The Profit Factory Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

In this Review we’re going to be looking at The Profit Factory to see if you can actually make a profit from it or in fact lose money on it.

I’ve reviewed a number of products by some of the vendors (there’s 4 of them by the way) and had very mixed results in terms of them being any good or in some cases, just a rehash of old products that they released at an earlier time, just giving it a new name.

Let’s see what we get here.

NAME: The Profit Factorythe profit factory review

OWNERS: Brendan Mace, Jono Armstrong,

Samuel Chema & Edwin Mik

PRICE: $12.96


#1 recommendation

what is the profit factory about

Well if you believe the sales video (which i don’t advise by the way) you’re going to be setting up “factories” and the money is going to start “pouring in” and you can make as many as you like and each one will make you money on complete “autopilot”.

I have heard them sort of statements so many times that i can tell you now that this is going to be a complete waste of time, it’s never going to do what they are telling you it will do.

And the funny thing is at the start of the video he goes into how all the other products out there make it look easy to make money online, well that’s exactly what they are doing here.

Right, does anybody have any idea what it is you’re going to be buying?? Nope, i haven’t got a clue either, surely they’d want to be upfront with you about what it is you’re actually buying wouldn’t they?

Apparently not, but today’s you’re lucky day because I’m going to let you know exactly what is involved in the Profit Factory before you buy it and realise it’s not actually for you and have to fight tooth and nail to get your money back.

Are you ready?

It’s all about ……. drum roll please …… launching a product on the Warrior Forum, building a buyers email list, promoting affiliate product to your list, build relationships with people in the industry, have multiple products in the marketplace and keep promoting to the people who bought one of your previous products.overview

Now i know why they didn’t say anything about what this was in the sales page because i know a lot of people aren’t going to want to create their own product, i know i don’t.

A lot of people aren’t going to feel ready to reach out to the “big” players in the industry and i’m sure a lot of you won’t have a buyers email list yet.

so all that stuff on the sales page you can quite happily disregard and I’ll go through the hype next.

the sales page

First off, it’s a long sales page, but as already touched on, it really doesn’t tell you a lot. What it does tell you is that you can “easily make $231.72 a day with these simple little profit factories” and that it is so easy that anyone can do this and it only takes 30 minutes.

It’s total rubbish, they claim you can make money by the end of the week! That’s never going to happen.

sales page hypeDon’t for a minute think that if you buy this you’re going to see them numbers in your account. See that word at the top, WE’RE, not you, them.

Those figures that you see are the easiest to manipulate to show any number you want.

The same goes for this one

sales page hypeI could duplicate them figures on my own account if i wanted, so don’t necessarily be swayed by the big numbers.

The rest of the page is of a similar tone with him going on about how he struggled to make money online just like you.

This is nothing new to me, I’ve come across countless sales pages like this one and they’re doing exactly what they’re trying to have you believe that all the rest are doing, but not them.


One last thing before we move on is this little gem

limited copiesThey must think people are really stupid.

If you haven’t guessed by now i really hate all the hype these sales pages put out with a passion. There’s no need for it, just be honest with your audience, if your product is good enough it won’t need rubbish like this.

That’s why i like Wealthy Affiliate so much, there are no exaggerated claims about expectations and they are entirely clear about what it is you’d be doing before you sign up, oh and the sign up is FREE for as long as you want.

what did i like

  • not a lot to be fair, i felt they soured the whole product with that sales pitch and it’s just way too difficult.

what i didn’t like

  • no mention of creating your own product
  • no mention of building an email list
  • not newbie friendly like the sales page says
  • all the added expense not mentioned
  • having to record yourself
  • ebook creation
  • writing sales copy or paying someone to do it (added expense)
  • way too complicated for someone just starting
  • never going to make money this week
  • never going to set it up in 30 minutes

#1 recommendation

the training

If you do decide this is something you want to have a look at, then let me take you through what you’ll be getting.

It’s made up of 8 modules, but 5 of them are just welcome and overview videos with 2 videos of his Warrior Forum account, so they’re not even worth putting down.

