Income Automater Review – Is It Just a Another Scam?

Welcome to my Income Automater review. We’re going to be looking into whether their claims of making over $128 on a daily basis is something you can take seriously or just another one of the many products out there that make crazy claims without any substance to back them up.

Can you really set this up in less than 30 minutes?

NAME: Income Automaterincome automater review

OWNERS: Daz Hartey & Shahar Ash

PRICE: $9.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home
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what is income automater about

income automater sales page headline

Well to answer that question you’d think the best place to start would be the sales page or the sales video right, after all they’re trying to get you to buy something so they’re going to tell you what it is right. WRONG.

I’ve been through the entire sales page and video bit by bit and it’s a long sales page, couldn’t find a damn thing about what this is.

They’re basically expecting you to part with your cash on the back of some vague sales page telling you how easy it is to start making money by the end of the week.

Well as usual I’m here to tell you exactly what this is all about so you can figure out if it something you want to get involved in.

It’s a fairly long-winded process to be fair regardless of what the sales page says and I’ll be going through the steps when I outline the training later in this review.

For now I can tell you you’ll be setting up an autoresponder account, oh before i go any further just remember this is meant to be totally newbie friendly and set up in under 30 minutes.

You then need to set up a Facebook ad account, then set it up for lead generation campaigns.

Now the next part is a classic, on the sales page it categorically states “no product creation

sales page

But on the 6th video aptly named “Creating Your Money Magnet” he tells you at 4min 22sec to create a product!

You then have to create a lead generation ad, then join an affiliate network to find an offer to promote.

You’re then encouraged to pay for click tracking software (clickmagic)

you then set up a follow up sequence in Aweber (autoresponder) and rotate affiliate offers.

And you’re finished with phase one, phase 2 requires you to select an offer from Muncheye, you then have to create a lead capture page and pay for solo ads.

Then you finish up with creating your tracking link for the solo ad.


As for being “as newbie friendly as it gets“, how on earth is someone that has absolutely no experience going to create that lead magnet and know what the hell to do with it because as he says himself “he’s not here to tell you how to do that”

So anyway that’s what Income Automater is all about, no wonder they didn’t mention any of that on the sales page, I’m pretty sure that’s going to scare a lot of people off this product.[su_divider top=”no”]

what did I like

To be honest, not a lot really. Now that could be because I’m not into running Facebook ads and I found this overly complicated and at the same time left a lot of unanswered questions like the one I pointed out earlier.

He goes through the steps, but not in enough detail to make sense, it all just seems thrown together which is why it’s very hard to understand, he really doesn’t show you, he just tells you a lot of the process.

what I didn’t like

I think the sales page is a complete waste of time, nothing on there relates to what you get. I mean even their “newest members” aren’t real.

Art Flair is a serial product releaser himself so I highly doubt he’s going to be a member of this.

As for the other ‘newest members

new member

Here’s ‘Pit Marcos’ someone who gives Income Automater a great review as someone who has used it. Nothing wrong with that you might say, but what if I told you Pit Marcos isn’t even a real person, I mean he might be just not this person.

How do I know? That picture is just a stock photo, that means that picture is on a site that sells photos. Here he is to see for yourself:

Pit Marcos ?

Then you have Monica Stivenson

Monica Stivenson

Again another stock photo

stock photo

‘Monica’ must be very popular she’s on 25 pages of search results![su_divider top=”no”]

inside the members area

The training consists of 2 phases:income automater members area


  • Watch This First! – 1.20
  • Setting Up Your Automated Cash Machine – 5.51
  • Setting Up Your Traffic Goldmine Part 1 – 5.29
  • Setting Up Your Traffic Goldmine Part 2 – 5.51
  • Connecting Your Traffic Goldmine Part 1 – 2.36
  • Connecting Your Traffic Goldmine Part 2 – 3.47
  • Creating Your Money Magnet – 5.39
  • Creating Your Attractor – 14.45
  • Joining Affiliate Networks And Finding Offers To Promote – 11.31
  • Setting Up Your Super Link – 9.46
  • Configuring Your Automated Cash Machine – 13.07
  • Changing Affiliate Offers You Are Promoting – 1.45


  • Selecting An Offer For Phase 2 – 10.42
  • Building Your Honey Pot Part 1 – 9.55
  • Building Your Honey Pot Part 2 – 11.49
  • Supersonic Traffic Part 1 – 13.22
  • Supersonic Traffic Part 2 – 1.05
  • Creating Your Supersonic Tracking Link – 6.17

That’s what you get in the training area. You also get a couple of bonus videos about finding Clickbanking partners which I have no idea what they are doing there. Really just confuses the issue.[su_divider top=”no”]

the oto’s

After you purchase this product you’re going to be hit with the 3 upsells that supposedly will make earning money even easier, yeah right.

  • OTO #1 $37 with a downsell to $17

This is a done for you pack of 5 custom landing pages, the downsell will get you 3.

  • OTO #2 $47 with a downsell to $27

This will get you 60 days done for you marketing material or 45 days on the downsell

  • OTO #3 $97 with a downsell to $67

This is a reseller license enabling you to resell Income Automater and keep 100% of the profits[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

Whenever I see sales pages like this one I’m always very skeptical, but always willing to give the benefit of the doubt and let them have the chance to prove me wrong.

If the product is that good then why not put testimonials from real members on the sales page rather than stock photos? Couldn’t they find people to give their name to it?

As for claims like this

sales page hype

That’s just ridiculous, I can say now after being through the training that isn’t going to happen.

I’ve just found something that I missed earlier, on the ‘watch this first video’ it shows the words ‘WELCOME TO BANKLY’.

income automater or Bankly

Bankly was a product that was released August 28 this year that I actually did a review on here. I checked back over that review and basically it’s the exact same product just a different name!

And he has the audacity to tell you on the sales video about other products doing the same thing and how bad that is, but that’s not what you’re getting with this. OH YES YOU ARE!

So If you have bought that product just over 2 months ago you’re going to be getting that again if you buy this 🙁

not approved[su_divider top=”no”]

what now

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