Increaserr Review – By Someone Who Has Gone Through It

Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal are what i would call serial product releasers, they release a new product with alarming frequency, but more alarmingly claim that every one of them is the one that is going to make you a small fortune with the smallest amount of work. This Increaserr review will uncover if this latest offering from the duo is anything different or if you should keep your money firmly in your pocket.

NAME: IncreaserrIncreaserr review

OWNERS: Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal

PRICE: $10


#1 recommendation

what is increaserr about

Increaserr is billed as a product that’s going to allow people to finally make an income online, that’s all well and good, but what about all the dozens of other products that these two have launched all claiming the exact same thing?

Did they not work like they advertised? Were they just talking rubbish?

Well on some of them yes they were, the products were complete and utter rubbish and not worth the time or effort of putting together the sales page.

In fact, it probably took longer to put the sales page together than it did the actual product.

But i digress this is about Increaserr and like most sales pages for these types of product you’re not given a whole lot to go on.

A few screen shots of how much money this system is making, testimonials from his friends, I mean customers and claims of how easy it is even for a newbie to be able to quit his job and live the laptop lifestyle.

But nothing on what the system is. It’s like you walking into a shop and the salesperson tries to sell you this fantastic opportunity to make your fortune, but rather than tell you what’s involved he keeps it hidden behind a velvet curtain (i dunno where that came from) but he still expects you to dig in to your pockets and buy this great opportunity.

How many of you are going to do that? I’m pretty sure that you’d turn around and walk out of that shop thinking to yourself what kind of idiot does he think I am?

Well that’s what they want you to do here, but the good thing for you is I’m going to tell you what’s behind the velvet curtain, metaphorically speaking of course.

increaserr blueprintAn absolute gem from the “selecting the perfect offer” video has Pallab Ghosal telling you that the most important thing which anybody needs to make money online is to have a product that you can promote to their audience ……… WOW I didn’t know that LOL.

I look forward to going through the entire training to see what other pearls of wisdom he has in store. Anyway back to what this is.

As you can see from the image above you

  • select the offer
  • build leads hook
  • email list which promote other offers to
  • high converting traffic to your leads
  • RT1
  • RT2 both to your leads

The RT stands for Retargeted Traffic, this re targeted traffic is going to be coming via Facebook and Youtube ads. The high converting traffic source is from Udimi which is basically a site where you buy traffic.

That’s pretty much Increaserr in a nutshell. Is this your kind of thing? Great, you can buy it if you want knowing what it is you’re getting, but more importantly if it’s not your thing then you won’t be wasting your time or money on something you have absolutely no interest in.

But there is a money back guarantee if i don’t like it, right.

I had a couple of my readers a little while ago contact me to let everyone know just how difficult it can be trying to get a refund from some vendors. Check their comments here.

what did i like

  • you get a fair few videos, 19 in total
  • ???????

#1 recommendation

what i didn’t like

  • It is incredibly difficult to understand what he is saying, I would have to go over the same thing again and again just to try and hear what it was he’s saying.
  • Although there are a lot of videos, they could easily have been condensed into a few.
  • This is definitely not for a newbie, there is a lot to take in and you’re going to need experience regardless of what they say.
  • You will get very bored by this, i was ready to fall asleep by the end

the training

Like I’ve already touched on there is a lot of videos, now this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good product because again like I’ve already mentioned these could quite easily been condensed into 6 or 8 videos. Anyway here’s what you get:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to INCREASERR – 8.25Increaserr training dashboard
  • Module 2 – The Perfect Offer – 12.38
  • Module 3 – How to Get 100% Commissions – 4.08
  • Module 4 – Safeguarding Your Promos – 4.29
  • Module 5 – Creating Congruent Capture Pages – 6.00
  • Module 6 – Email List Secrets – 7.16
  • Module 7 – The Highest Converting Traffic Source 12.56
  • Module 8 – The Perfect Bonus Page– 7.05
  • Module 9 – Your Bonus Download – 3.37
  • Module 10 – Intro to RT1 Traffic – 5.24
  • Module 11 – Setting Up Your RT1 Traffic – 5.09
  • Module 12 – Creating Ad Images for RT1 – 5.14
  • Module 13 – Creating Your RT1 Campaign – 6.40
  • Module 14 – Your RT2 Traffic – 3.13
  • Module 15 – Get a Free $100 Ad Coupon – 4.30
  • Module 16 – Creating Your RT2 Audience – 5.08
  • Module 17 – Creating Ad Images for RT2 – 4.08
  • Module 18 – Setting Up Your RT2 Campaign – 7.28
  • Module 19 – Conclusion – 2.40

the oto’s

As with what is seems every product sold nowadays there are the upsells that apparently substantially increase your ability to make money with the main system. Why they don’t just make the main product good enough not to need all the expensive add-ons never eases to amaze me.

I mean they make such a big deal of how easy it is to make bundles of cash on the sales page then when you buy it you’re hit with upsell after upsell all claiming that you really need it if you want to make money online.

That’s what the front end product is meant to do surely?

Anyway, mini rant over, this is what you can expect after you buy the front end.

  • OTO #1 $25 with a downsell to $15 for the lite version

This is what they call a case studies and advanced training pack which is just a copy of his previous products upsell, so if you have one of these products and purchased the 1st upsell you ain’t going to need this one.

  • OTO #2 $197 or 37/mo with a downsell to $25 for the lite version

This is a done for you platinum pack which consists of a number of things, however only one is new the rest are again stuff from his previous products like CPA Pirate.

  • OTO #3 $197 with no downsell

This is as they call it an unlimited traffic pack. Which is basically utilizing the Google pixel and Facebook pixel to gain traffic.

  • OTO #4 $47 or $97 with a downsell to $27

This is a resellers license which lets you keep all the commissions on a particular funnel

  • OTO #5 $97 with no downsell

This is access to a mastermind group and 3 coaching calls.

So if you were to buy all of those you’d be looking at a total of $713 which is just unbelievable.

final thoughts

I think that like their previous products that make ridiculous claims this one is no different. There is no way that someone with no experience or technical skill is going to be able to pull off the $1092,75 Per Campaign being touted on the sales page, it’s just not going to happen.

The videos are at best confusing, long-winded and incredibly hard to decipher.

It’s obvious by the amount of money you could possibly spend on that sales funnel is the only reason for the relatively low front end price.

They could do so much more for people if they would only stop thinking about how much money they can squeeze out of them.

not approved

what now

if like me you’re fed up with these vendors trying to fleece you for every penny they can, but still want to learn how to make money online, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as somewhere you can feel safe that you’re not going to be exploited in that way.

You can read a full review of them by clicking the highlighted text above or you can sign up for free to see if you like it by clicking the banner below.

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Any questions that you may have, just ask 🙂 I’ll happily answer them for you.


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