Traffic Victory Review -Is It Worth Your Time?

Welcome to my Traffic Victory review, today we are going to be looking at a new product that is being promoted by two people who have a bit of a reputation for just rehashing their old programs and giving them a new name such as their  Traffic Rebirth program which was virtually a carbon copy of their Pulli program. However I’m always the optomoist and hope that the introduction of a third person will make a difference.

NAME: Traffic Victorytraffic victory review

OWNERS: Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko

& Marc Gray

PRICE: $10.30 + upsells


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what is traffic victory about

The concept here is nothing new, it’s about creating an online affiliate marketing website that promotes different products, which he claims is one of the easiest niches to get started in. HMMMMM. Getting started in and making money in are two totally different things.

In the course you are shown different ways to get your site ranking, but not only ranking, but first page ranking (apparently).

In the introdution video I actually like what it is he is saying about how to rank so I’m going to be interested to see what knowledge I get from this because I’m always looking to learn.

who is this for

Well according to the sales page you don’t need any technial skills or have any experience prior to this to make it work. Now one of the things that ALL these products have in common is that you never need any expertise to make it work, but it very rarely works out that way.

It apparently works in ANY niche, again a statement I see time and time again.

If you have any experience in this area you’re not going to find anything new, sorry.

In all honesty the statements being used on the sales page are pretty much run of mill stuff, only time will tell if Marc Gray is going to keep to his word or just follow the rest of the sheep and spout unrealistic claims.

what did i like about traffic victory

  • I like the fact that he actually tells you things that are going to help you for instance something as simple as choosing a domain name, once upon a time people would snap up exact match domains and people who don’t know any better still do.
  • They don’t carry any weight at all with Google like they used to and he recommends for the marketing site that you try to think of a name that you can develop into a brand for the future. Good advice.
  • He shows you the how to do the simple things like buying a domain name, installing and setting up wordpress, plugins, themes, etc which a lot of product creators forget to show because if someone is new with no experience then they’re not going to have a clue how to do that stuff. This teaches you the basics.
  • The quality of the videos and audio are very good
  • Front end Price point
  • Some really good advice like image compression for site speed.

what i didn’t like

  • Recommends what basically amounts to keyword stuffing which can result in poor rankings .
  • Recommends using blackhat links
  • Buying links off of Fiverr

Just to give you an example of why I know you don’t need these types practises, here is a screenshot of the example of Google position that he is using in the coursegoogle serp comparisonSo you don’t need all that fake backlink stuff to rank as the above picture proves.#1 recommendation button

so what do you get

I’ve got to say you get a fair amount for your $10 or so. I’ll give you a quick run down of what’s included.

You get 5 modules each containing around 4 – 6 videos of varying length.traffic victory training modules

Module 1 – Overview and Basics

  • Overview 24.48
  • Results Overview 7.50
  • Why Marketing Site 20.41

Module 2 – Building Your Site

  • Domain Name 14.47
  • Buying Domain and Server 23.13
  • WordPress 15.12
  • Plugins and User ID 23.28
  • Your Site Theme 26.33
  • Widgets, Sitemaps and More 33.23
  • Setting Up Your Site For Traffic 27.21

Module 3 – Final Site Setup

  • Finalise Your Site 18.11
  • SSL Certificate 6.43
  • Adding Site to CDN and Important of Prefix 11.08
  • Site Set Up Done! Time to Make Money 6.45

Module 4 – Promotion Setup

  • Social Media 19.59
  • What To Promote 19.42
  • Bonuses 18.37
  • Create Reviews 21.08
  • Maximize Your Traffic 12.55
  • Review Plugins and Schema 10.43

Module 5 – Get Traffic!

  • Onpage SEO 40.39
  • Off-page SEO 10.09
  • 7-day SEO plan 13.45
  • Conclusion / What’s Next? 16.01
  • BONUS: Press Releases 16.39

So there you have over 7 hours of training and that’s probably the largest amount of training I’ve seen for the money, and apart from a few questionable practises the information in there is really quite good.

the oto’s

Ok so let’s move on to the oto’s which it seems every program comes with these days.

Now on the sales it states that they are going to be upsells, but they are in no way going to stop you from making this work.

  • OTO #1 Case study $27

This is where Marc shows you 3 different case studies of some of his past reviews which earned him some nice commissions.

Also included are another 5 videos about using Youtube videos on your site and Facebook group marketing.

  • OTO #2

This second oto must really be something special because according to the sales page it’s retail value is a staggering $497 but through the kindness of Marc Gray and his partners you’re going to be able to get it for just $27. YEAH RIGHT.



This is the done for you pack which includes a simple list of Clickbank products that you can promote and 15 done for you bonuses which I guess are meant for you to give away with your reviews and there’s also two free photo resources.

Not really sure that’s worth a retail value of $497

OTO #3 is simply the reseller license and that will cost you $37

I’m a little dissapointed with the upsells considering the main course was actually good, these let him down a bit if I’m going to be totally honest, so I would say steer clear of the OTO’s and stick with the front end purchase.

final thoughts

To be fair I went into this review not expecting a great deal, sorry Marc, but considering the reputation of who you partnered with I think that was justified.

However I think this is his first product release, I may be wrong, and I have to say that I’m suitably impressed with what he’s put together.

A lot better than some of the more established product creators. It’s actually a breath of fresh air.

He has given, for the most, part solid information that can be used to good effect.

Did I learn anything new? No, but someone who’s new to this will.

traffic victory approved

The information is only good if you take action, don’t just let it sit there gathering virtual dust on your harddrive. That’s what many people do especially if they get stuck, it’s what I used to do because I had no-one to fall back on for help, that is until I found a great commmunity called Wealthy Affiliate which I have been part of now for more than 3 years.

There’s always someone to help you out.

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Well that’s me done, I hope you found this review of Traffic Victory helpful in some way, but now it’s your turn to share your thoughts.


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