iTraffic X Review – Just A Total Scam?

Welcome to my iTraffic X Review. Billy Darr, David Kirby and Justin Opay are people whom I have become very familiar with in terms of products reviewed.

You see they like to release products that are usually a copy of what they’ve released before, a rehash if you like. Products like Traffic Robot or The sales Bot are all very similar, just with a different name.

I really, really hope they haven’t just done that with this one, the sales page says it’s brand new software so we’ll have to wait and see as I go through the review.

NAME: iTraffic Xitraffic x review

OWNERS: Billy Darr, David Kirby

& Justin Opay

PRICE: $23 .20


#1 recommendation for making money from home
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what is iTraffic X about

If you’ve had the patience to go through the sales page and video you’ll know that this is about a piece of software that gets you free traffic and as a result they reckon that this traffic will convert and all this can be done in under 52 seconds.

itraffic x sales page headline

That’s a pretty bold statement to make and one I find hard to believe. So much so that even that headline isn’t totally true. The software has been released before under the name of VideoProfitMachines 2.0. and that was total rubbish.

I’ll show you what I mean, here is a screenshot of VPM 2.0:

vpm 2.0

And here is iTraffic X:

iTraffic x

So what else haven’t they been truthful with? They state that there is ‘step by step training included.

If I hadn’t seen the “training” with my own eyes I probably wouldn’t have believed it. There is no way that should be called training. It’s absolutely terrible.

OK let’s be realistic for a second, they say this software is going to get you free converting traffic to any website or offer in just 52 seconds.

I’m here to tell you that is complete rubbish.

They then say the included video training teaches you to take the traffic and turn into money straight away.

No it doesn’t.

I really don’t know why they are saying that stuff when they know full well that it isn’t true.

sales page 3 steps claim

And do you know what the 4th step will be?? It will be you asking for a refund.

I’m going to tell you now, do yourself a favor and disregard anything that sales page tells you, it’s all hype, it really is.

iTraffic X is a cloud based software that has been sold time and time again under different names and with a slight difference, one might have video sharing wile the other has social sharing, but they all have one thing in common.


This is what happened on a previous version

video encoding

And it sat like that for hours, nothing happened, unfortunately the other reincarnations all suffered similar fates.

OK so you still don’t know what it is this software does, do you?

What you have to do is connect your social accounts and video accounts to the software. You then make a video or choose a video file of the product you are promoting. Once you’ve done that the software will upload the video to Youtube and Dailymotion and the different social media sites you’ve connected.

And that’s it. No training on how to get you video to rank on Youtube or anything. And do you think that just because you’ve uploaded it to the different social media sites that you’re going to get “unlimited buyer traffic” That’s just crazy talk.[su_divider top=”no”]

what did I like

  • Absolutely nothing

What didn’t I like

  • The rubbish being spouted on the sales page
  • The “brand new” software, it’s actually quicker to do it yourself and it’s not brand new!
  • Never going to get free unlimited traffic in under 52 seconds
  • where’s the actual training?

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who’s going to use this

Hopefully no-one and I mean that, it total rubbish. But unfortunately because of that sales page people are going to think this is going to be the end of all their buyer traffic worries and jump on it.

if you’re still not convinced how bad this is and still want to buy it then just a quick heads up. Don’t pay the full price, go to leave and you will be presented with a $5 discount, then if you go to leave that offer you’ll get access to the first overview video for free.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside the members area

OK let’s take you on a tour of the members area so you know what to expect. Once you make it past the upsells, of which there are FIVE, you can login to the iTraffic X dashboard

iTraffic x dashboard

You then have 5 videos which are meant to show you how to use this, find offers and get traffic.

  • Video 1 – Overview – 2.59itraffic x training videos
  • Video 2 – Accessing The Software – 3.28
  • Video 3 – Finding Offers – 3.39
  • Video 4 – Your First Campaign & Getting Traffic – 2.49
  • Video 5 – $423 Case Study – 3.11

I think you should be able to tell the quality of those videos by the incredibly short length of them. For example in video 3 he simply tells you to go to Muncheye, JVZoo and Warrioplus and look for an offer, but doesn’t tell you anything else like tips for actually getting your affiliate links from the different vendors. no guidance whatsoever.[su_divider top=”no”]


As if trying to sell this to you isn’t bad enough they even have the audacity to try and get more money out of you. They have an incredible 5 upsells to negotiate or as they say customize your order.

