Traffic Rebirth Review – Scam Or Legit?

Hi guys and welcome to my Traffic rebirth review. This is going to an interesting one seeing as it’s made by someone who i’ve reviewed products by before and have bit of a love/hate relationship with, so without further ado let’s dive straight in….

NAME: Traffic RebirthTraffic rebirth review

OWNERS: Stefan Ciancio & Greg Kononenko

PRICE: $9.95 + upsells


what is traffic rebirth

Before we get to involved let me just give you a quick overview of what this particular product is actually about.

In a nutshell it’s all about using Pinterest as a traffic source and this shows you how to do this all the way from the actual setting up of your Pinterest account to joining group boards which will hopefully get you the traffic that you can then sell to.

the sales page

This is the second time i’ve seen the term ‘idiot proof’ in the last couple of months and i didn’t like it then either and i haven’t changed my mind on it.

sales page snippet

Also the no tech skills required, i’m sorry but you do need a certain amount of technical know-how if you are to set up your website properly otherwise you’re just going to get yourself in a complete mess. Oh and let me tell you these are not ‘two regular guys’, both of these have proven track records and are very well established.

Could you see anything on the sales page or in the video about this being a rehashed product of what they have released before? No me neither i’m under the impression that this a new product…..i’ll shed more light on that a bit later.

so who’s going to use this

Well because it’s ‘idiot proof’ and ‘no tech skills required’ i would suspect that they are trying to target the newbie or someone who doesn’t really know what it is they’re doing. That being said the concept is sound and even seasoned marketers could make use of this if they haven’t yet got into getting traffic from the likes of Pinterest.

I personally do not think anyone who is new to internet marketing is going to be able to make any real use of this to begin with. If they learn the basics first then perhaps, but this doesn’t teach you the basics.

You’d be left with more questions than answers.

I can help you with this if you want and all your questions will be answered

what did i like

  • The sheer amount of content
  • Good qaulity videos with good audio
  • Relatively low front end price
  • Some really good information

what i didn’t like

  • The small print

testimonial disclaimer

  • So they are telling you NOT to expect the results of their testimonials and to make matters worse they then tell you the some of the users have been given incentives to leave their comments!

adverse effects disclaimer

Are they really going to sell you something that they don’t even know if it complys with terms of service of various companies! This sort of thing could really damage YOUR business and they couldn’t be bothered to check if their product which they want you to buy is compliant. Make your own mind up on that one

  • This has just out of 32 videos that are actually new, the rest are from an old product called Pullii
  • The first two oto’s are exactly the same as Pullii
  • No mention of this at any point

let’s take a look at what you get

​The front end course consists of 6 modules each containing anywhere between 4 – 11 videos of varying length.

Module 1: Our case studies and Introdutiontraffic rebirth modules

  • Stefan’s case study 5.56
  • Greg’s case study 6.50
  • ​Summary overview of the method 8.16
  • About you instructors 1.21

Module 2: Building the basics of your Site

  • Niche research 13.46
  • Domain and hosting 10.36

Module 3: Build out your Site

  • Establish your ​Blog structure 15.29
  • Mandatory site pages 2.00
  • Content research & production 9.36
  • Adding content to your site 4.17
  • Set up FB account 7.25

Module 4: Pinterest Setup​

  • Setup​ ​Pinterest  account 4.58
  • Set Up 10 Pinterest Boards​ 7.52 (new)
  • Set up Rich pins 1.20
  • Get Your First 50-100 Followers​ 10.38 (new)
  • Create pin graphics for your posts 5.18
  • Add Your “Money” Pins To Pinterest​ 5.21 (new)
  • Find Group Boards & Apply To Them​ 17.03 (new)
  • Share Your Pins To Group Boards & Get Traffic!​ 15.05 (new)

Module 5 : Long Term SEO Traffic​

  • ​Overview 3.59
  • SEO Concepts 8.12
  • Essential Tool – Moz Toolbar​ 7.24
  • Keyword generation -​ Google keyword planner 6.01
  • Keywords 5.32
  • SEM rush 11.44
  • Competition Analysis- MOZ Toolbar​  7.20
  • Creating SEO Optimized Content​ 6.41
  • Building lnks 8.45
  • Set up and Build email list 3.14
  • Set up and Build custom audience 7.32

