Secret Millionaire Bot Review

Welcome to my Secret Millionaire Bot review. Today we’re going to be looking at a product that is getting a lot of attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

Almost everybody is calling this a scam, but are they right?

As part of my research I’ve looked through the other reviews, but haven’t been able to find out exactly what this is about, not one review tells you and yet they all seem to agree it’s a product that should be avoided at all cost, but how do they know?

It would seem that their findings are based on the sales page so that would be as good a place as any to start, but then I’ll be taking a look at the actual product to see just what it is and if it stands up to the hype.

Needless to say this is going to be very interesting to see if everybody is right or if they’ve made a terrible mistake.

NAME: Secret Millionaire BotSecret Millionaire Bot Review

OWNERS: Charles Allen?

Glynn Kosky? Leigh Kosky?

Elizabeth? Mike?



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What Is Secret Millionaire Bot About

Before we start looking at the sales page and taking that apart I’m going to cut straight to the chase here and tell what the others don’t seem to know.

Are you ready?

Secret Millionaire Bot is a very basic Instagram course that consists of 9 videos that show how to set up your Instagram account and give you some ideas to make money from it.

Now, apart from it being the most basic thing I’ve seen, there is only 1 mention of a bot that I could find and that was in video 7.

Even then they don’t tell you what it is, they just show you this flow chart:

the only mention of the bot

That is the only time you’ll see any reference to the bot. What does the bot do? It auto follows, likes and unfollows. I actually read recently that Instagram is cracking down on the use of bots so this could be redundant.

The rest of the course is made up of creating a brand for yourself, stuff like that. I’ll go over in more detail when we take a look inside a bit later, but for now that is what Secret Millionaire Bot is all about.[su_divider top=”no”]

Secret Millionaire Bot Sales Page

A lot has been made of this sales page by other reviews and I’ve got to say I can see why.

One thing I want to pick up on, and I don’t know if they are just taking the piss out of people, but take a look at these names:

joke names

Let’s start with the gentleman in the bottom right corner, Nigel Reo-Cooker. There is a footballer in the UK called Nigel Reo-Coker who used to play for The Hammers and The Villa.

Then you have Natasha Beddingfield, a famous singer, again from the UK. Paula Yates, most famous for being in a relationship with Sir Bob Geldof and Michael Hutchence.

And then of course you have Donald Trimps! Really, they’ve got to be taking the mickey out of people.

All of those pictures are stock photos and a simple image search on Google throws up page after page of each of them.

The of course you have the video, I’ve managed to find a video on Youtube that you can have a look at:

All of those people who are telling you how much money they’ve made are actors form a place called Fiverr. It’s a place you can get virtually anything done for a fiverr, they will say anything you want them to say, basically they will lie on camera.

Fake Testimonials

So, I think it’s safe to say that this sales page is about as fake as it gets, and after seeing the training I highly doubt that you’ll be banking 1 million dollars per year either, sorry.

I mean, think about it for a sec. They are supposedly willing to let you into this big secret that has the potential to earn a million a year and all there are charging you is $9!!! Come on people, that sort of thing just doesn’t happen.

Oh, and if you try and click away from the page you’ll get a discount so the price goes down to $7 ….. Bargain! Not.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside Secret Millionaire Bot

Now’s the time to go where no one has gone before ….. no I don’t mean Star Trek, I mean to actually have a look inside the members area of Secret Millionaire Bot.

Now, before we venture off into the unknown I’ve got to let you know that if you were to buy this product for the bargain price of $7 you’re going to be hit with upsells straight after you buy it.

I’m going to be going over the upsells in the next section, but let me tell you now they ain’t cheap and having seen what you get for your money I’m going to say right now don’t even entertain any thoughts of buying them, they definitely are not worth it.

So, you’ve resisted the temptation of the upsells and have made it safely into the members area ……

Now, if you’ve been taking notice you’ll have seen near the beginning of this review that the owners were something of a mystery, with the video being fronted by someone claiming to be Charles Allen.

Well the first thing you get once you’re inside the members area is another video that is being voiced over by none other than Glynn Kosky who I’ve reviewed many times on this blog along with his brother Leigh with products like Triple Traffic Bots,

Traffic Multiplier, Instant eCom Funnels, 60 Minute Profit Plan, etc, etc.

The next thing that stands out is the number of steps they want you to take before you get into the training, for example the first thing they want you to do is register for John Crestani’s webinar that is basically just a sales pitch for his Super Affiliate System which can cost $997.

They also recommend you “Click here for our highest recommendation” which takes you to a sales page for Brendan Maces’ Goodwill product which of course they are affiliates for both products.

