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Welcome to my Speedly Review. Art Flair and Pallab Ghosal are two people who I call serial product releasers, they release a “new” product so often it’s hard to keep up with them.

The funny thing is all their products claim to be able make you vast amounts of money in a short amount of time with very little effort.

Now all that sounds great …… if it were true. Unfortunately I never seen one of those claims come true. What I do get people getting in touch with me to tell me how the product they bought was total rubbish and nothing like the sales page.

The only ones who seem to be making the money are the vendors themselves.

But I am a firm believer that people can change and hopefully they can show that in their latest product.

NAME: Speedlyspeedly review

OWNERS: Art flair & Pallab Ghosal

PRICE: $12.97

WEBSITE: http://artofmarketing.academy/speedly/

#1 recomendation for making money from home

what is Speedly about

Well according to the sales page it’s about getting laser targeted traffic, doubling it, make $298.50 in the first 24hrs online with just 5 minutes of work and then set it to autopilot so it continues to make you sales.

I’m sorry, but it might just be the skeptic in me, but that sounds highly unlikely to be true and you know what they say “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is“.

speedly sales page headline

Apparently even if you have no experience or skills whatsoever you can still get results in just 5 minutes with this method.

sales page hype

I wouldn’t take too much notice of the testimonials from the other marketers. Why do I say that, surely as ‘top marketers’ they know what they’re talking about, right.

Unfortunately they all know each other and are always giving each others product a glowing recommendation. Here they are sitting around having a laugh.

top marketers

And you know why they’re smiling don’t you? They’ve just come up with another way to separate you from your hard earned money!

So how do they reckon this is all going to work? Well they don’t actually tell you.

Luckily for you I am going to tell you.

It’s about using free and paid traffic, but the emphasis is on the paid part. You start off with a Facebook re targeting video ad, that advert sends people to your blog which has a review on it about a particular product with your affiliate link. Your review sends people to the sales page for that product and if they buy you get the commission.

It’s called affiliate marketing and it’s a model that is used by many people, myself included. The only difference is I don’t use Facebook ads, I use SEO.

Now here was no mention on the entire sales page that you needed a website was there. In fact, it said you needed no experience or skills.

So how on earth are you going to set up a website with no experience? Simply answer is you’re not.

It didn’t say anything on the sales page about writing reviews either did it. Writing reviews for products you have to get approved for (which isn’t always as straightforward as it would seem) to promote in the first place.

And you’re expected to do all that with 5 minutes work? Yeah right, like I believe that.

Take a look at this statement from the sales page:

97 percent

Are you wondering what 97% of marketers are forgetting to do?

blog set up

That is the most basic of requirements if you are going to stand a chance of making money online and they make out as if it’s some sort of great revelation.

Anyway now you know what Speedly is about I’ll take you through what you can expect from the training.

Inside the members area

Speedly is made up of 16 modules, I say modules, but really they’re just single videos.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to SPEEDLY – 10.06 – This is where you find out that you need to record a video, have a website and get approved for promoting products.
  • Module 2 – What You Need – 5.16 – A Facebook fan page, a blog with reviews on it.
  • Module 3 – Set Up – Part 1 – 5.14 – Show how to set up a FB fan page
  • Module 4 – Building Your Fan Base For Free – 3.25 – In this video he tells you to invite your FB friends, the ones in your normal profile to build up your fan base. The problem with that is you might not want your friends knowing what you’re doing at the moment and probably more importantly your friends are more than likely not going to be interested in Internet Marketing. He also says about using your fan page as a signature in emails, but what if you haven’t got an email list yet?
  • Module 5 – Set Up – Part 2 – 9.16 – This goes over how to set up your own blog, unfortunately right at the beginning Pallab admits he only has a basic understanding which doesn’t really instil you with confidence, but to be fair he doesn’t do a bad job of telling you how to register a domain name and get hosting.
  • Module 6 – Set Up – Part 3 – 4.05 – Carrying on from the last one this shows you about selecting and installing themes
  • Module 7 – Set Up – Part 4 – 5.36 – How to select and install your plugins. One thing that confused me a little was the 404 plugin. Why would you need a redirect plugin on a brand new site?

OK let me just step in here very quickly because that’s the end of setting up your blog and that what he’s just gone over is only a fraction of what you need to do.

He hasn’t talked about how to set up your menus, what widgets to use, how to use widgets, an about me page, a privacy policy page, GDPR compliance and so on and so on..

So you are going to need to learn all that stuff which you can do HERE for FREE. OK let’s carry on…

  • Module 8 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 1 – 3.57 – This is where he gives you an explanation as to why you should use FB video re targeting ads
  • Module 9 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 2 – 6.07 – This section is only going to be relevant to you IF you already have an email list. He basically shows you how to import your existing list into Facebook
  • Module 10 – DOUBLE Your Traffic – Part 3 – 4.39 – Here he covers how to create your video, but he doesn’t actually show you how, he just tells you to use decent lighting and sound.
  • Module 11 – Setting Up Your Traffic Magnet – 11.55 – This goes over setting up your ad campaign inside facebook, unfortunately this shows up at the end

FB ad

But he just shrugs that off and says if there is an issue you can always tweak that particular part, but fails to tell you how.

