60 Minute Flips Review – Haven’t We Heard This Before?

In this 60 Minute Flips review we’re going to be looking at if it’s possible that the owners of this product have actually found an “emergency cash” system that is only going to take you 60 minutes or less to do.

It all sounds fantastic doesn’t it, but I’m afraid all too often these types of claims fall flat on their face and are a complete waste of time, and probably more importantly, money.

NAME: 60 Minute Flips60 minute flips review

OWNERS: Trevor Carr, Lance Groom

and Gary Garnett


WEBSITE: www.phlos.net/60-minute-flips-sales/

#1 way to make money

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so what is 60 minute flips about

It’s incredibly similar to one of Trevor Carr’s previous products called Flipadom which i reviewed here. It’s all about flipping domain names for a profit.

This particular product claims to have a “secret system” that’s going to let you spend $1 on a domain and sell it for up to $700.[su_divider top=”no”]

the sales hype

I always like to start off my reviews with a quick look at the sales page just because a lot of the time the sales page just tells you a load of rubbish that you never hear of again once you’ve actually bought the product. So without further ado let’s dive right in.

Right of the bat we get this little gem

60 minute flips sales pageThat’s literally $700 an hour!!! Really? How much is this course being sold for again, oh that’s right $7 No more going to the ATM any more.

I really don’t know if that’s true, but we will find out and with the experience of these types of product that i have, i don’t hold out much hope.

So from the sales page we can get that this all revolves around his secret system for buying the domains at a low price and flipping them within the hour.

The guy fronting the program is Lance Groom, who on the sales page is portrayed as someone who’s a bit down on their luck and needed money fast, now i don’t claim to know Lance’s financial position, but what i do know is that Lance had pulled in over $1 million per year and ran ads in over 6’000 newspapers.

Now like i say it could be that he lost all his money, who knows.[su_divider top=”no”]

who’s this for

As with a lot of these types of product the person who is most likely to use this is someone looking to make easy money and fast.

Now them words usually spell something completely different to me, they usually tell me that the only person who’s going to make easy money fast is the person selling it, hence the low $7 price point.

They state that you can use this method part time, well if you can make the sort of money they claim then you’re not going to want to do it full time surely.

If you do it 4 hours a day, 5 days a week,  you’re going to end up with $14000 a week, $56’000 a month and a yearly income of $672’000 all working part time and all for the princely sum of $7.

I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.[su_divider top=”no”]

so what’s in the $7 training

I’m eager to find out what it is this “secret sysytem” is all about, hopefully I’ll find in these 10 modules and not have to buy the oto’s.

  • MODULE 1 Introduction From Trevor and Lance plus a bonus 1.5 hr live coaching replay
  • MODULE 2 Finding the Right Domains

Expired Domain Names – (Refining Your Searches) 11.30
Domain Data Mining – (Finding High Appraised Brandable Domain Names) 21.48
Using Google For Domain Name Ideas (Let Google Suggest Them) 8.52
Using Flippa To Research Domain Names Ideas 15.23

#1 way to make money

  • MODULE 3 Adding Domains To Hosting – (Getting Them Ready in Minutes) 4.2260 minute flips training
  • MODULE 4 Quick Hosting Set-Up Cloning Tricks – (A Real Time Saver) 16.09
  • MODULE 5 Pushing Domains To Buyer – (Transfer The Domain in Seconds) 5.53
  • MODULE 6 Setting Up a WordPress website – (Fast and Easy) 12.42
  • MODULE 7 Setting Up Your Sales Page (A-z)

Sales Page Psychology – (Giving You That Unfair Advantage)17.47

Editing Sales Page – (Using Paint Program To Edit Sales Page) 33.26

Setting Up a Countdown Clock – (Using Scarcity To Sell) 7.13


  • MODULE 8 Listing Your Product/Offer on WarriorPlus (HowTo)

Product Set Up on WarriorPlus 20.24

Offer Set Up on WarriorPlus 24.15

  • MODULE 9 Simple Marketing Techniques (Getting Those Eyeballs on Your Listing)

How To Edit Affiliate Commissions 8.31

How To Use Paid Ads on WarriorPlus and WarriorForum 4.55

Setting Up JV Contracts 12.16

Using FB To Recruit Affiliates and Make Sales 6.16

  • MODULE 10 Wrapping it Up – (Fun Homework Assignment) 7.56
  • BONUS COURSE Warrior Plus Pro – VENDORS

