Health Food Affiliate Programs – 5 Of The Best

When it comes to your health, food play a massive part as well as exercise. According to the health food industry was worth around $707 billion in 2016 and expected to reach $811 trillion by 2021, so knowing which Health Affiliate Programs are out there will help you to get involved in a not only growing market, but a flourishing one.

health food affiliate programs#1 recommendation
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As you can see from the Google Trends graph for the past 5 years it’s maintained a very “healthy” (pardon the pun) interest. Only dipping at around December, holidays and all that.

health food on google trends

Let’s get into showing you the best programs I’ve found to monetize your health related website or even just give you some ideas to START a website based around the health industry.[su_divider top=”no”]

thrive market

thrive market affiliate program

Thrive market offers healthy food online that basically cuts out the middlemen and retail mark-ups to deliver organic food at 25 – 50% less than you’d normally pay

This is a membership site, but for each paid membership they will provide a family in need or a teacher, veteran or first responder with a free membership.

The $59.95 annual membership is made back in savings within two orders. They also provide free shipping on orders over $49.

They offer Paleo, raw, vegan and gluten free foods.

The commission rate is $20 for every first order a new customer makes with a 14-day cookie period.

You get a dedicated affiliate team which means that they are there to help you as an affiliate succeed which in turn could mean increased commissions on a monthly basis.

Working in conjunction with CJ Affiliate, you can access the program here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • where can i buy organic ghee clarified butter
  • what does NON-GMO mean
  • Is health food really better for you

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iherb affiliate program

iherb sells a lot more than just food, but are the number 1 choice for natural products such as raw honey and gluten free baking soda to rosehip seed oil for skincare.

With over 30,000 products a lot of which you’ll probably find at a local health food store, but with one big difference and that is that on average the price here is going to be around 30 – 50% less than them stores.

Customers who re-order at least once in 60 days will receive a 10% loyalty credit.

The commission rate offered by iherb is 5% on all orders with a 45-day cookie period and payments being made by the 15th of each month.

The affiliate program can be accessed by clicking here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • what are chia seeds used for
  • is green tea really good for you
  • is peanut butter healthy

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Wise Choice Market

wise choice market affiliate program

Wise choice Market is an online store for real foods, specializing in nutrient dense food such as raw cheeses, wild caught seafood, fermented vegetables and traditional animal fats for cooking.

They supply a customer base of people who follow certain diets like the Paleo or GAPS diet.

Simon Gorman, who founded the company in 2010, became interested in raw and fermented foods when he found that a diet that was rich in these things improved his health and digestion.

The affiliate program that they run pays out 10% commission on product sales with an average order value of $100.

You can find the program at by following the link below;

Possible keywords to target:

  • what is Nourishing Traditions
  • can fermented vegetables help with digestion
  • where to buy organic bone broth

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wildly organic

wildly organic

Wildly Organic started in 2000 with a strong focus on nutritious health food with exceptional quality and taste. A family owned small business based on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota.

They offer organic flour, almond flour and tapioca flour all certified gluten free as well as coconut products, dried fruit, nuts and seeds and rice and grains.

They are a company that set themselves the highest standards and expect them same standards from the food they sell.

To accompany the products they sell they also have a recipes section which includes all kinds of healthy eating ideas.

The affiliate program offers a 10% on all orders with the possibility of earning 20%.

It comes with a 30-day cookie duration and pays out at a $50 threshold. They also provide tools to help with sale generation.

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate you can register here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • is gluten free flour easy to use
  • what is gluten free flour
  • where to buy pink Himalayan sea salt

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hello fresh

hello fresh affiliate program

This company is a bit different from the rest of them in that Hello Fresh delivers fresh ingredients and simple recipes direct to your door leaving you to just concentrate on cooking and eating.

They aim to provide households the opportunity to experience and enjoy home cooked meals that require no planning, no shopping and no hassle. All the ingredients used in the recipes are locally sourced.

You have 3 plans to choose from, classic, Veggie and family. This is a subscription based service, but you can modify, pause or even just cancel it at anytime.

As an affiliate of Hello Fresh you can expect a commission of up to $25 on the first sale with the top performers getting attractive bonuses.

The cookie period is 14 days

The program is run by CJ Affiliate and can be found here:

Possible keywords to target:

  • can you get fresh ingredients delivered to your door
  • fresh meal ideas
  • vegetarian meal plans

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Well you have 5 of the best Health food affiliate programs, but what are you going to do with them? You could choose one to focus on with your website, the Hello Fresh way of doing things seems to be an area that isn’t being utilized to its full potential at the moment.

Whatever you choose what’s the point of joining these programs if you’re not getting traffic to your site for people to click your links?

When it comes to that side of things I would highly recommend the affiliate training I used to get my websites making a solid profit that I enjoy today.

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