How to create a website for free

Welcome, welcome and a happy new year to you all. Today i’m gonna show you how to create a website for free and how easy it is to have a fully functioning website up and running in no time at all…..[divider]

how to create a website for free


​Regardless of your reasons for wanting to learn how to create a website for free, be it for fun or for starting an online business, building one has never been easier.

Gone are the days of having to know how to ‘code’ to be able to build a website.

The mere mention of the words ‘build your own website’ would fill people with dread myself included.

Not anymore.

There are numerous options available to the newcomer nowadays, as a simple google search will show, each have their own ups and downs. Now i’m not going to get into each and every one here today because i simply haven’t tried them all.

I did use ipage at the very beginning, but that didn’t end well and i ended up losing a whole website 🙁  i was very much a newbie back then, but hey everyone has to start somewhere right?[divider]

Okey dokey, on we go.

First thing to ask yourself is ‘what do you want a website for?’ If it’s to make money then chances are you’re gonna need help doing so. Building the website is the easy bit as i’m going to show you.

The more difficult part is the actual making money side of it, which i can help you with as well. Most of the free website builders out there don’t provide you with anything other than the website.

They don’t tell you what you should do with your website once you’ve built it.question

When i built my first website it took me an absolute age to figure out only a fraction of what i know now that i actually needed to know to get decent rankings in the search engines.

All i did was add some photos, write some posts, but i didn’t know about keywords, alt tags, meta descriptions, subheading tags or how increase the chances of making some money using affiliate links.

Now a website is all well and good, but if it’s just going to sit there on page 100 of the search engines along with all the thousands of other sites then whats the point?

But what if there was free training on how to turn your free website into one that earned you money?

Now what if i told you i can show you how to create a website for free in less than 30 seconds!!

Sounds incredible right. Well just watch and see for yourself!!

how to create a website for free

Told you it was easy right? Just 4 little steps to having your own website.happy face

How exciting is that, having your own website live on the internet.

What you’re gonna wanna do now is choose a domain name. This is what you’re website will be known as on the internet.

You might have an idea for a name already, why don’t you type it in to the box below to see if it’s available….

Is it there? don’t worry if it’s not there plenty of names out there that are available, you could choose a name that relates to the niche you’re going to be involved in or you have the option of choosing a name that you can build into a brand.

One bit of advice i would give is try not to make the mistake i made by trying to muddle through thinking you can do it all by yourself, Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice, make use of the resources available to you.[divider]

what now?

You now have a choice to make… do you want a website you can be proud of and can be a source of income for you or a website that doesn’t really live up to it’s potential?

It’s entirely up to you.[divider]

wealthy affiliate[divider]How have you got on with creating a free website yourself? Did you run into any problems?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments section

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