Things a WarriorPlus Vendor Should Know (support Chat and Search) 22.14

Product Set Up on WarriorPlus 20.25

Offer Set Up on WarriorPlus 24.15

Setting Up JV Contracts 12.15

How To Edit Affiliate Commissions 8.31

How To Use Paid Ads on WarriorPlus and WarriorForum 4.55

Setting Up an Affiliates Individual Web Page 12.49

Google Analytics (Real Time Traffic) 11.31

So I think you’ll agree there is A LOT of content there, one of the main gripes that i have is that the bonus 1.5 hour coaching replay that as stated in the video that people had to fork out $97 for, basically covers what you have in the training, not everything, but near as damn it.

So if you have that coaching, this isn’t going to throw up anything new for you, which would have been nice to have known before hand, but hey now you do.

After a bit more digging i actually found out that this course is being sold on Warriorplus for $97, the sales page has all the same testimonials. You can take a look here http://wfbit.com/coaching/

Speaking of testimonials, just getting slightly off track here for a sec, this one here made me laugh.

This guy was the one i was telling you about earlier on, the one i reviewed called Flipadom.

On his product he was telling people how there was nothing on the market to help people to flip domains!

testimonialsAnyway, back to this review.


All of these products have upsells after your main purchase and this one is no different. There are 3 in total:

  • OTO1 – $17 Advanced Case Study by Lance

Introductions From Trevor Carr and Lance Groom

The 4 Minute Flip Case Study 7.28

Using Coupons and Other Ways To Find Domains (Being Creative) 12.07

JV Contracts – (How To Find JV Partners) 28.01

Giving Bigger Individual Revenue Shares (How To Edit Affiliates) 16.52

How to contact and Email your requested Affiliates 3.37

How to set up a Domain Name White Labeling Business (Godaddy) 4.18

  • OTO2 – $17 Instant List Building Strategies

Intro (Unique List Building Strategies) 2.07

Linking To Your Sales Page – (Optin’s and Followers) 6.07

Mail Swap Program – (How To Get Others To Mail For You) 16.13

Buyers and Affiliate Lists – (How To Get Single Opt-ins and Fast!) 10.01

Creating and Using Free Offers (Let Others Build Your Lists) 6.44

  • OTO3 – $47 Resale Rights

In this oto you can buy the rights to get 100% of the commissions throughout the entire sales funnel.[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

There is absolutely no doubt about it, there is an enourmous amount of information in this and well worth the $7 and that is where the trouble lies in my opinion.

You see there is a real chance of information overload with this, where there is so much it can become a bit of a jumble and then you don’t know where to turn.

Do i think this is a workable way to earn money – yes, but in the amounts being thrown around on the sales page, not for someone who’s new to it anyway so don’t give up your day job just yet.

The main training is actually quite good, but as far as the otos go, it really depends how far along you are in terms of experience because there is a lot there.


If you’re interested in getting into domain flipping then you’re not going to go far wrong with this.[su_divider top=”no”]

so what next

Apart from you’re $7 you’re going to have other expenses like hosting especially if you’re going to be selling the domains on a website.

Well I can give you along with 10 FREE LESSON on how to set them up properly so even if you decide that domain flipping isn’t for you, you’ll still have 2 websites to use how you want.

If this sounds like it’s going to be of use to you click here all you need is an email and password and you’re good to go 🙂 [su_divider top=”no”]

Have you had any luck with domain flipping? What’s your thoughts? Leave them below and I’ll get back to you.

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4 thoughts on “60 Minute Flips Review – Haven’t We Heard This Before?”

  1. Hi,
    I tried to purchase through your link but that link brought me to something completely different. (a wealthy affiliates general page)
    By the way, when did you review this item?
    have a nice day

    • Hi, This was reviewed when it got released back in June 2018. That link is what I would always recommend you start with, I have no affiliation with this product.

  2. What kind of investment with $7 which can turn into 100x profit with less than an hour of work by just flipping domain.

    Don’t ever fall prey into this disillusioned quick cash scheme, you will end up emptying your pocket with all upsells waiting for you.

    Sharon, thank you for your great review on this product even with $7 investment, it’s just don’t worth it. Learn the proper way in domain flipping business.

    • You’re very welcome, i do have to disagree with you though, i think for $7 you do actually get a lot of good info.


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