  • MODULE 3 – NETWORKS training dashboard

Marketplaces – 2.06

Affiliate Networks – 1.30


Idea generation – 4.00

Making your idea a reality – 2.01

Product creation tools – 2.21

Simple e-book creation – 2.02

Sales copy – 2.01

Sales funnels – 3.42

Listing the product – 6.09

Funnel set up – 6.47

Product promotion – 2.22

leveraging other peoples email list – 2.11

Endless opportunities – 1.28


Overview – 1.31

Offer selection – 3.27

Follow up emails – 2.07

Video reviews pt 1 – 3.06

Video reviews pt 2 – 18.40

Affiliate promo – 4.55

Bonus email marketing training

You then have the case studies which really just shows his Warrior Forum dashboard with $286 in it.

So there you have the training that’s inside of The Profit Factory. I particularly like the “endless opportunities” video which commands a whole 1 minute 28 seconds of opportunities 🙂

the oto’s

When you buy this you’re going to get hit with 4 upsells which supposedly make it even easier for you to make money than it was with just the main product, I’m not sure how they can make it any easier?? (sarcastic comment just in case you missed it)

  • OTO #1 – Elite Case Studies Offer – $27

This is more case studies and if they are of the same quality as the ones in the training then I’d give them a wide berth.

  • OTO #2 – OTO 2 – Done-For-You Offer – $47

This is the done for you pack that has campaigns that are already done for you. In my experience they’re never anything to write home about.

  • OTO 3 – Limitless Traffic For 365 Days – $197

Yes that’s not a typo, it really is $197. Steer clear of that one!

  • OTO 4 – Resellers License – $97

This is simply if you want to promote this and keep 100% profit on the entire sales funnel.

You see this is where the vendor makes his money, with expensive upsells that they tell you will make making money easier.

Unfortunately the only one making money here will be the vendor and not you.

final thoughts

i think you all know what i think of this one, but I’ll go over it just in case. I really thought the sales page was a joke, it is totally unrealistic in terms of what you’re going to be earning, if anything.

There was absolutely no clue as to what these profit factories even were.

The amount of work involved is way too much for the average newbie to take in and implement and there lies the trouble, people will see the relatively low price with all the hype of making easy money, being led into buying expensive upsells that they don’t need, take a look at what they got and think, “how the hell am i going to do this” and move on to the next shiny object that promises the same thing, all the time making money for the ones who are supposedly helping you make money.

It’s a vicious circle. You just end up trying to get your money back, which I’ve had some of my readers tell me that it has been near impossible to do so and moving on to the next one and going through the whole process again.

Stop doing that to yourself.

not approved

what next?

So, what are you going to do? Carry on doing what hasn’t been working or try my way that is proven to work, but without all the hype.

You will have to work at it. Let me let you into a little secret that the people who launch these types of products don’t want you to know.

The secret is to make money online requires you to work at it, it doesn’t happen overnight or by the end of the week, it takes time and if you’re not willing to put in that time and effort then this industry isn’t for you.

But if you are willing to do that then this is a fantastic, life changing business to be part of.

And I can help you. Click the banner below and let me help you in a way these people won’t.

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6 thoughts on “The Profit Factory Review – Is It Worth Your Money?”

  1. Thanks, Sharon, for keeping me away from this product. I am so sick of the get-rich-quick sales pitches for things that will never perform as they say. There are so many gimmicks and it’s sometimes hard to avoid them. This one I will avoid like the plague, thanks to you.

    • I would go as far to say it’s incredibly hard to avoid them, especially if you are new simply because you don’t know what or who to trust.

  2. Hi Sharon!

    I used to be very optimistic when seeing offers like this especially when I desperately wanted an alternative lifestyle. Unfortunately, I’ve found over the years that there are no shortcuts to accumulating wealth. Everyone has a different timeline for how fast or slow they can earn it. People like those advertising the Profit Factory don’t clearly communicate the skill that’s required to perform the work they’re telling others is “easy” to do. They set people up to have unrealistic expectations when they make claims like “you can get paid in one week” or something like that. A business should always be about giving value and the earnings become an infinite byproduct.

    Hopefully your post will help drive more people to ethical opportunities. I’ve personally tried Wealthy Affiliate and I can attest that there’s a lot of transparency. People who took years to make money, admit it, and people who made money quickly admit it and tell you how. Making money quickly online in real terms is making money in less than 6 months and making a full time income in less than 2 years.

    I’ve NEVER seen a person with 0 skill who takes a short course and begins making daily money. I wish they’d be honest about the statistics of that happening. Even if they’ve seen one case of this, they’re misleading people by making them think it’s the norm.


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