Traffic Trigger 2.0 Review – Don’t Waste Your Money

A little while ago a did another review about video ranking software which as i said at the time i didn’t usually do, but i felt that people like you need to know the truth behind these types of products just as much as the non video based ones, so this Traffic Trigger 2.0 review is going to go behind the all the hype and dig out the truth so you can make a better decision as to whether this is for you rather than just read all positive reviews that I’m sure you’ve all seen before.

NAME: Traffic Trigger 2.0traffic trigger 2.0 review

OWNERS: Art flair, Alex Krulik and Ray Lane

PRICE: $17 – $33 + upsells


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so what is traffic trigger 2.0 about

Well I’ve got to say that if you believe everything on the sales page you might as well hand in your notice at work now because this is going to generate enough free traffic to enable you to retire from your day job.

Unfortunately the reality is somewhat different.

This software is cloud based which simply means that there is no software to physically install on your computer which also means that you can access it off of any computer as long as you remember your login details.

What this software does is very similar to video spin blaster in that it spins your single video into a number of video that, like text spinning, are slightly different in the eyes of the search engines so you can distribute the same video to numerous accounts even if they are on the same platform like YouTube for example.

So if you have 30 YouTube accounts you input them accounts into the software and hey presto like magic you get first page rankings in both YouTube and Google.

Ethical? I’ll let you decide on that one.

sales page

Lets take a quick look at the sales page because it’s really similar to one of his previous video software products called Traffic Xtractor in which he claims the very same things, page 1 of Google and YouTube.

similar sales page

traffic trigger sales page

See what i mean? And it doesn’t stop there. Some of the other things that stood out for me was him trying to show you that the results he was getting was from the Traffic Trigger software:

sales page

When in fact it was from Traffic Xtractor

sales page 1

Should i be surprised? no not really considering that two of the partners from that product are also from this product.

But to lead people on to think that them results are from this software is a bit deceitful if you ask me.

so who’s going to use this

I think that the sort of person this is going to appeal to, and please don’t take offence to this if this applies to you, is the sort of person that is looking for shortcuts, a quick way to get around the hard work needed, for a way to game the system.

Unfortunately these types of things may work for a little while, but will soon get caught out and when they do where does that leave you? I’ll tell you where that leaves you shall i?

It leaves you right back at the beginning while all your competitors have been building the right way, you’ve now got to start all over again.

Wouldn’t feel good would it. Do things right from the beginning and you don’t run the risk of being found out and penalized.

These product creators couldn’t care less if that happens to you, all they’re concerned about is selling you the next super software that’ll get you first page rankings.

I’ll let you in to a little secret shall i, there is no secret software that you need to do that, you can do it all on your own and feel safe in the knowledge that you aren’t going to get slapped for doing something wrong. (rant over)#1 recommendation button

what did i like

  • ????????

what didn’t i like

  • The way they try to game the system. Why do you think the likes of YouTube don’t allow duplicated videos? Who wants to see the exact same video again and again. It’s all about the user experience, they’re trying to make it better for the end user.
  • The longevity of the software is something to question also, it’s not going to work in the long term, it’s not sustainable.
  • The sales page screenshots using a previous programs results.

so what exactly do you get

So for your $17 or $33 whichever package you want to buy, it’s only the number of projects, account and video submissions that is different by the way, you are going to get access to the cloud based software and also a bonus of 10 done for you videos that you could actually use with the software if you wanted to.traffic trigger video training

The training that’s included consists of 7 videos:

  • Video 1 – Getting Started with Traffic Trigger Projects 1.30
  • Video 2 – Adding Accounts 4.51
  • Video 3 – Videos & Shortcuts 13.07
  • Video 4 – 2nd Tier Backlinks 9.22
  • Video 5 – Links Manager 1.47
  • Video 6 – Blog Posts 7.47
  • Video 7 – Tasks Queue 1.15

So there you have it the whole lot amounts to a grand total of just over 38 minutes of training.

You also get two case studies which basically show Art uploading the same video to YouTube 10 times and the other showing how “easy” it is to dominate page 1 of Google with Traffic search results

He uses this keyword: ‘carpet cleaning palm beach isles florida

Now that particular long tail keyword currently has less than 10 searches a month and less than 10 in traffic a month, with an exact match competition of 7 which basically means there are 7 competing websites targeting that exact keyword phrase.

I’m sorry, but if you can’t get on the first page of Google with a keyword with those stats then you probably want to get out of the game or get someone to teach you properly at least.

I thought I’d just do a quick Google of that keyword and there are no videos on the first page whatsoever

the oto’s

It would seem that every product that gets launched is never satisfied with making the main product the best it can be, they always leave stuff out just to include it in an upsell that is supposed to make it even better.

This particular one comes with 4 upsells, yes you read that right, 4.

  • OTO #1 $27

Shows you how to use the software for blog submissions which isn’t on the main productblog module

  • OTO #2 $47

This upsell is the link building module which automatically builds backlinks to your videolink building module

  • OTO #3 $39

Upsell #3 is a done for you package that includes 40 dfy videos, there is also an option to for a $49 a month subscription where you get 200 dfy videos plus 8 new ones every month.

  • OTO #4 $27

For $27 you get a software bundle which consists of:

  • 1) Magic Rank Tracker
  • 2) Tube Optimizer Wizard
  • 3) Video Ad PopUp

final thoughts

I’m not a big fan of stuff like this, i prefer to do things the right way. I couldn’t actually get the software to work, but that was a review copy so i can’t actually say if it works or not, mine didn’t.

All i can say is that I’ve had experience with these types of software before and even if they do work for a while they won’t work for long. So i would say to keep your hands firmly in your pockets and don’t waste your money on something that will prove to have wasted your time as well when it either stops working or you get penalized by having your YouTube channel closed down.

I think the quick Google i did of his case study showed that Google isn’t necessarily showing videos even though it owns YouTube.

Don’t waste your time with this.

not approved

so what now

The only way to grow a business online is to learn the right way from the start, stop trying to find loopholes that you can exploit, they never ever last and it always leaves you looking for the next one.

If you want to learn how to do things right then take a look at what is i do and how i learned to do it.

The training i recommend is, to the best of my knowledge, the most in depth training you can get for the money.

To start isn’t going to cost you anything because it’s free, not only that you get TWO FREE WEBSITES and TEN FREE LESSONS .

Take a look and see what you think, I’ve been part of it for over 3 years now so you know what i think of it.

Click the banner below to see a detailed review.

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Now it’s your turn, what are your thoughts on these types of software? Do you think there should be more of them or do you think you should play by the rules? let us know in the comments below


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