Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review – More Automated Rubbish?

Welcome to my Tripwire Buyer Traffic Review, wow, that was a bit of a mouthful wasn’t it. This review is going to tell you exactly what this is all about, if it can be trusted, what level of support there is, stuff that you really should know before you make the decision to buy a product.

The sales page is all very good, but it is a sales page, it’s not “I’ll tell you the ugly truth” page. Luckily though you’ve landed on this review, which unlike the other reviews that I’m sure you’ll see, will tell you as it is, I won’t sugar coat it.

Some product vendors don’t like me very much for pointing out the truth, but I think you deserve to know.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet, but have you realized the other reviewers seem more concerned with trying to bribe you to buy a certain product?

Take another look for yourself and you’ll see they all seem to be putting the emphasis on how many bonuses they can throw at you with little regard to if the product which you want a review on is any good or not.

They generally just repeat what the sales page says and as we’ve already established, a sales page is a sales page.

Well that’s not what you’re going to get here.

NAME: Tripwire Buyer Traffictripwire buyer traffic review

OWNER: Aiden Corkery

PRICE: $14.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is tripwire buyer traffic about

First off, I thought this had already been released last year which is why you’ll see some reviews from December 2018. What I think happened was this was on the list to be released, but for some reason it was pulled.

Now that could be because of an update to Facebook policy on messenger bots and Aiden just wanted to make sure he was on the right side of any new policy.

That would also account for the videos’ being from October 2018, I don’t think that this is just rehashed product, it’s just there was a problem just before it was meant to be released last year.

Right, let’s move on. This product is specifically about growing a buyer friends list on Facebook by joining Facebook groups of past products that you have bought and getting them on to a Bot list .


Once you have that you then you use that list to market to and make money.

I’ve just gone through the overview video and if I’ve heard and understood him right, I see a slight problem to begin with,

the problem, and it’s one that doesn’t get mentioned on the sales page, is that to follow along with this training you’re going to need two extra products.

Now that wouldn’t be a problem if they were free, but they are not free, in fact one of them, Destiny, costs $47 and the other one, Instant Buyer Traffic, which I reviewed here, costs $14.98. Of course, he has a link to both of them under the video.

the sales page

Whenever I review a product I like to take a look at the sales page to see what kind of claims are being made and more importantly if those claims are realistic and make it into the product.

tripwire buyer traffic sales page headline

A lot of the time there can be things said on the sales page that makes you think, WOW I’d like to buy this because of that single statement only to find that you never hear of it again once you’ve bought the product and are inside the actual training.

I’m very confused at the moment with this sales page, I can’t make heads or tails out of this bit

sales page nonsense

I’ve read that so many times and still don’t know what the hell it’s supposed to mean. Do you know what is supposed to mean? If you do please tell me.

He then goes on to liken this method to riding a bike or taking a train, very strange.

Then as you go down the sales page you’re not even sure what product he’s talking about anymore

tripwire buyer traffic or instant buyer traffic

Is this about Tripwire Buyer Traffic or Instant Buyer Traffic??

stop buying courses that don't deliverNearly every product I review will have somewhere on the sales page that statement, but you know the funny thing, the very people who are saying that have released numerous courses before, including Aiden Corkery.

Before I leave the sales page I just want to show you this

question about the product

So someone is meant to be asking a question, right. What is Tripwire Buyer Traffic? Look at his answer, he says YES! what on earth is going on with that!

I can only hope the rest of the course isn’t as confusing as this.

Inside the training

let’s take a look at the actual training that you are going to get if you decide to buy this. If you do buy this then be prepared to navigate your way through 4 upsells before you actually make it to your purchase.

Now, whenever there are upsells I always tell people to keep their credit card firmly in their pocket, at least for the time being. I really wouldn’t take any notice of warning’s like this:

oto warning

The main problem I have is that if you buy these upsells before you’ve even tried the front end product and you find out that it just isn’t what you thought it was or you just can’t get it to work and you quite rightly want a refund under their 30 day money back guarantee, the only money you’ll get back is for the main product, not the upsells.

