Is Launchify A Scam? Or Make $1600+ in 5 days!

Whenever there is a claim that says you can make a load of money in very little time it always peaks my interest, probably not for the reason you think, but to find out if them claims are true and if not to expose them for what they are. In todays review we are going to see if Launchify is a scam product or a legitimate way to make money online.

NAME: Launchifyis launchify a scam

OWNERS: Matt MacKinnon, Piyush Harne

& Juwon Million

PRICE: $13


#1 recommendation

what is launchify about

After going over the sales video and page all I know is it has something to do with product launches and that the system these guys are using is picking up all the money that is being left on the table from these launches.

launchify sales pageThe 3 steps to riches are:

  • Step 1 – watch the training
  • Step 2 – choose your product launch
  • Step 3 – Watch your bank account grow

At this stage I’m not sure if these guys are serious or just having a laugh, I mean obviously at this stage you don’t know what’s inside the training, but stay tuned because I’ll be going over exactly what it is you’re going to be getting that’s going to let you collect commission while you sleep.

OK so I’ve taken a look at the introduction video and one thing that I found a bit of a strange thing to say was launch jacking was virtually unheard-of, I’m not sure if this guy has just come back from Mars or somewhere, but launch jacking is one of the most popular ways to make money online.

It turns out this particular product is all about promoting high ticket items that generate a $300 – $500 commission on each sale.

How you promote these products will be through your own website specific to that product, doesn’t mention that on the sales page does it. Now this means to me that you’re going to have to buy traffic to send to your new website because organic search traffic takes time to grow.

This actually reminds me of an old product called Google Sniper which I cut my teeth on. That was all about building small “sniper” sites that targeted a single product, normally from Clickbank

It wasn’t a great product, it simply exposed loopholes that Google has long closed down, but back then I was a total newbie and believed all the hype fed to me.

So in a nutshell this course requires you to:

  • select your high ticket product
  • buy a domain and build a website around that product
  • add bonuses
  • pay for your ads to get traffic

Sounds simple doesn’t it. In my experience what sounds simple rarely turns out to be easy, two very different words.

what i liked

  • the videos are clear to see and hear
  • 30 day money back guarantee

what i didn’t like

  • made to sound incredibly easy
  • video on building a website doesn’t cover all the necessary elements
  • some videos do feel rushed
  • the need for paid traffic
  • the feel of everything just being glossed over
  • just reminds me of sniper sites

inside the training

OK time to take a look at what the training is in a bit more detail. You get access to 12 video modules that are:

  1. Welcome to Launchify – 4.49
  2. Product Launching Resources – 11.13
  3. How To Select The right Product – 11.49
  4. Domain & Hosting – 10.36
  5. Building Your Website – 31.18
  6. Building Your Website 2 – 18.19
  7. Adding Bonuses part 1 & 2 – 15.00 – 10.35
  8. Bing Ads – 22.18
  9. Google Adwords – 15.24
  10. Facebook Ads – 47.39
  11. Scenarios – 2.34
  12. Final Thoughts – 4.38

launchify training dashboard

You can basically disregard the 1st, 11th and 12th videos because they’re not training, the last one is actually just a sales pitch to get you to buy the oto’s. Yes this does come with the dreaded upsells.

the oto’s

The upsells as I’m sure you know by now are supposed to increase your chances of making money, I look at them a bit differently and see them as a way of the vendor making more money, not you. But that might just be me 🙂

  • OTO #1 $47 with a downsell to $27

This is for 4 templates that you can use on you websites, the downsell means that if you click “No thanks” at the bottom of the sales page you’re going to get it for $27.

  • OTO #2 $47 again with a downsell to $27

This shows you in a 10 video module how to set up a retargeting campaign

  • OTO #3 $47 with a downsell to $27

This is the resell rights to Launchify which means if you want to you can give it away for free in any of your campaigns as a bonus 

final thoughts

Although Launchify isn’t a scam I think the sales page is extremely over optimistic if they believe what they are saying, as a new marketer you’re never going to make the sort of money they claim that they do, it simply won’t happen.

The idea of going for the high ticket items is a good one, but the problem is they’re trying to make you think it’s going to be oh so easy to make sales and earn that commission.

Going after the big paydays’ means you’re going to be competing with the big boys who have years of experience on you and know how to play the game.

As far the training goes I really feel as though there isn’t enough for what they want you to do, you’re going to be left with a lot more questions than they have answers to, but if you have the experience you really don’t need this either because there is nothing new here, it’s all old stuff just repackaged.

not approved

what now

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