The Big 5 Review By Trevor Carr – Is It Anything New?

Welcome to my review of Trevor Carrs’ The Big 5. Trevor Carr is someone who I’ve reviewed many times on this site and I have to say I generally like what he has produced with the likes of Affilitio and 60 Minute Flips, but if he partners with the wrong person it can all go a bit wrong like Profit 7

This time around he’s partnering with someone who is relatively new to making products, in fact he’s only released one before called Traffic Victory, so hopefully Trevor will still be able to keep the level of quality without letting his partner ruin all his hard work.

NAME: The Big 5The Big 5 review by Trevor Carr

OWNERS: Trevor Carr & Marc Gray

PRICE: $12.95 + upsells


#1 recommendation for making money from home

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 what is the big 5 about

Well according to the sales page it’s a road map to take you all the way to $100+ days, but more importantly they reckon that we’ve NEVER seen anything like The Big 5 before.

Now before we get too much into what this is all about let me give you a bit of background on Marc Gray. He calls himself “The Wolf Of Online Marketing” yes he really did give himself that name LOL.

Now he runs a review site by the same name, unfortunately Marc finds it very hard to see the truth behind the products he reviews and as a result his reviews are always positive, so much so that I can honestly say I’ve never seen him write a review that doesn’t give the product at least 9.5 out 10, and that is about as likely to happen as me winning the Lotto.

The reason behind that is he is friends with most of the product vendors.

He also finds it difficult to accept that people have different opinions, like me for example. Just because I like to tell my readers if something is total rubbish and don’t buy it, he gets all upset and starts throwing his toys out of the pram and sending me nasty comments simply because it means him losing out on commissions.

The funny thing is I actually thought his last product was quite good and I really hope he carries that on in this product.

So that’s a bit of background on the creator done with let’s tackle product in front of us.

the big 5 sales page headline

Now the first thing that I find a bit strange is the fact he makes such a precise amount as $106.30 every day. That doesn’t make sense. It would make sense if you had a regular job that paid that each day, but not in internet marketing.

sales page hype

You see I really hate these kinds of headlines, I’m here to tell you that in the beginning you’re spending most of your spare time sat at your computer, there is no other way.

And to put that kind of statement out is totally irresponsible to say the least. Don’t forget this is meant to be for newbies so you can’t realistically expect someone who is totally new to this just to go through this course and NOT have to spend all his time at a computer.

In fact in a later video he actually shows you a review he done and it says there that he spent 4 hours going over a product to write that review, OK 4 hours isn’t all day, but he is an experienced internet marketer, imagine how long it would take a newbie.

That just shows a level of ignorance if they think that.

So we’re shown screenshots of his income, but don’t forget this is someone who’s been doing this for the past six years or so, and I hope I’m not being disrespectful in any way, but if you’ve been online for six years and that’s all you’re making then it might be time to rethink your strategy.

Although we don’t know what you are going to get for your money we do know this:


OK enough of this let me tell you what this is about.

The Big 5 is about ……. drum roll please ……..

  • Having a website
  • Having a Youtube channel
  • Building a list
  • Having a Facebook group
  • Having a product

Not exactly newbie friendly, but we’ll see what the quality of their training is like before I make any real assumptions.

Talking of training, what I’m going to do is go through the entire training now.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside the training

As we already know from the sales page this has 30+ videos to go through and I’m going to go through every single one to let you know if they’re any good or if you’re just going to be left scratching your head with a ton of questions.

This course is split up into 6 areas each covering a different subject. Area 6 which is product creation is still being updated as of writing this so it’s an incomplete area.

  • Area 1 Branding
  • Area 2 Your website
  • Area 3 Social media
  • Area 4 Your list
  • Area 5 SEO
  • Area 6 Product creation

Now each of these have varying numbers of videos which I’ll go through each one now


This section only has one video and covers things like choosing a niche and a domain name. This is a very thin video. If you think that he’s going to give you a formula for choosing a niche then you’re going to be very disappointed. This is a 13-minute video that could have easily been 5 minutes.


Now this section is all about setting up your website and as such has 11 videos.

