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Welcome to my Cash Flash review. Today we are going to be looking at someone new called Sabin Timsina. This is someone who I haven’t come across before and it’s always nice to review someone who doesn’t come with any preconceptions.

Although I tried to stay as impartial as possible on this site it can get incredibly hard when the people you’re reviewing constantly produce absolute rubbish does tend to taint your view of them.

Which is why always like it when there’s a new face on the block because hopefully they can bring something new and fresh to the table which the others just aren’t doing.

This review can cover quite a few things and if you stick around right to the end you’ll find out what our final thoughts are, but before that we’re going to take a look at the actual product itself so that we have something to compare to the sales page which will also be looking at.

When we know exactly what this is will give you some idea of who this would benefit the most and then will go over any good points this has and also any bad points.

Will also go inside the members area to see what that looks like and what that has to offer before taking a look at the upsell’s to see what they are and how much they are going to cost you.

NAME: Cash Flashcash flash review

OWNER: Sabin Timsina

PRICE: $11.97


My number one recommendation for making money online

Cash Flash Review – What’s It About?

Whenever I do review I always think it’s best to find out what the product is actually about first then we have something to compare the sales page.

If I can I like to take a look at the overview video inside the members area because I found the rather than rely on what the sales page says you’ll always find out the truth in that overview video.

The first thing I notice is that he seems to be quite young lad which has to be applauded in my book for getting into this business the second thing I notice is he talks extremely fast so fast in fact I actually had to slow down the video.

I have to say going through the overview video has given me a bit of a headache he seems to be bouncing off the walls is trying to go through it step by step but I don’t know if it’s just me but he doesn’t seem to be making a lot of sense.

I’m going to have to go through this a couple times to try and get the gist of what is saying.

Okay, So this is about CPL marketing which for those of you don’t know what CPL stands for it’s Cost Per Lead which basically means you will be getting paid for getting people to put in their email address on a particular offer

You’ll sign up to a site called CPA grip and choose and offer. Once you’ve done that you then use Google sites to create a landing page.

The next part deals with perhaps the most important part in and skin traffic to your offer without traffic you not gonna make any money, This has a couple of methods for you to get traffic.

The first method deals with joining Facebook groups specifically make money online Facebook groups. You then create posts advertising your free offer in return for an email.

The second method requires you to join mailer sites which if any of you have done so in the past will know not to use your primary email Because if you do you will get your inbox filled to overflowing with various offers.

The third method requires you to pay someone to put in their email, this is done via a site called Pico-workers. You will pay between $0.08 and $0.10 per lead.

That basically is what Cash Flash is all about.

The Sales Page

Now you know what Cash Flash is about let’s take a look at what claims are being made on the sales page. Too many times I see false claims so it’ll be interesting to see what this young guy has come up with.

cash flash sales page headline

Headlines like that always annoy me, they try and make out you’re only 3 steps away from making money which couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried.

Okay, you could pay for people to enter their email in your offer, but then that wouldn’t be free would it.

What are the 3 steps? Well according to the sales page they are:

  • Step 1 – Grab a copy of Cash Flash
  • Step 2 – Watch the training and set up the system
  • Step 3 – Start collecting leads and profit in just a couple of minutes

I really wish that sort of stuff were true. Why do vendors always think that just because you put an offer in front of someone they’re instantly going to either buy it or do whatever action is called for.

In a perfect world perhaps that would happen, but not in the real world. Just posting you offer in a Facebook group that is full of similar offers will not make you money in a couple of minutes.

Sorry for the reality check, but it’s never going to happen.

To be fair to Sabin this isn’t the worst sales page I’ve seen, not by a long shot. There are no crazy claims of making a fortune with no work, or push a button to make money or any of the usual crap so that has to be applauded.

Who Is This For?

One thing that people ask me is who a particular product would benefit the most which is why I like to give my opinion when I do a review.

I actually feel this would benefit anyone who is looking to make a bit of money online without the perceived complications of having a website.

He tells you how to set up Google sites to use as your landing page and gives you some free traffic methods just don’t expect to get rich doing it that way.

The Good Bits

  • No monetary outlay
  • Full training
  • 7 day money back guarantee

The Bad Bits

  • Spamming Facebook groups
  • Recommends making a video for landing page which not everyone wants to do
  • Using Mailer lists

Inside the Members Area

Let’s take a quick look inside Cash Flash members area to see what else you have in there. I’ve covered most parts in the section above, but there are a few more bits I’d like to tell you about.

cash flash members area

The training area is very straightforward and you can’t really go wrong. Even though this advertises free traffic the training focuses more on paid traffic in the form of Picoworkers. It dedicates 3 videos to showing you how to implement it.

It also has a case study video where he goes through a particular CPL offer which in this case is Amazon Baby Registry.

The Oto’s

When it comes to upsells there is something you should know. Some vendors will offer a money back guarantee on the front end and then leave it off the upsells.

What happens then is people will automatically think that the upsells have a guarantee and only find out they don’t when they try and get a refund.

Matthew had that happen to him and he lost a lot of money, read his comment here. My advice is to skip the upsells when you see them until you’ve tried the method and are getting results. If you are not then you’ll only have to get a refund for $11.97.

Besides the upsells are available inside the members area anyway.

  • OTO #1 – Pro version – $37 with a downsell to $17
  • OTO #-2 – Done for you – $197 with a downsell to $97
  • OTO #3 – Reseller rights – $67 with a downsell to $37
  • OTO #4 – IM inception – $17
  • OTO #5 – Live version – $37

To be honest I’m a bit disappointed to see the old trick of putting a $197 price tag on something when you only really want $97.

Imagine if you paid that $197 and then found out you could have paid $100 less for the same thing. You’d feel pretty bad and rightly so.

Final Thoughts

At the beginning of this review I had high hopes seeing as this was a vendor I was not familiar with and while it may not be the most polished product out there it does what it sets out to do.

Sabin does take a bit of getting used to, to fully understand what he is saying, but once you overcome that and slow the video down a bit then what he says makes sense.

Will you make any money with this? Yes I think you will. The thing I don’t think will work too well is posting in Facebook groups, but if you are willing to pay and use the Picoworker website then you should see results.

Then of course once you are earning you can reinvest and scale your campaigns to earn even more. Personally I would stay away from using mailers, but I know people do use them so that would be your choice.

I’m actually happy to be able to approve this as a viable way to earn some money.

cash flash approved

What Now?

With CPL there is always the risk of companies not paying out because of some guideline not being met, or the people you are sending to the offer seen as spam

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Whatever you decide to do I really wish you he best and hope you find a way to make money online because it really is the best feeling in the world 🙂

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