Urgency Suites Pro Review – Does scarcity Really Work?

In today’s review I’m going to be looking at Urgency Suites Pro by Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong. Now anyone that’s been in or around this business for any length of time will have heard of these 2 guys.

Sometimes what you hear isn’t always good, I’ve had some things to say about some of their previous products, some are good, some are bad.

NAME: Urgency Suites Prourgency suites pro review

OWNERS: Brendan Mace & Jono Armstrong

PRICE: $12.95

WEBSITE: https://www.urgencysuitespro.com/urgencysuitesearlybird

#1 recommendation

what is urgency suite pro all about

The first thing that I noticed was the fact that the sales page actually tells you what it is you’re buying which, believe me, is very unusual, I think I’ve only seen that a handful of times.

So we know that it’s all about using scarcity as a tactic to get people to buy

cookie jar experiment on scarcity

courtesy of conversionxl.com

As you can see the use of scarcity has been around a long time and is used effectively by a lot of the big name companies.

What Urgency Suite Pro has done is make the use of it available to anyone that wants to use it simply by putting a piece of code on your website.

Like this for example:


Very simple to do and you have full control over things like the animation of the bar, the colours, where you want to put it and of course the degree of urgency. You also have the option of using a countdown timer if your offer is time sensitive.

Now they claim that the use of tactics like these have increased their sales 6 times. This is something that only they will know is true or not.

Obviously this is only going to appeal to people who have traffic going to their offers in the first place, scarcity is well and good, but if you haven’t got anybody seeing it you might as well not have it.

Now there is a section in the training that has been taken from their ‘The Lost Code’ product that covers getting traffic, but don’t forget this isn’t about getting traffic so don’t expect too much from that.

So basically that’s what Urgency suite Pro is all about and to be fair I haven’t done any in depth studies into whether scarcity works or not, what I will say is I’ve seen them used in a way that is very misleading for example the “Hurry Only One Left” or “When the timer hits zero the price goes up” only to find it sitting at zero a few days later and still available at the same price.

I would say if you’re going to use scarcity as a selling tactic you need to stick to what you say, if there are only a limited number of spots available, make sure that is what it is. If the price is going up at the end of the timer then make sure it does.

If you don’t people aren’t going to take you very seriously in future.

who’s going to use this

As I’ve already touched on I think people who are new, with new websites and not a lot of traffic really doesn’t need this, but people who have got the traffic would find this an interesting addition to the way they set up their sales pages, I think it would be good to experiment with it to see if their sales do increase due to scarcity.

what did i like

  • very easy to use
  • very customizable
  • cloud based so you can access it anywhere with an internet connection
  • low price
  • access to ‘The Bonus Vault’
  • he goes through how he does it very well

what i didn’t like

  • sales page scarcity, LOL sales page scarcity
  • cheesy sales video
  • ?????

inside urgency suites pro

Once you’re inside you’re taken to the dashboard area where you can access the training and of course the software. You have 4 different modules each containing 3 – 4 videos.

  • Welcome & Overview urgency suite pro training dashboard
  1. Welcome To Urgency Suites Pro – 2.42
  2. Why Urgency Suites Pro Works – 9.54
  3. Orientation – 4.55
  • Urgency Suites Pro Software
  • The Urgency Campaign
  1. Preparing For Your “Urgency Campaign” – 14.20
  2. The “Urgency” Page – 24.36
  3. The “Urgency” Campaign: Days 1 & 2 – The Bar – 12.11
  4. The “Urgency” Campaign: Days 3 & 4 – The Timers – 13.57
  • Traffic
  1. Traffic Method #1 – Free Traffic From YouTube – 6.29
  2. Traffic Method #2 – Cheap Quality Traffic From Bing – 38.34
  3. Traffic Method #3 – Underground Methods – 28.26

And that’s what you get inside. Of course before you get there you have to negotiate your way through the upsells.


This product comes with an incredible 5 upgrades, yes 5. Some do have a downsell and I’ll tell you which ones so if you need to have the otos you can svae yourself a bit of money, so we have

  • OTO #1 $37 with a downsell to $17

This is Done for you funnels pack so basically they provide you with a ready to roll funnel.

  • OTO #2 $197 with no downsell

This is limitless traffic for 365 days, this is the second time I’ve seen this upsell and I still don’t know what it is.

  • OTO #3 $397 with a downsell to a $4.95 trial for 2 weeks then $67 a month cancel at any time

This is an Insiders coaching package, pretty pricey eh!

  • OTO #4 $197 with a downsell to a $4.95 trial for 12 campaigns then at least 2 more at $37 every month

This is a Done for you campaign pack, for the 4.95 it’s probably worth it, but just remember to cancel or you’ll be paying $37 a month

  • OTO #4 $97 with a downsell to $47

This is for the license rights to sell Urgency suite pro and sell it as your own product.

That’s a lot of money, but at least you now know about the savings you can make if you want the upsells.

final thoughts

I wasn’t expecting a lot from these two guys to be fair, I haven’t liked the majority of their previous stuff.

This one though has really surprised me. They have released something that is going to have practical use for a lot of people if used responsibly.

Stay away from the expensive upsells apart from maybe OTO #4, just remember to click “no thanks” at the bottom of the page to get the trial price of $4.95, you’re getting 12 campaigns for that, just remember to cancel.

Will I use this? Quite possibly, I’ve got a promotion coming up soon that I might try this on, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Jono goes through the training part of this fairly quickly and by that I mean he’s good at what he does and fits a lot in so you’ll have to keep your eyes open and just replay it if you need to.


what now

As I said already if you haven’t got traffic this probably isn’t for you. Do you want to know how to get traffic? Of course you do.

You’ll hear all sorts of claims about different techniques getting traffic, mainly from the people selling them, but what you need is the training to get traffic regardless of what new amazing traffic getting software comes out.

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What do you think of using scarcity? Let us know in the comments below

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