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Welcome to my Profit Robot review. Art flair is someone who this site is very familiar with mainly because of the amount of products he releases.

The quality of these products are, I’m afraid to say, generally pretty poor or even worse just a rehash of one of his previous products.

I’ve had a quick look at the other reviews and can only assume that this particular product is a lot better because I can’t find one person who doesn’t think this is great.

Unfortunately most of those reviewers won’t even bother to go through the actual product to see if it really is any good, they’ll just blindly repeat what the sales page is telling you which from my experience isn’t always what you end up with.

Luckily enough though you’ve landed on my review and what you’ll get is a complete look at the whole product, warts and all, so you can make a better decision if you’re going to buy it because I’ll tell you straight if I think it’s any good or not.

So let’s dive in.

NAME: Profit Robotprofit robot review

OWNERS: Art Flair & Pallab Ghosal

PRICE: $12.97


#1 recommendation for making money from home

what is profit robot about

Profit Robot is about sending traffic to 2 automated funnel systems that is apparently going to earn you $444.80 per day.

profit robot sales page headline

And you can do this in just 20 minutes a day and you don’t even have to promote anything.

I’m really not sure how you can send traffic somewhere if you’re not actually promoting something to them in order for them to be interested enough to click through to the funnel, but hopefully that will all become clear as I move through the training.

They claim that you’re not going to need any tech skills or prior experience and you WILL make money this week. Very bold claims indeed, claims I’ve seen a thousand times before.

sales page hype

All sounds great doesn’t it.

One of things that also caught my eye was this

sales page big budget

So you are going to need a budget for this to work they just don’t tell you how much. The thing that is still sticking in my mind is that no promoting anything headline. How can that be?

Well I think it’s time to find out just what it is you have to do to earn that money.

inside the training

So, once you get inside the training area you get an introduction to what Profit Robot is. He goes over the traditional model of affiliate marketing and then shows you a different way.

You have to join 2 automated funnels with multiple income streams inside each one. The first one is Funnel x Roi.

Now when you go to sign up with you put in your name and email and then you come to this page

funnel x roi sign up

Once you click the sign up here button you get taken here

easy 1up sign up

which as you can see is Pallab Ghosal’s who if you have forgotten is one of the people selling this product. So he is sending his customers to his sign up page to extra commissions. Hmm.

Once you fill out the information required you get taken here

easy 1up dashboard

I choose the lowest level and then had to pay Pallab Ghosal another $20 and $5 to the administrator. What the heck is going on?

OK, so I’m obviously not going to pay that, so let’s get back to Funnel x Roi.

The second step you need to do is create a Nowlifestyle account.

nowlifestyle account

This account has a 7-day trial at $1, but after that you have to pay $50 a month.

After you’ve completed that step you then have to create a ROI panel account

roi panel accountOnce you’ve done that you get taken here

roi panel costAgain I’m not going to pay any of those amounts so I go on to the next step which brings me here

funnel x advance memberYou share your affiliate link and get $1 for each qualified lead you send them. This part is free, but of course there are different levels to increase your commissions up to 1,073 times more.

This is going to cost you, unfortunately I couldn’t access that part of the program. Anyway back to Funnel x Roi.

After all of that you’d think you were done with signing up for things wouldn’t you? Well you’d be wrong because after all that you’re taken on to the next step which is this

advertising boost account

which takes you here

advertising boost cost

This is all beginning to add up!

Please be done, please be done.

Thank god for that, I’ve come to the end.

Now I should point out that if you don’t sign up for these programs yourself you won’t get any of the commissions your visitors generate when they sign up to any particular step.

So what we have just gone through is the exact funnel you have to promote to people. So Pallab Ghosal would have got a commission on each and every one of those had I actually paid and signed up.

Once I actually get inside the Funnel X Roi dashboard because I haven’t paid any money I have to go through each and every one of those bloody steps again!

Now remember this is only ONE funnel system. I’m not going to bore you with the steps of the other one, but what I will say is that to get any real benefit from it you’re going to have to pay $397, you can check it out for yourself if you want, just google ‘Mark Wightley funnel franchise

Now their claim of no big budget is beginning to look a bit false don’t you think? And you are actually promoting something.

getting traffic

The Traffic section of the training consists of approaching vendors that are launching a product in the near future and asking to secure a bonus spot for that launch by paying $1 per click.

Another method to get traffic is using social media, in particular Reddit.

It then moves on to paid traffic and putting your banner ad on other peoples’ website or places like Warrior Forum. These videos are taken from old products, some from April 2017.


Usually at this point I go over the upsells, but having just had a look at them they’re not worth the money either, most are just what they bundle together for old products and have nothing or very little to do with this product.

If you were to buy all 5 upsells you’d have to splash out $451.

final thoughts

Going through that sign up process has actually left me physically drained, it was a complete nightmare and you’re supposed to promote that and send people through that same process.

I would hate someone for putting me through that.

This product itself is incredibly difficult to understand, I had to go over and over several of the videos just to hear what it was he was actually saying.

I would play the same section over trying to put together what it was he was saying, I got other people to try and decipher what it was. It was complete madness.

This without a doubt has been one of the most frustrating reviews I’ve done, not only because of what they want you to do, but the way it is delivered.

If you think you’re going to earning big money with this you need to think again. It a convoluted process that is only going to achieve one thing and that is misery.

Regardless of what they say on the sales page you are going to need a big budget.

There is no way that I could in all good conscience recommend this to you.

not approved

so what do you do now

I’ll tell you what you need to do and that is forget all about these claims of easy money and set yourself up for the future.

I am going to let you in on a little secret that not a lot of people know and I feel that you deserve to know about and that is you don’t need any ‘special’ automated funnels to build an online business, the most effective way is with your own website.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

The best way to build those foundations is to create a FREE Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate.

zero risk

Click the banner below to get instant access and start your amazing journey

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll be there to personally welcome you on the inside ????

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10 thoughts on “Profit Robot Review”

  1. I felt your mounting frustration as you took us through each step of the sign-up to the Profit Robot!  I’m glad you saved me the trouble.  That’s one experience I would hate to live through, in my search for an online platform to earn from.

    Appreciate your doing the vetting for us! 🙂

  2. Hi Sharon, thanks for the thorough review on Profit Robot. As I read through, I was so confused by the many upsells inside this so-called traffic system. I really applaud your patience in going through the entire process till the end. Btw, I saw that you are recommending us to join Wealthy Affiliate. What is inside this program? 

    • It would seem that is how the program works unfortunately, send as many people through that funnel to the commission.

      Regarding Wealthy Affiliate I think it’s probably easier to send you to my full review which you can read here

  3. I’ve heard about this! Profit Robot is a bot which can help you to earn some real money on telegram. From the way I understand it, There are 3 ways to earn. First, there are offers, so you earn by installation of apps, polls & surveys. Then, by Web surfing. In other words, you earn by visiting websites. You watch an advertisement, move forward to the website, and then you’re rewarded. The final way (I believe) is by Inviting friends and building passive income based on referrals. ~Koda 

  4. I’ve visited your site in the past, but for some reason this particular post isn’t able to load because it keeps saying there’s an issue connecting to the server. Let me know when it’s back up so I can take a look at it because I’m curious to know your thoughts about this particular system!

  5. I actually know a girl who purchased this for help with her beauty blog and ended up being caught out. Turns out the website and traffic software come with credits included – everything runs smoothly until those credits run out then you’re hit with the fact that you need to purchase more credits to carry on with the system. 

    She also had a problem with a recurring payment after she paid for the product for the first time (i.e. they tried to take three payments for the same product, three months apart!)


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