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Welcome to this Zippy review. Today we’re gong to be looking at the latest in a long line of products from none other than Billy Darr.

Now, if you are lucky enough not to be familiar with that name let me just say that unfortunately he hasn’t got the best reputation for releasing quality products.

In fact, he’s better known for absolute rubbish he puts together and gets people to buy by lying on the sales pages, they think they are getting one thing when in reality they get something quite different which doesn’t live up to those claims on the sales page.

We’ll go into some complaints about Billy Darr from his customers a bit later, but for now let’s concentrate on this latest product, Zippy.

What we’ll do in this review is look at the actual product so we can compare that to the claims being made on the sales page, we’ll give you an idea of who would benefit form this the most before going over any good points as well as any bad points.

Once we’ve done that we’ll take a look at the members area to see what that looks like and we’ll also see what the upsells are and how much they cost.

If you stick around to the end you’ll find out our final thoughts on Zippy and if Billy Darr has actually managed to put together something that is going to be of use.

NAME: Zippyzippy review

OWNERS: Billy Darr, Justin Opay

& Dipanjan Goswami

PRICE: $17


my recommendation for making money online

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Zippy Review – What’s it About?

When I do a review and when I can I always like to see what a product is about before I take a look at the sales page, this way I then have something to gauge the claims by.

The best I know to do that is to take a look at the overview video to see what it is you’re going to be doing. Unfortunately I can’t do that with this product because there is no such video, no overview, no introduction, nothing, zilch, nada.

In fact there are no training videos whatsoever so I have no idea what you are expected to do, no idea how this works, no idea where to start or anything.

Now, I know this is a review copy, but it goes live in just a few hours and you would have thought that this is going to be the finished article, if it is and there is no training or overview then people are really going to struggle to figure it out.

All I can tell you is what is in the menu. It starts off with a dashboard which has various sections that even though they say “view all” you cannot click them.

The next is an agency button which doesn’t do anything then you have ‘New Viral Campaign‘ which takes you to a page where it says “What would you like to create?” and it has different buttons, quiz, trivia, quote, poll, flip card, personality, story, news.

After clicking on flip card I literally have no idea what you have to do and after trying out a few more I’m still totally in the dark as to what to do.

Next up is ‘DFY Viral Campaign’ which has different tests like “Which Disney pair are you and your bestie”? which gives you different questions related to Disney or at least the first question did, the second was a bit random.

The pictures that were meant to accompany each question didn’t show up and the result was that me and my bestie are Anna and Elsa which out of curiosity made me think what if I answered the questions differently …… no change, still Anna and Elsa.

More importantly I still have no idea what I’m meant to be doing.

Next up is ‘My Reports‘ which has a set if icon along the top which are clickable, but don’t actually do anything. Underneath is a table with a title and created on date and some actions, one being view so I did and it comes up with this:

zippy software not working

Next in the menu is ‘Traffic Tools‘ which takes you to a page where it has a drop down menu to choose one of the DFY campaigns and then you choose a keyword to put in underneath and hit the ‘Generate’ button.

Once you hit ‘generate’ it comes up with “Traffic generation job started for the post successfully” whatever the hell that means???

Next is ‘Social Blast‘ where you have a bunch of social media buttons that I suppose you send whatever is it you’ve meant to do to.

The last one in the menu is ‘Affiliate Links‘ which looks like you can put a title and your affiliate link, but what that does is anybody’s guess.

And that is Zippy. As I’ve said I really do have no idea what this is really about, I assume it has something to do with those quiz type things that you post on social media.

Why have they not put any instructions? It’s just crazy to think that people are going to muddle through hoping they’re doing it right.

If this is the finished article they are going to have a lot of refund requests![su_divider top=”no”]

The Sales Page

Now we still don’t know what this is about let’s see what the sales page says it can do for you, it might actually shed a bit of light on the subject.

zippy sales page headline

No, no, no, why are they still doing that?? On almost all Billy Darr products you can be sure you’ll see headlines like that. Headlines that claims you’ll either have sales, visitors’ or buyer traffic in under 60 seconds, 45 seconds rubbish like that.

