What Is Google Sniper About

In this post we are going to ask the question what is Google Sniper about and more importantly  if you can make money with it.


NAME: Google Sniper 3.0google-sniper review

OWNER:  George Montagu Brown

PRICE: $47 plus upsells

SUPPORT: Via support ticket

OVERALL RANKING : 1.5/ 5  stars

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what is google sniper about

Google Sniper believe it or not was what got me into affiliate marketing in the first place (more on that later), back then it was just called Google Sniper since then it’s been updated 2 times.

But not a lot has changed from the original.

So what is Google Sniper about? well its pretty simple really. It’s about building small niche sites that rank high in google.

These sites were never meant to earn more than around $500 a month max. The idea was you would build a few sites each ranking high in the search engines and pulling in up to 3 figures a month.

And for a while it worked because there was a flaw in googles algorithm, a loophole if you like and George managed to manipulate that in his favor.

But that was then and this is now and while i think that some of the ideas are good there are others that just don’t work anymore.[divider]

sniper cash machine

cash machine module

Before you get started on the main course you are encouraged to make your way to the cash machine. Here you are encouraged to email (spam) friends and family.

And update you Facebook status.Facebook statusjust don’t let your boss see this!!!

training modules

you then move on to a series of 4 strategies for making ‘quick money’ using:

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • youtube
  • guest posting

Now you could run into trouble with Facebook and other social media and have your account banned for spamming which has been known to happen.

You get over $100 each time you use the cash machine method to refer someone to google sniper then when you make 5 sales or more you get upgraded to The sniper partner club.


the course itself

master course banner

The main ‘master manual’ consists of a 108 page pdf  with 7 core videos for you to follow as you progress through the course such as:master manual training module

  • market selection
  • keyword selection
  • website hosting / installing wordpress
  • pre-selling
  • cloaking links
  • adding posts
  • social media


bulletproof module

bulletproof module banner

The Bulletproof manual is a 60 page pdf which in my opinion is probably the best part of an outdated course.

The training in here focuses on building an authority site rather than the small sniper sites which just don’t work anymore.

And adding value to the reader :)[divider]

empire module

empire module banner

This ‘bonus’ module is all about outsourcing which means paying people to do stuff for you because if you are going to build bigger and better sites you are gonna need some help doing so.

And this is true even today.

This includes

  • an intro video into what outsourcing is
  • a 5 part series on how to do this
  • and an ‘ideas for future development’ video. google sniper quote[divider]

 sniper x

One of the big complaints about google sniper was the sneaky sales page which had a recurring $47 fee for sniper X without actually saying so. This has since been changed to now make it much clearer.george brown sales video

sniper x

Sniper X is the $47 a month area ( remember the on/off button) for ‘advanced training’ including:sniper x training

  • internal sniper x linking
  • external sniper x linking
  • local biz sniper x
  • sniper case study
  • sniper x aged domains
  • sniper x buy sell ads
  • supercache sniper x

and so on…. i have 15 in total, but i think there’s about 30 of them.



rolodex banner
The Rolodex contains the resources you can use:
  • hosting
  • affiliate networks
  • tools
  • outsourcing companies

These are there to help you build your sites more easily and can help if you’re completely new to this sort of thing.[divider]


support banner
The support system at google sniper is via support ticket and FAQ, which is by far not the worst i’ve seen, but they do take a very long time to answer a support ticket in my experience.[divider]
Remember at the beginning of this post i said Google sniper was what got me into affiliate marketing in the first place?
Back then i knew absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, i was a total newbie and what George Brown seemed to be offering sounded like it was the chance to change my life for the better…….it didn’t unfortunately.
I personally couldn’t get it to work and the support i received wasn’t anything that would help me forward.
But i did learn from the mistakes i made and it did give me a taste of the money making online potential if done right.

final thoughts

Although my experience with Google sniper wasn’t as life changing as i had hoped it would be, it did used to be a way of making money online although somewhat unethical in some of the practices.

But the majority of those practices are now out of date and no longer work anyway thanks to the ever changing Google algorithm which strives for a better user experience.

I think i have answered the question what is google sniper about but if you have any further  questions or any experience with google sniper then please get in touch, i’d love to hear from you.

google sniper not approved


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  1. Thanks for giving such a detailed review of Google sniper, I’ve been thinking of getting this myself but after reading this i might have second thoughts. I like the fact you actually tried this course yourself. Could you tell me if you made any money with Google sniper? It’s just I’m very new to this.

    • Hi Claire, great to hear from you, Google sniper seems to be one of those you either love or hate, me personally, i used to think this was what was gonna help me leave my job and make tons of money online, i made absolutely zero money with it, i actually lost money 🙁 but that could have been down to how new i was at the whole affiliate marketing thing. Google sniper uses outdated method that Google and other search engines now penalize so i don’t recommend you use it…if you want up to date training and what finally got me earning online then check out my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate. I wish you every success in any direction you take.


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