1. Connecting Your Domain to your hosting – He makes a right pigs ear of how to register a domain and he actually made me laugh in one bit when he said “GoDaddy are the worst at trying to upsell you stuff“, does he not realise that his own product has 4 upsells LOL. He makes a really easy task seem very complicated for some reason.

Perhaps it’s because I have it so easy, all my domains and hosting are all in one place, that this seems an overly complicated way of doing things.

2. Installing WordPress – He advises you not to have all your sites on the same hosting because it affects the speed of the sites loading times, again that’s not something I have to worry about because of the cutting edge technology that my hosting uses, but he is right speed is an issue and will affect your sites ranking.

He actually gives out some bad advice on this one and that is to NOT install the latest version of WordPress. Now that is a major problem, you should always, always keep your website updated with the latest versions for security issues.

I suspect that because he isn’t familiar with the new WordPress update he doesn’t know how it works and would rather you compromise your site’s security.

3. Setting up SSL – A very important part of your website and very easy to install

4. Connecting our CDN – This goes over installing a Content Delivery Network again that’s something I don’t have to worry about.

5. Installing plugins and keeping people on your site – He has got so many plugins that are just not necessary, I mean he even has the Jetpack plugin that is so resource hungry it’s not even funny. My personal take on it is plugins should be kept to the minimum needed because if you go installing a plugin for this and a plugin for that before you know it you’ve got 20 odd plugins that IS going slow down your site.

He says that with the plugins he shows that Google will see your site as an authority site, again that isn’t true. To become an authority takes a long time and a lot of content.

6. Choosing a theme & must have pages – Choosing a theme is a very individual process, but he does say to keep it minimalistic as possible which is good advice.

7. Creating must have pages & setting up custom menu – He goes through the pages you really should have on your site and to set up the menu so it looks right.

8. Verifying all 4 versions of your site – I really don’t know the point of this video, you only need to verify the http and the Https versions.

9. Custom permalinks & site structure – This runs through how your permalinks should look and how your SEO setup should be. He does get a little confused on what Google sees as duplicate content, but on the whole a good run down.

10. SEO sitemap & robot txt file – Submitting your sitemap is very easy to do, this is created by your SEO plugin and you simply upload it to Google search console. He also recommends you modifying your robot txt file which I’m not convinced makes any difference whatsoever.

11. Optimizing Google analytics – Not really sure why this is called ‘optimizing google analytics’ because all he done was add his website to it. Anyway that’s the end of this section.

Area 3 – Social Media Big Beasts

This section is about as the name suggests social media.

1. Creating your Youtube channel – Youtube isn’t something that I have done and after watching this video I wouldn’t feel comfortable creating a channel simply because there is no real content of any value in here. If you are looking to create a Youtube channel then you’d be better off learning from someone who is an expert in that field.

I would recommend taking a look at Youtube Channel Mastery by Adam Payne, you can check out a review I did here.

2. Creating a Facebook Group – This goes through starting a FB group and giving away free stuff to keep people engaged in the group.

3. Growing your FB profile – This covers ways of building your following.

I’ve got to be honest I’m not massively into social media I do have a presence, but I find you can waste way too much time on there, time better spent building your website especially in the early days.

Area 4 – Your List

As the name suggests this is about building a list.

1. Creating Our POP up and exit Pop up to start building our list – He gives a good insight into his own experience when he first started building a list.

2. Driving new subscribers from our list to our FB Group using Lead Magnets – He shows you that he uses a PLR product as a giveaway and tells them to get more free stuff to simply join his FB group.

Area 5 – SEO

This section is probably one of the most important sections to be covered because if you get this wrong you can kiss goodbye to any organic traffic. A lot of people get the advice they give out totally wrong so it’ll be interesting to see how he does it.

1. Introduction To SEO and Getting Organic Traffic – Half the video is him showing where he’s ranked for different search terms. He also shows you a checklist to go through, but even he says that if you have great content a lot of the other stuff you probably won’t need for your website to rank.

2. Perfect On Page SEO – He makes a very strange comment when he shows how he lays out his reviews, he says he couldn’t make a title H1 if he didn’t have TinyMCE plugin? That doesn’t make any sense at all, you can make anything you write in the wordpress editor a paragraph or anything form H1 to H6 without the need of any plugin.

