Is Instant Buyer Traffic a Scam? Or Is It Worth The Money

I’ve had a number of encounters with Aiden Corkery products, but usually he teams up with Art Flair and their releases are extremely hit-and-miss. Will going it alone make his products any better or is Instant Buyer Traffic just another scam? This review will let you know.

NAME: Instant Buyer Trafficis instant buyer traffic a scam

OWNER: Aiden Corkery

PRICE: $14.95


#1 recommendation

what is instant buyer traffic about

From the information you get from the sales page you can expect to this to be what nearly all his other products are about and that is buyer traffic. He’s used memes before as the next big thing for generating buyer traffic so it’ll be interesting if nothing else to find out what he has up his sleeve for this one.

Before i dive head first into the training I’m going to go over the sales page to see if I or you would know what this is about without coughing up the $14.95 first.

instant traffic buyer sales page headlineI see headlines like this day in day out and this they very rarely if ever hold any water. Let’s take a quick look at this.

  • You’re going to be able to generate free buyer traffic even if you can’t turn on a computer – I’d like to see this one.
  • High school teacher MADE, not MAKES, so does that mean this doesn’t work anymore?
  • Less than 25 minutes a day – Again they all claim something similar, but in reality it takes A LOT longer

So we can see this method has nothing whatsoever to do with the internet, not unless this is all about how to turn on a computer LOL.

I actually found the opening sentences of his sales video extremely ironic. “tired of spending time and money on traffic that almost never converts” well that’s what most of his other products are about and he always claims that they will work like gangbusters.

He always claims he’s discovered a never before seen method for getting all the traffic he wants for free and he’s doing again with this one!

The rest of the sales page makes claims of how easy this is to set up and within 1 hour you can set it all up even if you’re a newbie.

What I hate on these types of sales pages is statements like this

sales page hypeIn the very first video he tells you how important it is you get branding for your business and to go get a logo made from Fiverr! Unless I’m very much mistaken people on Fiverr are going to charge you MONEY to make you a logo aren’t they?

Now that’s just a small example simply because I’ve only just gone through the first video, if any other examples of you not having to invest a single penny comes up I’ll bring it to your attention.

OK, so I’ve just want to bring this final snippet to your attention before the big reveal. On the sales page he states that

set up time

So when you read that you’re expecting to have EVERYTHING set up in less than an hour right.

This is taken from the 2nd video

actual set up timeand you have to do that a good number of times in order to get to the 1000 people he says you need, so I think it’s fair to say that in the limited amount I’ve shown you the sales page is at best taken with a generous pinch of salt.

OK so we’ve been through the sales page and know it’s about getting buyer traffic, but where is this buyer traffic going to come from?

Where virtually all his other traffic comes from …. Facebook. Yes you read that right, this is all his old stuff, products he’s released before, there is nothing new or anything that hasn’t been seen before like the sales page says.

So if you have any of his previous releases like FB Traffic Enigma which was released in 2016 by the way, you certainly won’t need this one, especially at $14.95.

what i liked

After going through the training i’m in a position to let you know what i liked and what i didn’t like about this course.

  1. The training is pretty indepth
  2. Steps are laid out in an organized way
  3. The idea is solid

what i didn’t like

  1. A lot of the training is from his old stuff, some in 2016 and you’re not told that, in fact you’re told it’s never been seen before.
  2. This all hinges on getting approved to promote affiliate products and as a newbie getting approved is extremely difficult and it’s getting harder by the day
  3. Having to make videos, some people aren’t comfortable on camera
  4. It’s definitely NOT instant
  5. NOT newbie friendly

what you can expect in the training

Instant Traffic buyer is a 6 module course with each module containing a certain amount of videos outlining what it is you need to do:


  1. Method Overview
  2. Getting StarteOption: Choosing a FB profile option
  3. Option 1: Using your personal FB profile
  4. option 2: New FB profile

instant buyer traffic training dashboard



  1. Rules & guidelines
  2. Adding buyer friends pt1
  3. Adiing buyer friends FB policy update


  1. Reaching the 1000 buyer friend mark
  2. Live demo of reaching 1000 buyer friends

reaching 1000 buyer friends


  1. Steps on how to make money with buyer traffic (affiliate offers)
  2. picking an affiliate offer & getting approved
  3. Reviewing a product
  4. Example of affiliate review
  5. Affiliate case study pt 1
  6. Affiliate case study pt 2
  7. Affiliate case study pt 3
  8. Affiliate case study pt 4
  9. Affiliate case study pt 5
  10. Affiliate case study pt 6


  1. Making money with your own offers from buyer traffic
  2. building hype for your product
  3. Tagging buyer friends
  4. Personal videos to buyer friends
  5. $210 24hr result with free buyer traffic (promoting my own offer)
  6. Final results

personal video buyer friends


  1. Overview: Building a buyers email list for free
  2. Building a free buyers email list (high value gift pt 1)
  3. Building a free buyers email list (high value gift pt 2)
  4. Building a free buyers email list (webinar offer) case study

And that is basically it, it is full of all his old stuff like I’ve already said, so if you do have even some of his previous products relating to Facebook you really won’t find anything new inside this one.


Before you can get to your purchase you’re going to need to navigate your way through the minefield of upsells, the first 2 have downsell so if you are thinking of buying them just know that if you click “no thanks” you’ll get the first 2 at a discounted price.

  • OTO #1 DFY Buyer Traffic Campaigns $37 with a downsell to $27

This contains complete done for you campaigns plus access to a buyer Rolodex

  • OTO #2 Case studies $27 with a downsell to $17

This is case studies of IBT in action

  • OTO #3 Buyer Traffic Frenzy $67 NO downsell

How to find elite buyer to scale the method

  • OTO #4 License rights $97 NO downsell

This is where you can sell this product and keep 100% profits

final thoughts

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of Aidens previous products then I’m sure you’ll get something out of this I’m just not sure if it’s $14.95 worth of something.

You see if you simply buy any one of his previous products at the price he normally sells at like $9 then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you’d be getting here.

The sales page is extremely misleading, almost bordering on lies. you’re not going to get this set up as fast as they claim and I highly doubt that even if you follow the training to a T you’re not going to get instant buyer traffic. People have to trust you first and that takes time to grow.

Once they do trust you then yes perhaps they will buy your recommendations, but this isn’t going to be a quick process, sorry to burst your bubble, but it’s the truth.

I could sit here and tell you how great this is like all the rest of the reviews and throw a bundle of bonuses at you hoping you’d click my link to buy it, but I can’t do that and I won’t do that.

What I will do is tell you this isn’t a scam and because it does contain good information I will be approving it ….Just


so what do you do next

If Facebook marketing is your thing go ahead and buy Instant Buyer Traffic, if you’d like to learn not only Facebook marketing, but a whole host of other avenues in which to pursue your affiliate marketing career down then check out my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.

I can tell you now it’s #1 for a good reason, a whole host of them actually.

If you don’t feel the need to read a thorough review of them by yours truly then click the banner below and sign up for free and get your first 10 lessons for free, stay for free for as long as you like.

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How do you feel about just bundling together old products to make a new one? Especially if you have his old products.
Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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