So, we finally get to the meat of the product, the Secret Millionaire Bot training. This is split up into what for some reason is weeks.

secret Millionaire Bot members area

Each one of those weeks contains one video apart from weeks 6 & 8 which have 2 videos:

  • Module 1 – Introduction – 9.30 – This is where it get a bit more confusing, this video is introduced by someone called Elizabeth, but says you can call her Ally??? She says she’s been using this course for around six months and that she is one of the students in the exclusive class??? I have no idea what she’s going on about.
  • Module 2 – Starting On The Right Foot – 8.00
  • Module 3 – Building your Brand On Instagram – 3.30
  • Module 4 – Creating An Instagram business Account – 1.42 – This video is part hosted by someone called Alisa Meredith who I found out runs her own successful blog
  • Module 5 – 5 Ways To Make Money On Instagram – 11.46 – Here they go over 5 ways to make money including promoting Affiliate products, adding ads on a website, pay per install, Teespring and selling Shoutouts.
  • Module 6a – Becoming a Dropshipper On Instagram – 4.03
  • Module 6b – Google Forms – 4.29

  • Module 7 – Affiliate Marketing Case Study – 11.54 – Someone called Steve takes over this lesson about making money on Instagram using Affiliate Marketing

  • Module 8a – Growing Your Instagram Followers – 6.57
  • Module 8b – Sponsored Posts – 7.25 – It time for another person to take the reins in the form of Mike

There are 2 bonus videos that cover funnels and email by someone who I’m sure is called Thor, more than likely not the God of Thunder.

Anyway that’s what you get with Secret Millionaire Bot and as I said earlier there really is no mention of a Bot anywhere.

The whole thing is very superficial and I’m sure I know why. Firstly there isn’t a lot of information in there and secondly this is only to get you into the funnel for those high priced upsells that I’ll go over next.

Wealthy Affiliate sign up

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Secret Millionaire Bot Upsells

I’ve seen a lot of upsells in the course of doing these reviews, but I can honestly say I haven’t seen ones that are so expensive.

  • OTO #1 Gold – $197 – Secret Millionaire Bot Pro – They claim this will double your income of the basic system. Here’s a little secret for you, if you click “No thanks” at the bottom of the page you’ll get a $100 discount.
  • OTO #2 – platinum – $196 – 1000X Your Earnings – He reckons he’s got an inside guy at Google who told him Google had dropped the ball and of course you can exploit it using this upsell. Again Click “No Thanks” and you’ll get $100 taken off.
  • OTO #3 -Titanium – $247 – 10x Duplicator – Another loophole for you to exploit! This one has a $50 discount.
  • OTO #4 – $497 – Unlimited Traffic – This one doesn’t have a downsell.

And after that little lot you get into the members area after you’ve once again put in your name and email address. Do you realise that lot comes to a staggering $1,137!! At least I’ve saved you $250.

What I’ll do quickly now is tell you what each of those upsells actually are.

OTO #1 is a 10 video course that centers around video marketing which looks a lot like a PLR product. Yep, I was right, it’s PLR that will cost you around $47, no wonder they can afford to drop the price by $100. Her’s the second video in the course that I found on Youtube:

OTO #2 is a 15 module course called Online Income Formula that was released April 2018 and yes you’ve guessed it, PLR. And that will cost you $37 if you bought it.

OTO #3 is a 20 module course by Glynn Kosky that covers product launches, nothing to do with loopholes like the sales page for this upsell would have you believe.

OTO #4 is where you can get your Facebook Pixel that you can put on the sales page for Secret Millionaire bot and siphon the traffic from there.

Impressed? Didn’t think so, I’m not either.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts About Secret Millionaire Bot

Not sure what I can say about this really apart from what a load of BS. How the hell can they get away with that sales page, I just don’t understand it.

It bears little to no resemblance to what it is you’re actually getting, it’s total rubbish and as for those upsells, how can they sleep at night knowing what they’ve done.

I suppose for your $7 you do get some info, but very rudimental stuff, not enough to make you a millionaire that’s for sure.

In fact even if you spent the $1,137 on the upsells you wouldn’t become a millionaire.

This is one of those products that I have no hesitation in not approving and this is by far the worst product by Glynn Kosky that I’ve seen.

No wonder he doesn’t want to put his name to it publicly.

not approved

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What Now?

Now I’m not going to claim to be part of a secret society that will have you earning a million in no time at all, in fact the platform I’m a member of is probably the most well-known affiliate training platform on the internet today.

You’ve probably guessed who I’m talking about, Wealthy Affiliate. A place you can be sure of not getting ripped off, a place you can learn how to finally be given the chance to make the sort of money you’ve always wanted online.

If you want to know exactly how it’s done then just copy me, seriously, copy what I’ve done.

There’s a quote that I love that goes something like this:

“Do exactly as I say until you find out it doesn’t work or until you find out I’m lying, well I don’t lie and it does work”

That’s why I’m still there over 4 years down the line.

If you want to read a detailed review of Wealthy Affiliate then click here.

Alternatively if you’re feeling adventurous you can click the banner below to go straight to the sign up page, you only need your email and you’re good to go, no credit card, the starter membership is free.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll meet you on the inside and help you every step of the way :)[su_divider top=”no”]

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