One thing I noticed is he really likes to stuff his keywords, which Google really doesn’t like and I’d have thought that he would be smart enough to know that.

He does give some good advice such as keeping your paragraphs short and embedding Youtube videos, but he gives out totally the wrong advice when putting pictures on your site.

3. Web 2.0’s – Here he talks about using different sites like Blogger to create web 2.0’s. I say talks about because he doesn’t actually show you. He also advocates the use of content spinners to build your content on the site which is basically stealing other peoples hard work and passing it off as your own, I suppose some people will do anything for money!

4. 3 Step Off Page Ranking plan – Here he tells you about leaving comment on high DA websites, social signals and if you haven’t got any to go and buy Blackhat social signals and he stresses how important Google + is in all this.

The problem with that is they are shutting down in April 2019.

5. Finalizing, the last points – Creating your favicon, using software for creating your videos and outsourcing your article writing because as he says, and I totally agree, content is king

Area 6 – Product Creation

This final section concentrates on making a product.

1. Welcome to step one of the creation process – Choosing a PLR product or freely available info that you use as a template. What he then does is “pimp” the product. He actually released a standalone product a while ago called Pimpr which I reviewed here.

2. Branding – Trevor walks you through how he goes about choosing branding and making it.

And at the moment that’s as far as the training goes, the next 4 videos just say that he’s recording more content and it will be uploaded soon.[su_divider top=”no”]

what did I like

  • A lot of videos for your money.
  • Some good advice.
  • Money back guarantee.

What didn’t I like

  • No keyword research.
  • Nothing on getting approved for an actual affiliate link.
  • Nothing on how to actually make money.
  • Some bad advice.
  • Not very good at getting his point across.
  • Teaching people to MANIPULATE Googles search algorithm which can only end one way (smarter people than him have tried and lost everything).
  • Talks about this is probably going to take months to put together even though the sales page says easy and fast to start
  • Keyword stuffing.
  • Overemphasizes the use of backlinks.

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final thoughts

I was expecting something a lot more complete than what this is from all the “This is the most complete course you’ll find” talk.

Don’t forget this is meant to be 100% newbie friendly and yet a newbie or anyone for that matter can’t make any money with this if they haven’t got an affiliate link, that is the most important part.

Another thing I don’t understand is why would you want to teach people stuff that is very likely to harm their website when Google catches on and updates their algorithm?

I personally know people who has literally lost everything from trying to game the system which is why I’m happy I’m doing things the right way.

As for using other peoples content, well that takes the biscuit. It’s taking other peoples hard work and using it as your own and I call that STEALING and find it deplorable.

not approved

And don’t think that just because you follow this training you’re going to be considered an authority site. Do you know how long he has had his site? 6 years, and that is a major factor on ranking.

I reviewed a much better product which you can read about here

Now I know that if Marc reads this and I’m pretty sure he will because I saw in the training that he has read past posts, he’ll completely disagree and that’s his prerogative, but you know what, I’d rather tell you the truth. Sorry if this upsets you Marc.[su_divider top=”no”]

what do you do now

If I were you I would start off on the right foot, forget all about trying to get one over on the search engines, get the right training just like Marc himself did at Wealthy Affiliate, in fact did you know that a lot of the so called top affiliates all trained at Wealthy Affiliate?

marc gray at wealthy affiliate

This is Marc ‘the wolf’ Gray’ s Wealthy Affiliate profile. Everyone say hello Marc 🙂

Now somewhere along the line he’s obviously been misled, but if you want to take the training he did then just click the banner below and you’ll get most of the training offered in The big Five for FREE and you’ll get TWO FREE websites

Click the banner below to get instant access and start your amazing journey

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  1. Hi Sharon! Interesting review about the online business platform called The Big 5, you made very percise review. By all the facts you wrote here I just wouldn`t decide to sign up on this website, there are many better platforms to be engaged in affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing with us and keep up the good work!

    • Hey Luke,

      There is definitely better training out there. Really disappointed with it.

      He just doesn’t need all the underhand practises. 


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