This wasn’t something I was aware of until recently when a reader of this blog told me about how much money they lost simply by getting the upsells straight after buying the front end. You can read what they had to say in the comments here.

OK, so you’ve managed to get past all 4 of the upsells unscathed and made it safely to the members area, here you’ll find 4 modules, each split up into a different number of sections.

tripwire buyer traffic members area

  • WELCOME – 1.31
  • MODULE 1

In this module he goes about showing you how to find buyer friends and set up Many Chat, but more importantly, and he says it himself that it’s probably the most important part of the module, he tells you the risks of having your account shutdown and admits he has had his accounts deactivated as a result of following this method. Hmmmm…..

  • MODULE 2

This module shows you the method and structure of the Tripwire pages and how to create coupons

  • MODULE 3

In this module he talks about picking an affiliate offer to promote along with building a Tripwire page for the offer

  • MODULE 4

Creating bonuses for your promotions

And that is Tripwire Buyer Traffic. There are a few issues that I think you need to be aware of that I’ll go over after letting you know what OTO’s to expect.

  • OTO #1 – $37 – Done For You Bundle – This includes a Facebook Rolodex, High engagement posts, Looping videos’, Memes and Gifs
  • OTO #2 – $47 – Buyer Traffic Frenzy – You get access to a 6 part videos’ series
  • OTO #3 – $17 – Buyer Traffic Extractor Case Studies – A collection of cases studies
  • OTO #4 – $67 – Reseller License – Gives you 100% of the commissions on the funnel

Now, I may be wrong, but I think the first 3 upsells are from Instant Buyer Traffic, so if you bought those upsells you won’t need these.

Another point I’d like to make is the sales page makes quite a big deal as to how easy it is to get buyer traffic with this method, but if you look at this description for OTO #3 you’ll see this isn’t the case.

oto 3 realitySo I wouldn’t take too much notice of the sales page because even the vendor can’t make up his mind whether it’s easy or not Lol.

some problems

After going through the videos’ I can’t help but get the impression that Aiden himself isn’t so sure about this method. He says quite frequently that the method does work at the moment, but can stop at any time.

Now why would he say that?

Because he even admits that he has had his own accounts shut down and deactivated using this method and that’s because creating multiple FB accounts for one is against their TOS.

The section on affiliate offers isn’t something that I would do if I could help it, but he recommends if you cannot get review access, which he says you probably won’t get anyway as someone who is new, you will be able to find all the information you will need on the JV page.

Now I disagree with that. While you will get a lot of information on the JV page, it will be biased. Let’s be honest a vendor isn’t going to tell you how rubbish his or her product is are they.

So you’re going to be promoting a product by just copying a sales page and that product could be absolute crap and do you think your “buyer traffic” will thank you for recommending that to them?

Perhaps that is why we are seeing so many “reviews” that are just a repeat of the sales page recently.

final thoughts

I saw a review of this where it said you don’t see products like this too often and I have to agree, thankfully, because why would you put a product together and then tell people that there’s a good chance you’ll get your account shutdown?

It doesn’t make sense. I’ve only seen this sort thing once before and that was using Instagram instead of Facebook, but you risked having your account shutdown with that one too.

I have no doubt that Aiden has some success with this method, but he does say that he has accounts shutdown and you have to remember that he has been doing this a long time.

It wasn’t so long ago that Aiden was telling people that Meme-o-matic was the product to have and I’m sure that he will have another product in the not too distant future.facebook terms of service

I seriously can’t approve this to you guys, if I did, I’d be no better than the type of vendor that uses methods that don’t even comply with the platform he’s using.

not approved

what now

Bots? Automation? Questionable methods? You really don’t need those to make money online. Why would you put all that work into something that could get taken away in the blink of an eye?

What you need to do is build your own website. Owning your own website is like having your very own piece of real estate, but it needs to be built on solid foundations otherwise it will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

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