What is Chris Farrell Membership about

Chris Farrell has been around for some time in the internet marketing world starting in 2008. His membership site is going to the centre of attention today, but what is Chris Farrell membership about?[divider]

NAME: Chris Farrell MembershipWhat is Chris Farrell Membership about

OWNER:  Chris Farrell

PRICE: $4.95 first week, $37 per month afterwards

WEBSITE: chrisfarrellmembership.com

OVERALL RANKING : 4 / 5  stars

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The man behind the title

Let’s start with a bit of background on Chris Farrell himself.

Before getting involved in internet marketing Chris worked in radio hosting a morning show on Heart FM, while there he created a retro disco show known as DR GLITZ which would continue to run at locations in London for 6 years in front of crowds in excess of 2000 people.

  • He claims to knows the entire scripts for the Back to the future trilogy which is no mean feat in itself.
  • He grew up in London before moving to America in 2006.
  • In the early days Chris kept a blog detailing his journey online:


If you’ve got a bit of spare time go take a look.

It’s a very interesting read.[divider]

What is Chris Farrell Membership about

It’s mostly about helping people who are totally new to internet marketing to get the skills needed to start online, but also if your online already but struggling to make it work.

The membership consists of different sectionschris farrell membership

  • Home/Money making labs
  • Getting started
  • 10 minutes to success
  • Specific skills
  • I love traffic
  • Goodies
  • Your account

Each section contains different aspects of how to get started and grow your business which Chris does a very good job of explaining how to do, so that the person who is completely new can understand very easily.

Now with that comes it own downfalls where the person who has a bit more experience could find themselves getting a bit bored and start to skip through the videos.

At the end of the day this is primarily targeted towards the newbie so in that respect 10/10[divider]

10 minutes to success

After going through the Getting started section, which only takes about 30 minutes and get you up to speed on what to expect, you are going to move on to ’10 minutes to success’ which includes 31 videos.10 minutes to success

They start off with ‘Day 1 Your online road map’ and include subjects like ‘finding a profitable niche’ and ‘how to install WordPress etc, etc’ finally finishing off with video 31 which is ‘Congratulations and what to do next’.

What i liked about this section is the way he goes about laying out the process step by step so you can understand exactly the way everything works in excellent quality video.[divider]

specific skills

This section concentrates on different skills needed to achieve specific actions.specific skills

i particularly liked the part on how to create your own e-book, but even if you just want to know how to understand Facebook, it’s here where you’ll find it.


i love traffic

The ‘I love traffic’ section is all about getting traffic to your site, without traffic your site won’t make you any money.

i love traffic

The section has 15 videos covering topic such as Facebook comments, Facebook ads including creating the ad and where to place it.

I have to say i’m a little dissapointed in this section mainly due to the lack of any content creation as a way of getting traffic.

because not only does content creation get you traffic, if done correctly, it also helps the visitor which in my view is more important.[divider]


This is divided into 5 sections

  • done for you (websites)
  • tools and resources
  • webinar recordings
  • Chris’s online jornal (linked to above)
  • thought of the day

The done for you websites include a choice of 6 to choose from and each come with there own graphics, free gifts and 5 email messages all ready for you to just up load to your host.done for you websitesThe webinar recording are there for you should you miss out on the live training which Chris hosts on key topics which i really liked.



the forum

One last thing i need to mention before we wrap things up for today is the Chris Farrell membership forum. chris farrell membership forum

Here you get the opportunity to introduce yourself to the community and discuss any issues or ideas you may have.

It’s also the place for any technical support you may need which from my experience is very important.[divider]

final thoughts

So there you have it, my take on what is Chris Farrell membership about. I must say this is definitely one of the better ones out there, i especially like the way he doesn’t over hype expectations.

This would be a great starting point for anyone looking to enter the online world. However anyone with more experience will probably find they need to move on to something a bit more intermediate quite quickly.

what is chris farrell membership aboutWhat’s your experience with Chris Farrell membership? Feel free to leave a comment below.[divider]wealthy affiliate[divider]

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