Emoji Traffic Review – Is This A Waste Of Your Time?

Whenever i see the sort of headlines that claim you can make a ton of money with minutes of simple work you just know they’re not telling you the whole story don’t you. This emoji Traffic review is going to go beneath the surface and uncover exactly if this is going to be a total waste of your time and money.

One of guys involved has released emoji related products in the past which haven’t gone down terribly well so it’s going to be interesting to see if this is any different.

NAME: Emoji Trafficemoji traffic review

OWNERS: Aiden Corkery & Rahim Farhouni

PRICE: $12.95

WEBSITE: https://www.emojinow.net/sales-page-live-emoji

#1 recommendation

what is emoji traffic about

If we were to take the sales page at face value then it’s a totally brand new method, 100% newbie friendly, only take 20 minutes to set up, you can start making money today and you can scale it up to fire your boss blah, blah, blah, blah blah.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve seen them sort of statements, and usually they’re all hot air, total rubbish to get you to buy it.

Well today’s your lucky day and I’m going to spill the beans as to what you can really expect from it.

As the title of this product suggests it all about using emoji reactions to increase traffic from FaceBook. Now i must point out that Facebook themselves have confirmed that using emoji reactions rather than just the like button will give a post a higher rank in a news feed.

So we’re off to a great start, there might actually be something in this.

Basically this is about using emojis on your posts to get your content on top, in front of your audience while not too many people know about the power of reactions in the FaceBook algorithm.

emoji traffic roadmapI’m surprisingly looking forward to going through the training to see what’s in store.

inside the training

Right what we’re going to do now is take a look inside the training to determine if this is as promising as it first looks, I’ll give a rundown of what the video consists of.

Module 1 : Introductionemoji training dashboard

  • Welcome To Emoji
  • Overview of Emoji Method
  • The Emoji Success Cycle
  • What Business Are You Really In

There’s no real training in this module so I’m not going to bore you with what’s in it.

Module 2 : Emoji Persuasion & Traffic

  • Emoji Traffic – How the algorithm works and segmenting your target lists
  • Emoji Targeted Following (Friends List) – Using the custom option
  • Emoji Targeted Following (Live Demo of Segmenting Followers) – Going through his FaceBook page showing how to segment into different lists
  • What Your Emoji Audience Really Wants – A breakdown of emotional triggers
  • Emoji Copy That Sells – Using stories to sell
  • Post & Profit – All about arousing curiosity
  • Emoji Curiosity Booster – The use of angles.

Module 3: Emoji Conversion Maximiser

  • Visual Impact – How to create powerful images using canva
  • Emoji Presell Formula – Answering questions to presell your audience
  • Emoji Call To Action Domination – How to structure your post’s CTA

Module 4 : Emoji Case Studies

  • $50 Case Study
  • $150 Case Study Pt 1
  • $150 Case Study Pt 3
  • Aidan’s $339 Emoji Case Study
  • $997 Emoji Case Study Pt 1
  • $997 Emoji Case Study Pt 2

These are simply case studies showing how he puts together his post, but more importantly this is the first time you actually get to see emojis being used.

After going through the training and not seeing any i was beginning to think this was a total bust, but luckily he showed them in these studies.

Now there are some bonuses included like the Emoji buyer traffic cheat sheet which is strangely called Instant Buyer Traffic.

the oto’s

After you buy this, or i should say IF you buy this, you will be hit with 3 upsells, the first two have a discount when you go to click away

OTO #1 $37 – $27

This is a Done For You campaigns package with a regular price of $297, not sure how it can be regular if this is new?

OTO #2 $37 – $17

This is an advanced tactics package, but look at how much they reckon the regular price is:

oto 2Looks exactly like the first upsells

So they’re going to give you a massive 60% discount?? I don’t believe that at all and not only that, but if you decline that offer you get this

oto 2 discountFrom a regular price of $297 all the way down to $17. Do they think people are stupid or what?

OTO #3 $67

This is simply the resell rights which every product seems to be doing these days. They reckon this one has a regular price of $497

oto 3 price

final thoughts

At the beginning i thought this was going to be a new way of using FaceBook to increase your exposure and increase your income, unfortunately after going through the training i haven’t found any real proof of that.

The actual use of the emojis only came into play in a couple of the case studies and all this is really a hastily put together package using old methods being dressed up as new using emojis.

The sales page which i haven’t really touched on in this review is full of hype and really shouldn’t be believed.

The first module on this course was a complete non-starter for me, there was absolutely no training in there, so you’re basically left with 2 modules where in one he tells you to make up stories in order to sell to your audience.

Who likes being told made up stuff just so you buy? I know i don’t.

not approved

what now

If you are ever going to stand a chance of making money online you’re going to need training that is relevant and current, but more importantly with the capability to offer you all the support you could ever need.

I’ve been in the position of chasing the next big idea and i know it can become a bit of a habit, what you need to do is put your entire focus on one project.

Think about it for a second, You have great ability, the problem is you’re going in all different directions.

Let me give you a quick example, an acorn can only grow into an oak tree can’t it. but what if it was possible for that acorn to grow into carrot or a tomato? It wouldn’t know what to grow into would it and it would end up a complete mess.

See you can do anything you put your mind to, but you need to focus on ONE thing, when that realization came to me everything started falling into place and I’m now making money online 🙂

Bit of a weird example i know, but i hope you get the idea.

If you put all your energy into learning then you’ll be a success.

wealthy affiliate sign up

What do you think of using emojis to boost your posts? Let us know in the comments below

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4 thoughts on “Emoji Traffic Review – Is This A Waste Of Your Time?”

  1. Emoji traffic thank you for the education obviously this product has a bunch of hype not worth buying Thank you. again Sharon

  2. Wow, Emoji Traffic really seems to be lacking in substance. Really, using emojis to ramp up traffic seems like a stretch to me. That is interesting that using this product will increase your FB post rank. Like you, I was interested for a minute. I am always amazed at what people are trying to sell to increase traffic, usually, it’s a waste of time. I am really interested to check out more reviews on your site. Thanks for taking a look under the hood on Emoji Traffic.

    • I don’t take a lot of time on Facebook, I’ll post my most recent blog posts there, but never really use it as a marketing tool, I know people do, but not me at the moment and I’m not going to be distracted by gimmicky products like this one.


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