Module 6: Monetization​

  • Adsense Monetization 5.40
  • Additional Monetization 12.19
  • Long Term Plan & What To Do After This Course​ 6.19 (new)

The oto’s

​These oto’s must really be something because their retail value is over $290 WOW!

oto price

​The first oto is going to cost you $30 and contains the following:

  • ​​Stefan’s Turn 10 Into More Study​ 4.56
  • Stefan’s Easy eCom Profits Study​ 6.55
  • Greg’s 5700 Shares Study​ 6.49
  • Greg’s Easy $512 Sales​ 10.06

The second oto is another $30 and is a Done For You Pack which contains 10 different dfy niches, but just take a quick look at this when you access the oto, remember this is for TRAFFIC REBIRTH

traffic rebirth oto​​


final thoughts

​Now i’ve been bashing this a bit, but to be fair i think i’m entitled to seeing as there is no mention ​of this being virtually a carbon copy of one of their previous products. Now if you had already bought that previous one and then bought this as well, obviously thinking it was something different then you’re going to be very very disappointed ​and i’m sure their refund rate is going to reflect that.

Now with all that being said, if you haven’t seen their previous product then i have to say that this is well worth the $9.95 price tag.

I’m just not sure i can get over the fact they don’t say anything about that in their sales copy, but because of the sound advice they give i really don’t have any other option than to recommend this, just remember if you have Pullii you don’t need this.

Traffic rebirth approved

If you want to earn money online but cannot bring yourself to deal with people who aren’t even going to be honest enough from the get go then let me help you find a way that will work for you.

Click the banner to find out a bit more and get the journey started

wealthy affiliate

What do you think about this? Is what they are doing wrong? or are they just utilising their previous work? Let me know in the comments below

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12 thoughts on “Traffic Rebirth Review – Scam Or Legit?”

  1. Thank you for the review. I just started affiliate marketing and am researching some online courses. In fact, I started online business with Amazon FBA but found that the business model requires at least 3K per item and many experiences to succeed. I ever bought around 5 courses, spending not so little amount of money but finally found I was mostly wrong with spending the money for that though I do not mean that the courses are not totally useful for beginner. I also get to understand there is no easy and quick way to succeed. One thing I feel now is that I should be careful of easy big success in their sales pitch and may as well try myself. Occasionally I think I found valuable course for the right price, however mostly not until now. So the review like yours is really important for people like me. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Sharon,

    A very good in depth review which as usual shows these types of marketeers for what they are. It would be nice to now and again see a product that offers real value. However as the old saying goes “if it ain’t broken then why fix it” and with many of these making a fortune from their marketing hype alone why change it?

  3. Hey Sharon, I hadn’t heard of Traffic Rebirth before reading your post; however, I can see why you would be suspicious about them. It doesn’t sound like they are being completely transparent about their backstory. Personally, I would stay away from those guys as well based on what you said. Did you get value from their product equivalent to the price you paid? Can you see a return on your investment coming?

  4. Hi,
    Thank you so much for a real review. I’m sooooooooooooo tired of reading so called reviews that are nothing but a rehash of the sales letter. The sales letter for traffic rebirth is not accurate. You need to learn a lot of stuff, —– set up a blog, pinterest, and facebook. To some degree these are technical skills. Thanks again for an actual review.

  5. Thank you for an honest review Sharon.

    Its refreshing to find a balanced opinion rather than either “it’s wonderful, buy it through my link here” or “It’s terrible, buy something better through my link here”

    Thanks for the useful insights
    Well done


    • Awww thank you Robin, that actually means a lot. I do try to honest in my reviews and that doesn’t always get me a lot of admirers….To know that people like my approach is a real pick me up. 🙂

  6. I think what they are doing is wrong! If you aren’t honest from the beginning then its deception at its best. You are making me pay twice for a product that I already have.

    I’m sure the information is good information but this company doesn’t seem all that integral and I’ve been scammed enough to know better.

    I guess if we just pay the $9.95 knowing that the information is basically the same in the up-sell you won’t pay twice. But for the individual who doesn’t know this like you said I would recommend getting a refund.

    • Unfortunately there are a lot of reviewers out there that just won’t tell you the truth and simply want to make a commission on the sale…i don’t work like that, i think people have a right to know if the product they’re buying is a copy of an old product so they can save their money especially if they bought the old product in the first place. I tell it like it is and some people don’t like that.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment


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