BLAZE Review By Art Flair – Just Another Scam?

Welcome to this Blaze review. Art Flair is someone who normally partners up with someone when he releases a new product, and believe me he releases A LOT of products, but the quality of those products isn’t always the best, perhaps that’s why he’s decided to dump his partner and go it alone hoping to get back some credibility in the MMO niche.

Hopefully he can produce a product that will do what he claims, hopefully it’s not just another rehash like so many of his other ones.

NAME: Blazeblaze review by art flair

OWNER: Art Flair

PRICE: $12.97


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what is blaze about

Blaze sales page headline

Now that headline seems a little bit strange to me in that it says that this method is the one he used to make $408.07 a day when he was a broke bartender, I might be reading that wrong, but that’s how I see it.

Now I’m sure you’ve all heard of Art Flair before, he’s been around for a long time, but apparently he was a bartender for 18 years before this.

****INTERESTING FACT**** There is a Facebook page called Art Flair Bartenders, ok maybe not so interesting.

Anyway, so he’s a bartender who ‘discovers‘ this method and earns $408.07, which is fairly precise so he must remember it quite well.

If you look through this video you will see that this $408.07 is from him promoting a product called Unbreakable which was released on September 9th THIS YEAR.

Although I don’t know when Art Flair stopped being a bartender I’m pretty confident it wasn’t in September LOL.

This really made me laugh

sales pageWhy did it make me laugh?

Because that’s exactly what he’s doing now, releasing product after product all claiming the same thing and failing to deliver.

sales page hype

Wouldn’t it be nice if all that were true? Well as we go through this review we’ll find out if it is all if it’s all just hype.

So what is Blaze about? Well if you just look at the sales page or the video you really wouldn’t know would you, but he still expects you to pay.

Think about that for a second. He wants you to pay for something that you have no idea what it is. Would he expect to walk into a car showroom for example and all the cars are under a cover, but the salesman tells him you’ll absolutely love this car, but you can’t see what type of car it is until you pay the money.

Never going to happen is it, so why does he want you to pay now without knowing what the product is?

Simple, because if you knew what it was you’d be getting you probably wouldn’t want it.

Well today’s you’re lucky day because you get to know what this is all about BEFORE you decide if it’s for you.

It’s about choosing an affiliate offer and getting approval which is always the hard part getting approved to promote it, but Art is going to approve you automatically for all his product if you buy this product.

He also tells you that most vendors won’t let you promote their products on the first day, but perhaps a week or two down the line they might.

The trouble with that is you’ve missed the boat so to speak, it’s been promoted to death by then and any hope of making a sales is fairly slim.

You have to have a blog. Now the sales page says free traffic and free online tools and he does reference that, but then goes on to say he recommends you invest some money in you blog so you can make money by being able to control what goes on there. He does give you options of free website builders.

You then use the different social media platforms to drive traffic to your reviews or use Solo Ads if you don’t mind paying for your traffic.

And that’s about it for Blaze. Now I’m not sure about all the use free this and free that to make the money. I’m inclined to think that he uses paid stuff like his blog and paid traffic.

And as for setting it up in 45 mins, you can forget about that, it’s never going to happen.[su_divider top=”no”]

what I liked

  • Videos are easy to follow
  • Free options
  • Some good advice like don’t worry about getting backlinks to rank

what I didn’t like

  • Over simplified process
  • No training on setting up your blog (remember this is 100% newbie friendly)
  • Sales page hype
  • The need for a budget when it says you don’t need one
  • The amount of upsells
  • The fact he tries to sell you TWO of his other products before you even get to Blaze saying you can only make a certain amount of money with Blaze and if you want to make more you need the other two products

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on the inside

Let’s take a better look at the training shall we. So once you get inside the members area you have 11 modules, he callsBlaze training dashboard them modules, but you might as well call them videos because there is only 1 video in each module.

  • Module 1 – Introduction to BLAZE – 1.35
  • Module 2 – Case Study Results – 6.23
  • Module 3 – The Right Affiliate Offer – 7.29
  • Module 4 – Your Online Hub – 8.12
  • Module 5 – Using Free Online Tools – 4.08
  • Module 6 – Your Money Magnet – 21.40
  • Module 7 – Traffic Goldmine Part 1 – 10.09
  • Module 8 – Traffic Goldmine Part 2 – 10.50
  • Module 9 – Additional Traffic – 6.48
  • Module 10 – Scaling It Up – 11.07
  • Module 11 – Sum Up – 1.18

Having been through every one of those videos I would say that you are going to be left with a lot more questions than this has answers to, now I’m not saying there isn’t something to be learnt from this course just not for a total newbie whose been seduced by the sales page.

Setting up a blog the right way isn’t overly hard to do if you are shown how to do it, this doesn’t show you.[su_divider top=”no”]

the oto’s

This product has an eye watering 5 upsells to try and get you to part with your cash. The first 3 upsells are from one of his previous products called Increaserr, so if you bought those upsells form that product you won’t need these ones, the first 3 at least.

