I’ll tell you that as well. Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been a member there for over 4 years now and I can say that the training there is so good it makes everything else look below par.

There is training on every aspect of affiliate marketing form finding your niche, setting up your website to making money and everything in between.

If you want to take a detailed look at what they do then I’ve got a full review here that you can see or if you want to dive straight into it you can click the banner below and get started right now for FREE.

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I’ll be there to personally welcome you on the inside 🙂


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