Hyper Traffic Breakthrough Review

Welcome to my Hyper Traffic Breakthrough review. Today we’re going to be looking at a product that has been released for a while now, since August 2018 actually.

I’ve had a few people ask me if I could do a review on it because the price is quite expensive when you compare it to other product that get released, normally you’d be looking at around $12, but this one costs $49.31 and they are wondering if the price is justified or not.

To be fair i was quite intrigued to find out myself if the product measured up to the price tag or if they are just trying to pull the wool over peoples eyes and just charge more for basically the same old rubbish that cost $12.

If my memory serves me right, I haven’t come across this guy before so it will be interesting to see how his products stand up to scrutiny.

NAME: Hyper Traffic Breakthroughhyper traffic breakthrough review

OWNER: Timothy Miranda

PRICE: $49.31

WEBSITE: http://cpacommissionfactory.com/hyper-traffic-breakthrough-s-p/

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What Is Hyper Traffic Breakthrough About

It claims to be different to all the other courses out there with many of them just being rehashed and I have to admit I totally agree with him there as I’ve come across a fair few of those myself and I’m sure you have to at some point.

He claims this isn’t just some theoretical BS, it’s something that he actually uses himself to generate 5 figures.

What I do have to point out before we get too deep is that he is a seasoned marketer with many years experience so don’t even think that you’d get those sorts of numbers straight off the bat.

hyper traffic breakthrough sales page headline

So, what we have is using $5 ads on Facebook to send traffic to CPA offers or eCom via a bot. Now I know absolutely zero about using Facebook let alone bots to make money, but I have come across a few courses that do the same sort of thing promoting affiliate offers.

Now, the sales page says that this method is only going to take an hour a day to implement, again at this point I don’t know if people who are totally new to this are going to be able to do that.

I see that type of statement A LOT, but always fail to see the product live up to that hype.

sales page hype

What a totally irresponsible thing to say!, I’m sorry, but if you are lazy you’re not going to make any money online, simple as that.

You need to put the work in, no-one ever got anywhere in this business being lazy, any business for that matter, and if you think that you can then you are in for a rude awakening my friend.

One thing I noticed on the sales page was this:

sales page

Now, when I saw that I decided to do a bit of digging to see what that was. As it turns out Hyperspeed Commissions was an old product of his released in March 2017 very similar to this one.

Let’s hope he isn’t being a hypocrite and that all his talk on other products just being rehashed isn’t going to come back and bite him.

Inside The Training

For close to $50 I’m expecting quite a lot from this with some in depth training that is going to cover all the angles and as the sales page says something that is going to show EVERY step.

Once you get past the upsells which I’ll go through next, you’ll get into the members area:

hyper traffic breakthrough members areaAs you can see you 6 tabs, one an overview, one a bonus page and the remaining four containing the actual training

  • Overview – 0.51 – This is a VERY quick overview, no I wouldn’t even call it an overview, not really. It just show a Word document with the four stages written on it.
  • Choosing Niche/Offer – 4.58 – When choosing certain niches he says to make sure you have adequate disclaimers, but doesn’t actually tell you what to put in those disclaimers or even where to find out how to write your own, remember this is meant to be for people with NO EXPERIENCE
  • Creating your Ad – 2.30 + 4.23 – These 2 videos go over making your Ad image and setting it up and running it. For the image you basically take the image from the website you’re using for the products you’re promoting which is Gearbubble, add some text to it and you have your image. Setting up the Ad was very confusing, there was no direction on what or how you should be setting up on Facebook.
  • Setting up your bot – 2.28 – Another really quick video this time showing how to set up the Manychat Bot, but again he really skims over the whole process.
  • Analyzing & Optimizing Data – 4.18 + 4.08 – These 2 videos go over how to read how the campaigns are doing and what to do with winning campaigns.

And that was Hyper traffic Breakthrough or should I say Hyperspeed Commissions? In those last 2 videos he actually says “hyperspeed Commissions campaigns”.

I did a quick Google to find a video review of his old course and even the headline off the sales page is virtually the same, the only difference seems to be that course used video ads on Facebook, but everything else seems to have been REHASHED

Regardless of that for a second, this course is absolute rubbish in my opinion and definitely not worth the money being charged.

The Oto’s

Now one of the upsells is “Pro Training” which is probably why the main products training is so poor, you’re going to be left wondering what the hell just happened.

This has 3 upsells which if the quality of what I’ve just seen is anything to go by then I’d give them a very wide berth If I were you.

  • OTO #1 – $79.28 – 3 Done For You Campaigns – You get access to 3 campaigns which I thought were actually a joke, very, very basic.
  • OTO #2 – $27.41 – Hyper Traffic Pro – This was one of his upsells from his old course as well. It has 3 videos that cover Lookalike Audiences, Scaling up and Re targeting.
  • OTO #3 – $197 – 6 Week Bootcamp – This is what it says really, a 6 week bootcamp, only trouble is some of it just repeats what you’ve already seen.

What Did I like

  • Guarantee (only 14 days though)
  • Not a lot else if I’m honest

What Was Wrong with it

  • Nowhere near as easy as it’s made out to be
  • All pretty disjointed and very basic with no real training
  • Videos are quite poorly put together, the sound was horrendous, very hard to hear, not sure where he was recording, but the road noise made it very difficult to understand
  • Mentions Facebook pixels, but fails to elaborate on them

Final Thoughts

What a disappointment! How he can honestly charge that amount of money for such a rubbish product is beyond a joke. He goes on about how all the rest are just rehashing old products and yet that’s basically what he’s done here.

You’re going to be left with so many questions with no-one to give you the answers. It’s a real shame, he had the opportunity to do something everyone else isn’t doing, yet failed miserably and just followed the crowd.

Another point is Facebook TOS which I believe have been updated and are quite a lot stricter now and as a result you could fall foul and have your accounts, both Facebook and Manychat, shutdown.

His training on niche selection is quite possibly the worst I’ve come across and as I already touched on he tells you to have disclaimers for certain niches like MMO and Fitness, but totally fails to tell you where to either get them done for you or even what to write so you can do them yourself.

If he does this day in day out like he says then surely he can give you an outline as to what to put in a disclaimer.

I wouldn’t know what to put in one, I could probably find out fairly easily, but do you think someone with no experience would even know where to start looking and if they did find some would they feel confident enough that it covered them sufficiently?

This should be one of those products that are priced around the $7 mark, definitely no where near what they are trying to sell this for, that’s for sure.

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What Now

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