Don’t believe it because it’s all lies. You’re not ONE click away and you’re never going to have hundreds of viral visitors’ in under 60 seconds.

I don’t know if you’ve taken a look at the sales page, but it’s absolutely massive, there is no need for it to be that big. Generally to tell you about a product it would only need a quarter of what they have put together.

When you have a page that is as long as this one then you can be sure they will fill it with nonsense and with stuff to try and relate to you and of course just constantly repeat themselves.

trying to compare this software to massive companies campaigns

They are trying to convince you that by using this software you can achieve the kind of results these billion dollar companies can get which is BS.

They try to make out that getting viral visitors’ means that you’ll be getting people who are ready to buy. Why on earth would someone who has taken that Disney pair quiz be someone who wants to buy something???

The income “proof” is useless because you don’t know where those figures come from, there is nothing on there to back those figures up, they could be from anything.

I think with every product I’ve reviewed lately there seems to be some sort of fixation on the product only taking 3 steps and this one is no different.

  • Step 1 – Grab a copy of Zippy
  • Step 2 – Select a viral campaign and enter a link of your choice
  • Step 3 – Enjoy thousands of free viral visitors’ in as little as 60 seconds

What a load of crap, excuse my french.

The sales page goes on and on, but I’m not going to take up any more of your time on this just know that you really shouldn’t trust what they are saying.[su_divider top=”no”]

Who Is This For?

Well it’s definitely for the beginner because that’s how Billy Darr addresses people on the sales page. Anyone with any experience wouldn’t touch this with a ten-foot barge pole.

Trouble is because this is aimed at beginners they won’t know any different and when they don’t manage to achieve what the sales page claims they might well blame themselves for it not working when nothing could be further from the truth.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Good Bits

  • I really couldn’t find any good points with this.

The Bad Bits

  • Where do I start
  • No overview
  • No training
  • Parts didn’t work
  • totally unrealistic sales page

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Inside The Members Area

Before we have a look inside the members area let me just warn you about the upsells that you’ll encounter right after you buy this.

Some vendors will make a big deal of offering a money back guarantee on the front end and then leave it off the upsells completely.

The first you know of it is when you try and get a refund and find out you can’t. there goes a lot of money right down the drain.

The same thing happened to Matthew and you can read his comment here to see how much he lost, hopefully that won’t happen to you. My advice is to totally skip the upsells you really don’t need them.

Once you get past the upsells and logged in you’ll see this dashboard:

zippy members area

There are graphs in the dashboard area that are totally useless, you can’t do anything with them. And just looking at them the date go back to September last year so it would seem that this has actually been out for nearly a year so is this a rehash?

I’ve already been over what you get inside here so I don’t need to bore you with it all again.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Oto’s

Let’s quickly go over what the upsells are and how much they are going to cost you should you decide to buy them which I don’t recommend.

  • OTO #1 – Unlimited edition – $39
  • OTO #2 – Done for you edition – $197
  • OTO #3 – Automation edition – $197
  • OTO #4 – Reseller edition – $39
  • OTO #5 – ATM edition – $197

That little lot right there would set you back close to $700! Now you see why I gave you that warning, you could potentially lose a hell of a lot of money.

My advice stands, you don’t need these.[su_divider top=”no”]

Complaints About Billy Darr

It would take far too long to go into every complaint I’ve received about Billy Darr, but to give you some idea they generally include having trouble getting refunds, terrible products and no refunds on the upsells. Here are some screenshots from those unfortunate to have bought his products:

Complaints about Billy Darr

It always helps to know what sort of person you’d be dealing with and from the complaints I’ve received I wouldn’t want to give this guy any money.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts

I’ve no doubt there’ll be people who are singing the praises of this product, but that is for one reason and one reason only, they want you to buy this rubbish through their link, they’ll even try to bribe you with “bonuses” that are just as useless as this product.

