One Minute Free Traffic Review

Welcome to my One Minute Free Traffic review. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and the process of getting quality traffic can be a slow one.

So anytime someone comes up with a product with this sort of name I’m always skeptical about it because in my world there is no such thing as one minute free traffic.

Matt and John Rhodes are brothers who claim to have found the secret to getting this type of traffic. I’ve seen many people make this claim and as yet have not come across one single person who can substantiate that claim.

Perhaps I’ve waited long enough and these guys are about to turn the whole business on its head (I very much doubt it, but you never know).

I haven’t come across these two before so this review should be something different from usual rubbish that people create, mind you I said that about the last review I done and look how that one turned out 🙂

NAME: One Minute Free Trafficone minute free traffic review

OWNERS: Matt and John Rhodes

PRICE: $12


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What Is One Minute Free Traffic About

Well I’m seriously hoping that it’s about getting free traffic in one minute, aren’t you? I mean, have you seen that sales page? Free traffic this, Free traffic that, all in one minute so it better bloody be about that.

One Minute Free Traffic sales page headline

Unfortunately this is another of those blind copy sales pages where they don’t actually tell you what you’re going to be getting, yet they want you to part with your cash.

All you have to go on is what that sales page says and boy does it say a lot, just not the most important bit. It tells you this free traffic source has been around over 10 years, that it attracts 300 million highly targeted monthly buyers, that it’s not a public company (not sure why you’d want to know that).

They even go as far as guaranteeing that it will work for you. You see apparently it doesn’t need any expertise or experience, there’s no technical setup, no SEO or best of all there is no ‘magic tricks‘ which I think there might need to be if they stand any chance of making good on these claims.

These free buyers are going to flood to my offer, regardless of what it is on complete autopilot and it going to happen ‘lighting fast

sales page hype

There are some pretty bold claims there and they are still saying this takes less than a minute to set up, under 60 seconds? I really can’t see that happening.

That’s not a lot of time to do anything let alone setup a Free traffic ‘Machine’

hidden traffic secret

Now I don’t see how they can know about a ‘HiddenTraffic Secret‘, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be just another run-of-the-mill method dressed up as a secret ………. that’s hidden lol.

It’s quite obvious they’re not going to tell you what this is about so I suppose it’s up to me to tell you.

Before I tell you I must insist on complete secrecy! Are you ready?

Quora, I’m not joking, it really is Quora. Come on stop laughing, I’m serious here.

On a serious note, Quora can be a good source for traffic, but it’s definitely not a secret and it’s not hidden so I just don’t why people put that sort of stuff on their sales pages when they know full well it’s not true.

I’ll be going through the training and I’ll be checking to see what other claims don’t actually come true.

Inside the Training

So, I think it’s about time we take a look at this training that to be honest if the sales page is anything to go buy then I’m expecting it to be out of this world.

Before you get into the members area you’re going to have to get past the upsells, now to be fair this hasn’t got as many as most, it’s only got 2 of them, but they are expensive so I would say leave them where they are for now and just concentrate on the main training.

They do say these won’t be available again and that they are a one time offer, don’t take any notice of that, I’ll give you the sales page URL when I go over the OTO’s in the next section.

Right into the members area.

one minute free traffic members area

Oh goody, we’re getting free secret software as well.