  • OTO #1 – $25 with a downsell to $15 – This is a case studies package which as you can see is from Increaserr

blaze oto 1

  • OTO #2 – $35 with a downsell to $25 – This is a Done For You platinum pack again taken from IncreaserrBlaze oto 2
  • OTO #3 – $197 – This is the Unlimited Traffic package that requires you to get your Facebook pixel and your Google pixel so you can access their audience for yourself.
  • OTO #4 – $47 or $97 – This is the resellers license and depending on which level you go for will determine how much you pay
  • OTO #5 – $97 – This is a mastermind and coaching package.

What do I think of these upsells? Stay well away from them you don’t need them, I don’t even think you need the main offer :)[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

Having seen a lot of Art Flairs’ previous products I didn’t have high expectations of this one, but seeing as he’s decided to go it alone for this one I thought it might be different.

I should have trusted my gut instinct.

This is the same old stuff he’s been churning out for a long time, no wonder he has such a bad reputation from his peers. i’m not really sure what this is meant to teach you to be fair.

Ok you’re going to be able to promote HIS products, by the way I haven’t tested that out yet to see if he honors that promise.

This is way too wishy-washy for me.

not approved[su_divider top=”no”]

what now

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18 thoughts on “BLAZE Review By Art Flair – Just Another Scam?”

  1. It would seem that he has a “Flair” for promoting BS! His latest is “Free” hosting with a company called Host Zone. The lead in is $17 one time payment for lifetime hosting with no recurring monthly fees. I figured for $17 I would sign up to see and I used Paypal in case of an issue with his 30 day refund policy. Once you sign up and pay the $17, there were at least 20, upsells and then downsells, in case you didn’t go for the upsell. Finally, after all that, it takes 2 days for them to send you the log in details and when I check the receipt, the payments are in Indian currency (maybe because all of his partners seem to be from India), but the interesting thing was that the receipt says that the payment is recurring monthly. What happened to “no recurring monthly payments”? I have contacted Flair by email to ask him what is going on, so we shall see.

  2. Yea, I agree with the other comments. I was just doing some research on Blaze as I have just received an email. Although it is cheap, this sent alarm bells ringing and before I thought any more about purchasing it, I would decide to see what others thought. I am glad that I did.

    Thanks for your helpful review

    ps – How is the old place WA?

  3. Hi matey. So thankful to check your review. Real dodgey when the vendors dont exactly layout what they are selling. Like this.-its affiliate marketing. I also cant believe it made WSO of the day this month. Warrior Forum must be dropping its standards . I dont know.
    Cheers anyhow. Your doing good stuff.

  4. This is why I always read reviews before I buy any products online.  They always sound so great, don’t they?  Make this much money and you can’t fail, etc.  Then I read a review by someone who is in the business and has been around the block, and an honest thorough review of The Blaze product.  I have tried so many lame products, I am so grateful to you for actually doing all of this so I don’t have to!  LOL.  Thanks so much.  I’m going with that Wealthy Affiliate program you recommend.  That one has been vetted by many people and all good reviews.

    • Reviews are always a good place to start especially when it comes to making money, but even with reviews you have to be careful because there are plenty as I’m sure you’ve seen that simply say how great a product is just to get the commission off of it and they haven’t even bothered to try it!

  5. Your article title could also be, ‘Blaze is for Suckers.’ These Art Flair and other characters are so insulting and I fell real bad for those who get misled by such flimsy offers when Wealthy Affiliate is so legitimate and so much better. You should be proud to be pointing out these flawed ‘systems’ for taking your money and leaving you with little to show for it and recommending Wealthy Affiliate for building a real website and real business.

  6. I liked the detailed breakdown on the Blaze chap…I will be on the watch to avoid this!

    I think there should be some form of regulation with people like these so they don’t steal from people who don’t understand the web….like a licence or something or Better Business Bureau rating requirement!

    W need more people highlighting poor products waiting to rip off people, so thanks for your info!

  7. The internet is full of scam artist trying to get the money out of some unexpected fools pocket for nothing, your topic is great and I hope you continue to call out scammers. I personally like these topics and always read reviews before I give my money away. Great job!

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂 Low quality products are everywhere and yes I will continue, but I’ll also let you know when they have value.

  8. Thank you for providing so much useful information for people who may be in the fence about purchasing this training course. You have shown me that it’s not worth the money. I guess I wouldn’t call it a complete scam because it has a little bit of useful information. But it’s borderline. I can clearly see that from the info you have given in your article. Blaze is not for me. No thanks.

  9. Hey Sharon, 

    Based on your review, BLAZE by Art Flair definitely looks like many of the other “make money online” scams out there. 

    I can’t imagine trying to learn how to promote affiliate products/programs after watching barely more than an hour of surface level video training. 

    I also agree with what you said about not knowing what you’re being sold. No one likes getting blindsided by up-sells that weren’t part of the original agreement, so I’ll steer clear of BLAZE too! 

    Thanks for your review, now I know to avoid it completely. 🙂


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