  • Module 12 – More On Traffic – 6.23 – This section covers using an image instead of video in the ad campaign which I think is a good option seeing as a lot of people don’t like putting themselves on video
  • Module 13 – Outsourcing – 2.38 – How to use Fiverr to outsource your video, I don’t like this way of doing things, it just seems a bit false and would rather use images than have someone else on my video which don’t forget leads back to your blog.
  • Module 14 – High Converting Offers – 4.25 – This is a very important part of the whole process, if you don’t have an offer to promote then it’s all pointless, unfortunately he just tells you to request your link from vendors on Warrior+plus without giving you any help in getting approved. Vendors don’t like giving approval if you are new and haven’t got sales yet.
  • Module 15 – Starting From Scratch – 5.55 – This is about building your email list from scratch, but that is going to cost you around $194 for 200 clicks and don’t think all those clicks are going to end up signing up on your email list because they won’t.
  • Module 16 – $22K in 60 Days Case Study – 6.28 – This video is about something that I reviewed not so long age, it was another product by Art & Pallab called Profit Robot and it was the most annoying product that I have reviewed, it nearly gave me nightmares.

So there you have Speedly. One thing that wasn’t covered was the secret lead generating software, remember this headline from the sales page

secret software

It’s included in the bonuses at the bottom of the training area and it’s actually a free squeeze page creator that you can see here

And if you do a quick Google search of the name you can get it for free without having to buy this course. Now I don’t know if it’s any good I’m just pointing out what the “secret” software was.

what did I like

  • Money back guarantee????

what didn’t I like

  • Over hyped sales page
  • No mention of certain things on the sales page like having your own blog
  • Sub-standard training on setting up your blog
  • Hard to understand at times
  • Leaves you with more questions than answers
  • Never going to be 5 minutes of work
  • The upsells


Talking of upsells this has an incredible 5 otos’ and what I would recommend you do is NOT to buy them straight away, they are readily available in the members area.

The reason I say that is it came to my attention recently courtesy of a few of my readers that the upsells aren’t covered by the money back guarantee.

So as you’ll see in a moment the upsells can mount up to quite a bit of money and if you find the course really isn’t what you were lead to believe it would be by the sales page and want your money back chances are you’ll only be refunded the main product price of $13 and not the expensive oto’s.

  • OTO #1 – $27 – Case Studies & Advanced Training – This has 5 Speedly case studies and an 8 part case study which is taken from one of their old products called Increaserr
  • OTO #2 – $37 – Done-For-You Platinum Pack – This has Done for you campaigns which consist of a number of different campaigns and is quite frankly fairly confusing to know what to do with. There are no instructions to tell you what to do.
  • OTO #3 – $197 – Unlimited Traffic Package – I don’t really understand this one seeing as the whole sales page is being based around the main product being able to double your traffic in 5 minutes, why would you then want to spend another $197. It doesn’t make any sense
  • OTO #4 – $47,$97 or £197 – Resellers License – This is the license to resell and keep 100% and the different prices reflect which package you choose, but You can only start reselling from January 2nd 2019
  • OTO #5 – $197 or 97 – Mastermind Coaching – Again depending on which package you choose, 6 or 3

So just remember what I said because that little lot all adds up to $655 and on the sales page of each upsell there is no money back guarantee that I could see.

final thoughts

Unfortunately this is like a lot of their other releases, they promise a lot on the sales page and fail to deliver on the inside.

I have absolutely no idea where they get this ‘5 minutes’ thing from, they never mention anything about that in the training.

Talking of the training I kept on thinking it will start properly soon, but before I knew it the whole course was over and I hadn’t learnt anything if I’m totally honest.

He seems to skim over everything he does and I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if he has just forgotten what it’s like to be new at this and just assumes people will know what he’s on about, do you know what I mean?

One of the biggest problems is the fact that his accent makes it incredibly difficult to understand what he’s saying some of the time, so much so that I had to repeat certain sections so many times just to try and piece together what he was saying.

I really don’t know why they have called this Speedly, there is nothing speedly about it.

They go on about if you have double the traffic you’re going to have double the sales ….. WHAT!

NO you’re not, that’s just stupid talk and just goes to show their lack of knowledge.

not approved

so what now

One thing that he is absolutely correct on and that is you definitely need your own website and I actually find it hard to believe that 97% of marketers don’t know that.

Now as he said himself and demonstrated he only has a basic understanding of HOW to set up a website correctly, I suggest you set yours up the right way and if you do you’ll have a solid base on which to build.

The best way to build that base is to create a FREE Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, they will show everything you need to know.zero risk sign up

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