  • Video 1 – The OMFT Mindset – 2.35 – Here he goes over the 5 secrets including telling you that with certainty you’re going to have failures.
  • Video 2 – The OMFT System Explained – 1.57 – This is the big reveal to the ‘Secret’ …….. Questions, finding perfect questions to answer to get monstrous floods of traffic which you can use for any niche.
  • Video 3 – Where Does the OMFT Speed Come From? – 1.36 – He tries to explain the speed part of it by saying you’re working at ‘warp speed’ because you’re going to b writing or typing content?????
  • Video 4 – SECRET #1: Writing a Letter To A Friend – 3.35 – I have no idea what I just watched. He talked about answering this question: What’s your favorite holiday? and gave an answer about it being Christmas because after Christmas his family goes down to Walt Disney World….. What On earth is going on? What has that got to do with getting traffic?
  • Video 5 – SECRET #2: How To Write 150 Words Per Minute – 2.14 – Make use of speech to text software to increase your words per minute.
  • Video 6 – Why is this Traffic FREE? – 2.47 – He goes over what this platform is, but still isn’t telling you the name. Not sure of the point of this video.
  • Video 7 – What Is This Almost Magical Platform? – 3.19 – This is where he finally pulls back the curtain and lets you know it’s Quora. Now he admits here that you do need to put in time to make it work.
  • Video 8 – How To Signup For Your Own Quora Account – 2.20 – A run through of setting up your account.
  • Video 9 – SECRET #3: How To Maximize Your Quora Profile – 4.19Tips like connecting your social business accounts and go narrow when setting up your interests.
  • Video 10 – Following the Right Q Topics – 5.35 – Look for topics with high number of questions and followers.
  • Video 11 – What Questions To Answer For Maximum Traffic and Value? – 3.50 – Find recently asked questions that don’t need any research on your part.
  • Video 12 – SECRET #4: How To Create Real Value At Insanely Fast Speeds – 1.55 – You’ll be doing this by creating lists, ideally 10 items.
  • Video 13 – SECRET #5: The “Best Of” Top Secret – 4.03 – This is a section of Quora called The best of X
  • Video 14 – How To Sell On Quora (Without Really “Selling”) – 2.48 – Don’t sell to people, Help them with your answer!
  • Video 15 – What To Sell On Quora (Even If You Have No Product) – 3.33 – Bit of a misleading title because he doesn’t tell you anything.
  • Video 16 – SECRET #6: The Quick Affiliate System – 5.15 – Using Clickbank products to send people to after you have helped them with your answer to their question.
  • Video 17 – Quick Affiliate System Case Study Example – 3.59 – Not a case study, just promoting his own clickbank product.
  • Video 18 – 3x Fast Fortune Leverage System – 3.30 – Tells you to set up a Facebook Fan page/group on a topic and encourage people to actively talk. Once you build it up you can then monetize to the group using Clickbank products.
  • Video 19 – SECRET #8: 3x Fast Content Freedom – 3.26 – Recommends using images, use google news for quick ideas.
  • Video 20 – One Minute List Secret: The “Lazy Q Lander” – 4.18 – *Breaking news* write your blog post BEFORE sending people to it in your answer. That is priceless!
  • Video 21 – Finally – It’s “Q-Time!” – 4.25 – A summary
  • Video 22 – Your OMFT BREAKTHROUGH! – 6.11 – Lol, he starts off by saying congratulations because very few people have made it to this point and I can see why, if it wasn’t for this review I’d have given up long ago.

OMG, I am so glad that is over! That gave me a headache!

How can there be so many videos and so little information actually conveyed, I got very little from all that, if I’m honest I didn’t really get anything from it (apart from the headache of course).

The Oto’s

As promised I’ll go over the upsells now which do actually have the money back guarantee included with them which is most unusual, normally they forget about including that and if you want a refund you’ll only get back your front end purchase price under the guarantee.

  • OTO #1 – One Minute Buyer Clicks – $70.96 – This is a further 12 videos that I’m not going to go through because I think if I had to do that it would really push me over the edge. *NOTE* This has 2 downsells which takes the price down to $17.
  • OTO #2 – Resale Rights – $76.16 – This is just the resell rights so you can sell it and keep 100% commission. This doesn’t have any downsells.

The URL’s are: and To get the downsells simply click to decline offer at the bottom of the sales page.

Final Thoughts

I have absolutely no idea why they would call this One Minute Free Traffic because there could be nothing further from the truth.

I couldn’t find anywhere in the entire course that would constitute just one minute of work so I really don’t know what that relates to.

To get any real traffic you’re going to need to be answering a fair few questions, but according to this you have to stick to what you know well because you haven’t got time to do any research which is going to be a huge barrier for a lot of people.

He goes on about ‘Warp Speed’ as if he’s on the Starship Enterprise, well I think his dilithium crystals are gonna blow!

What an absolute waste of time, well it would have been if I had my hopes pinned on it like a lot of people will have, but I see it as time well spent if it saves you some time and money not having to go through all the rubbish.

Quora can be used quite effectively, but this isn’t the course to show you how unfortunately.

not approved

What Do You Do Now

Using platforms like Quora to promote your blog posts is just one way to make money from a website, I find it much more beneficial to concentrate on my website rather than spend my time finding and then answering questions that may or may not lead to the people being directed to my website.

Want to know how to do that?

I’ve just celebrated my 4 year anniversary at the #1 affiliate training platform on the internet today, not only do they teach you what you need to know to become successful at affiliate marketing, but they also teach how to build that all important website, which when you know how is a lot easier than you might think.

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