  • OTO #1 – $67 – White Gold Edition – This simply gives you 2 more social sites and 1 extra video site which they reckon is going to 2000x more traffic & profits. Hah! *TIP* Click “no thanks” at the bottom of the sales page and get a $20 discount.
  • OTO #2 – $47 – Rose Gold Edition – Again if you want this you can get a $10 discount by clicking “no thanks”
  • OTO #3 – $47 – Pearl Edition – Apparently you’re going to be able to bank $3,000 a day if you get this upsell. This one doesn’t have a discount.
  • OTO #4 – $47 – Black Sapphire Edition – This gives you the rights to sell this product
  • OTO #5 – $197 – Pink Diamond Edition – Oooh pink diamond (sorry, couldn’t help myself). oto 5 sales page

See that warning at the bottom, do you think it’s true? I’m going to leave and see what happens

oto 5 discount

So they tell you you’re going to see it again to make you think that you have to buy it at $197 and then instantly give you $100 discount if you choose “No thanks”

You can make your own mind up about the sort of people you’re dealing with here, but I know what I think of them.

Oh and one last thing before we leave this section, a reader of this blog let me know that a product that he purchased came with a money back guarantee like this one. He also bought the upsells to that product.

Once he bought the product and had a chance to have a look at it he realized it wasn’t what the sales page had made out it was, so naturally asked for a refund.

Now although after a bit of hassle he did get his refund, he only got it for the main product which was around $12 I think. The point is he had also spent a couple of hundred dollars on the upsells that he never got back because they weren’t covered under the money back guarantee.

Just something you might want to keep in mind before you buy those upsells.[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

What a load of baloney! Stay far away from this one people.

How they can realistically expect you to simply click a few buttons and get all the buyer traffic you’re ever going to need is just ridiculous, it really is.

I showed that sales page to a friend of mine, not someone who’s interested in the slightest in the make money online niche, he’s just a regular guy who works a full time job.

He told me how great that all sounded, just 3 steps to make all that money.

And that’s the problem, making it all sound so great that people will fall for it and be bitterly disappointed with what they get.

not approved

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so what now

I am going to tell you a secret that not a lot of people know and feel that you deserve to know about and that is you don’t need fancy software to upload your videos to YouTube to build an online business. The most effective way is having your own website.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

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8 thoughts on “iTraffic X Review – Just A Total Scam?”

  1. Yup, Billy Darr strikes again. Bought Traffic Robot 2 plus two OTO upgrades. Nothing additional added to the account from the upgrades. Raised tickets with the “Support” desk and emailed Billy Bulshit directly a number of times…nothing. That is not strictly true, i have had a mountain of invites to webinars and offers to make thousands of dollars within the next week !! The only response I had from the support desk was to say they had passed on details to the product owner, they then closed the ticket. Appalling service.
    Once bitten, twice shy etc, I will be avoiding Billy “no dick” Darr like the plague in future and recommending that others do too.

    • Wow, sorry to hear you’re having trouble and hope you get it sorted out soon. You can come back here and leave a comment when you have an update if you want.

      Hopefully it will show other people what to look out for.

  2. I bought this product the platinium version in December.
    The product displayed an error message regarding the tokens.
    I send 3 tickets to the support team. They never fixed it and of course the software does not work.
    I asked twice for the refund before the 30 days expire\s and they are buying time to avoid the refund.
    I complained to JVZOO how they can let these scammers to sell the rubbish products.
    Complete waste of time and money

    • You know what, that doesn’t actually surprise me. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time trying to get your money back on a product that doesn’t work, but I’ve reviewed a lot of their other products and they don’t work particularly well either I’m afraid.

      A lesson for everyone there I think.

      Can you let me know how you get on with JVZOO because they really need to do something about guys like these.

      I hope you get your money back 🙂

  3. As soon as I saw that Billy Darr and Justin Opay were behind this product, I knew it would be 100% rubbish, just like their Sales Bot product. They really are scammers. What bothers me is the high number of online marketers that I have come to trust (more or less) also trying to promote these products to their email lists – as a result, they all are just as bad and dishonest as Darr and Opay.
    You are doing a great service with these reviews – keep up the good work 🙂

    • Well thank you very much.

      I think it’s so important to try and let as many people know the truth behind some of theses types of products.

      People do seem to be promoting anything these days as long as they think they can get a quick commission off it without any thought for the people actually buying it because their recommendation.

  4. Thank you for your true honest post. I am sick and tired of “sale” reviews. These guys are among the worst rip offs on the net. They feed on the desperate masses and laugh all the way to the bank after ripping them off. I would love to punch that smirk off of Opays face. You made a good point about no refund on upsells. How else do these guys make money, promise a refund based on a $12 sale and keep the $125 of upgrade. A classic form of baiting. I never pay for an oto until AFTER I have used the product. Sure saves a lot of $$$. Again , thank you for your honesty, perhaps a few fools will be saved.


    • Yeah that’s all it ever seems to be with other reviews, just saying what the sales page says.

      My aim is to let people know the truth behind it all.

      It was only a little while ago that I found out about no refunds on the upsells.


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