If they were to put as much effort into producing a decent product as they do into their sales pages they might put together something that people are going to find useful.

The sales page says this does have training, but I couldn’t find any and launch time is quickly approaching. Without it the whole thing doesn’t make any sense.

You’re just going to be left wondering what’s going on, totally lost on what to do next.

The dashboard is confusing as well with statistics showing opened, unopened, viewed and bounced which to my knowledge refers to emails which this doesn’t have anything to do with.

It bewilders me how he can keep producing rubbish and people keep buying, I suppose it’s partly because of the hype on the sales page and partly due to all the affiliate who promote this rubbish.

Sales pages like the one promoting this can do a lot of damage, yeah they all sound great, but it’s all too good to true much like most of his sales pages.

If you were in any doubt as to which way I would go on this one let me put you out of your misery, sorry guys I won’t approve this one, no great surprise there.

zippy not approved

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What Now?

The truth of the matter is you don’t need any special software or the next big thing to make money online, but you do need a website.

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I’ll be there to personally welcome you and help you every step of the way as will the owners. Hope to see you on the inside.

Whatever you decide to do I really wish you he best and hope you find a way to make money online because it really is the best feeling in the world :)[su_divider top=”no”]

Have you had any experience with Billy Darr? If you have, good or bad let everyone know about in the comments, I reply to every one.

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8 thoughts on “Zippy Review”

  1. Thanks Sharon, Happy new year to you also.
    The product was the AIM program – Auto Income Machine. They also refer to it as the Auto Sales Macine.
    His team set up the funnel for you and you get a link to promote. The link is a $17 product, Nexus, with up grades. It looks dodgy and sounds very much like the products that people have complained about in the make money onluine nixhe
    I’m having a look at the link you provided in your article. Is that how you were able to make money online?

    • Yes, I’ve been part of the community for nearly 9 years now and there’s no way I would have stayed anywhere near that long if they weren’t legit. The good thing about it is that they teach you that you can promote virtually anything you want, you soon realise it doesn’t need to be something shady, you can truly help people. If you do decide to take a look I’ll be there to help you because I know how daunting something new can be. You don’t have to worry about constantly being sold to either by other members, Wealthy Affiliate forbids that sort of stuff. Whatever you decide I truly wish you all the best for 2024, make it your year Amanda!

      • Thankyou Sharon for your advice. I will give it a go. That is what I need I think. The way you put it – you can promote virtually anything you I want – sounds like I will be able to promote things that I can truly believe in.
        Also thankyou for your honest review of Billy Darr. It seems like a lot of so called reviews of these type of products online are just set up to sell and they are not really reviews at all.

  2. I was looking for info on Billy Darr’s reputation as I had signed up to a course he was selling. He was promoting it as teaching people to make money online. The course seems genuine and people seem to be making money pretty quickly but when I looked at the links and products and did some research I realised that the products are all junk. I cannot bring myself to sell or recommend junk. Even though I am broke and desperately need the money I will have to just walk away from the money I spent on the course.

    • Hey Amanda, first off, happy new year to you. I’m so sorry to hear that Billy Darr has lured yet another unsuspecting person into another one of his scams! I’d have thought he’d have given his shady operations up by now, btw, what course did you buy if you don’t mind me asking? One thing I’ve learned form all the reviews I’ve done on Billy Darr is that nothing good ever gets produced by this guy. It’s all smoke and mirrors with the sales pages for his products, I highly doubt anyone has ever made ANY money form one of his ‘courses’. I really do hope you find a legitimate way to make money online like I did, it can be tough wading through all the rubbish out there to find what you are looking for though. I just want to say that I admire you for not wanting to sell or recommend rubbish, a women after my own heart!


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