Piggyback Cash System Review – Is It Worth It?

In this piggyback cash system review we’re going to be taking a look into what you get and whether it’s really worth your time or if you’re just going to be taken for a ride?

NAME: Piggyback Cash Systempiggyback cash system review

OWNERS: Jason Fulton, David Kirby,

Mosh Bari

PRICE: $6.80 + 3 upsells


what is piggyback cash system

Well when you look at the sales page you won’t get the answer to that question, what you do get is the rather disturbing statement how they:

make $100+ per day by PIGGYBACKING on the hard work of others

Now this is really worrying to me, the word ‘piggybacking’ hasn’t got the greatest meaning, it generally means stealing other peoples resources to use as your own,  are these people really condoning this? Don’t get me wrong i’m no angel, but i have got some principals.

Without telling you what is you will be doing they want to show you the ‘proof’ of how much they earn from this method


I’m not being funny, but that’s one of the worst examples of ‘proof’ that i’ve seen. Something like this is easily made using simple software. I could make one showing whatever amount i wanted, that’s never proof and that’s the thing about showing proof of what you earn, most examples can be made or manipulated to show exactly what you want. So be wary of so called ‘proof’.

Take a look at this screenshot

easy money making

what do think? Do you believe it?


Whenever someone tells you that your alarm bells should ring, MAKING MONEY ONLINE IS NEVER EASY, NEVER EASY.

But you will see this statement being pedalled time and time again, mainly aimed at the new people who know no different.

So we don’t know what we’re expected to part with our cash for….oh and it’s meant to retail for $97, but the’re letting it go for $6.80…yeah right!……so let me tell you what you get.

what do you get

In the members area you are presented with 3 videos that outline what it is they mean by ‘piggyback cash’.

The process is a simple one that involves two methods, one is using any one of the four traffic methods or all four, direct linking to an affiliate offer.

The second way is to create a squeeze page, the visitor then puts in their email address which gets added to your autoresponder which you can then email with different offers at a later date.

The visitor is then sent to a bridge page which is designed to presell the offer and then sent to the affiliate offer via your link and you then get the commission if the visitor decides to buy.


You then have four videos outlining the four different ways to get traffic:

  1. Method 1 Copy paste traffic formula   14.49
  2. Method 2 Overnight income engine    16.38
  3. Method 3 Rapid profit attack                20.04
  4. Method 4 Piggyback cash formula       17.00

the oto’s

As with all these types of offers the front end price is nearly always pretty low and this product is no different, the other thing that is no different is the so called one time offers or upsells as they are sometimes called.

Now this is where they will earn their money, not in the main product because the people promoting it, the ones who you see giving it a glowing recommendation and trying to have you believe it’s the best thing since sliced bread, they’re the ones who get 100% commissions for the main product (front end).

The product creators will usually get 50% of the oto’s.

Now this one has 3 oto’s:

1. Case study showing how generate 3x, 5x, or 7x more than anyone else. WOW big statement! The cost for this amazing offer is…..wait for it……$17 but the regular price is $197. What an absolute bargain! (sorry that’s me being sarcastic 🙂 )

2. Ninja piggyback traffic which consists of a 35 page pdf which outlines 4 ‘ninja’ traffic methods:
Ninja Traffic 1 – Viral Tag Traffic Hack
Ninja Traffic 2 – Torrent Traffic Avalanche
Ninja Traffic 3 – Covert Traffic Method
Ninja Traffic 4 – The Tube Loophole

The cost for this oto is a staggering $297…or wait no it’s not, it’s only $27

3. 3 day closed door LIVE coaching which is run via a Facebook group within which you’re shown their system to generate $6756.95 a month.

How much is this little beauty going to cost you……$497 oh no my mistake it’s $47

Anybody who follows this blog knows how much i hate oto’s and i think you’ll have gathered that just by reading the above.

Why oh why try to make people think that the regular price is so big and yet they will sell it to you for a much smaller amount, i just don’t get it, i do get it, but i just hate it. (mini rant over)

what i liked

​The fact that up until now i haven’t really given this a glowing report should tell you that there isn’t a great deal that i did like, but there is some points.

  • ​The videos are very clear and the audio is very easy to hear
  • The length of the videos means the whole course can be gone through in under two hours
  • The initial price point
  • ?????

what i didn’t like

  • ​In some of the videos rather than explain how to do something they advise to hit up Youtube instead.
  • Lack of information on how to do crucial steps
  • The recommendation of simply copying the sales copy (not sure how legit that is?) rather than thinking for yourself
  • The very over hyped sales page
  • Lack of any support should you get stuck on any of the points
  • The videos only really skim what it is you have to do.

final thoughts

You may be enticed to purchase this course by the relatively low front end price and the sales page that makes it sound as if you’re only going to have to work a few minutes a day and you’d make money.

This simply isn’t the case, these type of sales pages are designed to hook a person by claims of easy money.

The majority of people know what they are reading probably isn’t true, but as with human nature being what it is, has that seed of ‘what if’ planted in their mind and before you know it you’ve hit the add to cart button and are being subjected to the upsells which they try to convince you of that you need, even though the front end product was meant to be enough to make you money.

One final point i wanted to bring up before i left was the fact that the final video in the members area titled CLOSING is actually a video from a previous product from the same vendor called 3 Step Profit Machines which after seeing that i had a quick look at that product and let’s just say it’s very similar to this product.

So the vendor couldn’t even be bothered to record a new video, in fact take a look at these two screenshots from the two ‘different’ products

piggyback cash system3 step profit machines

So there you have it, the only thing you have to ask yourself is ‘do i trust this person to guide me?’ If the answer is yes then go ahead and purchase it. Me, i wouldn’t trust them, not with what i’ve pointed out.not recommended

Trust is a big issue in any aspect of life, i was lucky enough to find a program that i feel totally comfortable with, so much so that i have absolutely no trouble recommending it.

If you want to know a bit more about it and how it can help you then click the banner below.

wealthy affiliate

Have you been unlucky enough to purchase this product? Have i got it totally wrong? Let me know in the comments below where i’ll be happy to answer any queries you might have.

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  1. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this article because you give so much content and detail! I like what you wrote about people who say it is easy to make money online… it is never easy! I might seem skeptical, but these quick-rich programs are simply schemes! Thank you for making me more aware of these schemes, and I will come back for more knowledge like this article!

  2. Thanks for a detailed review. This only vindicates my utter disregard for get-rich-quick schemes. What’s the point of having those videos if what they do is direct the viewers to youtube? You say the video kinda skims over the points. That sounds terrible. I’ll make sure that I stay as far away from it as possible.

  3. Wowww! I can’t believe the vendor of that video straight up copy-pasted from another one of their products. To me thats a massive red flag on how much they actually care about their services and products. Any company that truly wants to help others achieve their goals will do everything they can to generate unique content that contributes to the culture. Thanks for the review!


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