Profit Maximizers Review [Jono Armstrong] – How Many Bonuses?

Welcome to my Profit Maximizers review. Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace are two people who are very familiar to this blog.

They are constantly releasing product after product and if you were to read the sales pages for those products you’d wonder why you’d ever need to buy another product again.

But, shortly after they release one product which they claim is THE one and you can forget about all the rest, they come up with another product claiming the exact same thing.

Now something is not right there. The problem is people tend to believe what the sales page tells them and it’s not until they buy the product that they realise they either can’t do it or the product is just rubbish.

They then of course go looking for another “opportunity” that sounds easy to do and there is always someone willing to sell you something that claims just that.

I would say that the stuff these two release is 50/50 in terms of being any good, they do tend to over hype their sales pages, but we’ll just have to see how this one goes won’t we.

NAME: Profit Maximizersprofit maximizers review jono armstrong

OWNERS: Jono Armstrong & Brendan Mace

PRICE: $14.95 – $16.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

What Is Profit Maximizers About

Well surprisingly enough they actually tell you what this about on the actual sales page, why am I surprised? Because the majority of these vendors expect you to part with your cash without even knowing what it is you’re getting.

Yeah I know, unbelievable right.

Anyway at least they are doing it the right way this time and telling you what you’re going to be getting.

profit maximizers sales page headline

Bonuses and lots of them, 80 to be exact. And a lot of them are products that they have released before like Incognito, Urgency Suites Pro, 0 to $100 in 24hrs, Bang Bang Profits and The Fuego Breakout to name but a few.

You’re going to get access to those and a lot more to give away as bonuses to your customers when they buy a product, any product, through your link.

Now if you’ve read any of my reviews you’ll know that I have a bit of a thing about bonuses, well not bonuses as such, but the way all the reviews you come across seem to be fixated on how many bonuses they can throw at you, the actual review seems to have fallen by the wayside.

It’s more like: “my bonuses are better than yours” type of behaviour.

Let me explain a little bit more why I’m not over struck on bonuses. I think that they distract you from the actual product you’re looking for a review on.

Say for argument’s sake you buy a product and get all these bonuses and you’re fairly new to the game, what do you think is going to happen?

You’re going to have all these products that are just going to confuse the hell out of you, you’re not going to know which way to turn.

I know because I’ve been there and it wasn’t until I started to focus on one thing that I managed to get my head around the business and make things happen.

The other thing with bonuses is because they are free you’ll tend not to see them with as much perceived value as something you paid money for.

Chances are even good that all that’ll happen to those bonuses is that they’ll just sit there on your hard drive and you won’t actually do anything with them.

I’ll let you into a little secret, I’ve got a 3 TB external hard drive filled with stuff like this, that’s how I know a lot of this stuff is useless. Reminder to self: I must clear that hard drive 🙂

But it would seem that bonuses are here to stay for the foreseeable future and if you want to compete with all the rest then you’re going to need a good supply of bonuses and that is just what you’re getting here.

In fact as much as I don’t like bonuses I’m actually going to do a little experiment of my own and add them to some of my promotions to see if they do in fact make a difference.

What Did I Like

  • The amount of products you’re actually getting
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Basic training on how to deliver the bonuses

What I Didn’t Like

  • in the sales video he says you don’t need a website, but in the training you actually do
  • He also says that getting an affiliate link to anything that you want is easy and can be done in 30 seconds or less, well I’m sure that any of you who are new and tried to get an affiliate link will know just how difficult it can be.
  • Although there is basic training, if you want more in depth training and you will if you’re new then you have to pay an extra $37 for the upsell

What’s In The Members Area

Now, before you get into the members area you’ll get presented with 5 upsells or OTO’s as they’re known. I usually advise against buying them at this point for reasons I’ll go into in a while, but for now just don’t buy them.

Apart from the first 40 bonuses in part one, you’ll also get another 40 bonuses in part two, now if you purchased one of their previous products called Bonus Vault you’ll already have these 40 bonuses because the intro video from part two is actually from the Bonus Vault.

If you’re on the ball you’ll have even noticed on the sales page that there are times when the words Bonus Vault have mistakenly been left in and they reference Bonus Vault instead of Profit Maximizers.

It’s pretty simple stuff in the members area, a list of products each with their own graphic and link that you can use.

Jono does do a bit of training on how to actually integrate these into your reviews, but does leave a lot out simply because he’s trying o get you to buy the advanced training

profit maximizers members area

Now not all these are products, some are just Youtube videos made by Jono Armstrong like this one called intro into affiliate marketing:

But as you can see there is still value to that, especially if you don’t know how this game works.

The Oto’s

Now let’s see what i was talking about earlier. Upsells as a rule are NOT covered by the 30 day money back guarantee, so if you were to buy them straight off the bat and you find out you don’t like the product and want your money back you’d usually only get back the main product price.

So if you spent a couple of hundred dollars on upsells you can kiss goodbye to that money, but this is different in that they are offering the money back guarantee.

At least on some of them, which is a bit sneaky of them if I’m honest. The cheaper ones come with the guarantee while the expensive ones don’t seem to.

Actually it would seem that it is only the first upsell that has the guarantee, there’s no mention of it on the other 4.

  • OTO #1 – Triple your Results – $37 with a downsell to $17- This comes with the guarantee
  • OTO #2 – Unlimited Traffic -$197 – No guarantee
  • OTO #3 – Easy Profit System – $157 – no guarantee
  • OTO #4 – Scarcity – $67 – No guarantee
  • OTO #5 – License Rights – $97 – No Guarantee

One thing I noticed with OTO #4, the scarcity system, it costs $67 right. Well If I’m right it is actually included in the bonuses that you are going to be giving away so why would you pay another $67 for something you’ve already got access to? Not sure they thought that one out.

Final Thoughts

As a rule I don’t really like the whole “I’m giving you more bonuses than anyone else” mentality, but I have to admit that you are getting a lot of value out of this product.

Let’s face it you’re getting 80 products for the price of one, there’s no getting away from that fact and like I said it would seem that offering bonuses isn’t going to away any time soon, so I would say you need to take advantage of this if offering bonuses is your thing.

I’m definitely going to experiment with it to see if there’s anything in it.

Now, could it be that Brendan and Jono know something that most people don’t and that is that giving bonuses is becoming less and less effective as a marketing tool.

They could be trying to cash in on last hooray before the bubble bursts, who knows, well they know, obviously.

Regardless of that even if you just want access to all the courses yourself this is going to save an incredible amount of money.

A lot of these products are still being sold, take The Profit Factory for example, that is still being sold for $12.96.

I actually don’t think I’ve seen a product offer so much for so little, OK some of the products inside might not be the greatest, but you’re not going to find a collection like this anywhere else.


What Next

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