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Welcome to my Traffic Hack Viper review. Today we’re going to be looking at a product from someone who I’ve never come across before.

It was only yesterday that I reviewed a product by someone new as well and that turned out to be quite a decent course so hopefully this guy can follow in those footsteps.

Reviewing someone new is always a pleasure for me as there are no preconceptions because as much as I try to stay impartial when you review the same old products form the same old vendors who seem hell-bent on producing rubbish your view does tend to get a bit tainted.

New vendors don’t have all that baggage with them and you can go through their product with fresh eyes and hopefully come out the other side with a good product review.

We’re going to cover quite a few subjects within this review and if you stick around to the end you’ll find out our final thoughts on Traffic Hack Viper are.

But before we get to that point you’ll learn what this is really about so when we have a look at the sales page we have something to compare the claims to.

Once we know what this about I’ll be in a better position to give you my opinion on who this would benefit the most. We can then highlight any good points as well as any bad points.

The members area will also get a look as will the upsells to see what they are and how much they cost.

NAME: Traffic Hack Vipertraffic hack viper review

OWNER: Leon Gilmore

PRICE: $12.95


my recommendation for making money online

Traffic Hack Viper Review – What’s It About?

Whenever I have access to a product I always like to take the opportunity to see what it’s really all about, a lot of vendors don’t really tell you what a product is about on the sales page they just hype it up so the best way I know to find out is to take a look at any overview video there is.

You generally get to the truth of the matter when you’re inside the members area which is obviously too late for most people so let’s see what this is about shall we.

I have to say this is the most drawn out explanation of what a product is that I have ever seen. It’s funny actually, in yesterdays review I had to slow the videos down and this one I’ve had to speed them up.

This is a collection of 10 videos that will make you an expert in traffic, at least that’s what Leon says it’ll do. He also says this will give you what you need when you’re doing your thing on the internet, whatever that means?

Basically he says that whatever you are in, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Google, Youtube or even paid ads.

I’ve just gone through the first training video which is about Paid Ads. I’m really hoping the rest of the nine videos aren’t as bad as this one.

All he did was tell you 3 paid ad platforms, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Youtube Ads and at the end he tells you that you’re set in a position to do expert marketing. Really????

I’m going to have to have a look at the next video to make sure the first one was a blip. Unfortunately it looks like the second video is just him rambling on with no real message being conveyed.

It was meant to be 5 strategies for building a bigger email list and had gems such as people only sign up to mailing lists if they are already engaged in your content. No shit Sherlock.

I will go through the rest of the training, but for now that is what Traffic Hack Viper is about.

The Sales Page

So now we know what this is about let’s take a quick look at the sales page to see what that has to say about this. Hopefully he hasn’t gone for the exaggerated kind.

traffic hack viper sales page headline

To be fair that’s not the worst headline I’ve seen I’m just not sure it really relates to what’s inside the members area. The sales page boosts that this has step by step training when it really doesn’t, it could never be called training.

It goes on to say that no experience is required, well the first video as we know talks about Paid ads and if you haven’t got any experience in Paid Ads you’re going to lose a lot of money because the “training” doesn’t do anything to teach you how to set them up or anything.

Then he reckons that it takes only minutes to set up. What takes minutes? There is nothing to set up.

Sales page hype

I personally wouldn’t believe a word that is said in that image especially after seeing what’s on offer inside the product.

It goes on to tell you that in just 3 simple steps you’ll be making money. I think I’ve seen this 3 simple steps in at least the last 10 reviews I’ve done if not more and of course it al BS.

Then you have some bonuses that you’re led to believe are worth over $1,654 of which 3 are just 4 minute videos from Robin Palmer.

To finish the sales page off you have the regular price of $87 crossed out and today it’s only $12.95, what a bargain! Don’t be fooled it’s never $87.

Who Is this For?

This is just generic information on different platforms and I feel that it wouldn’t give much value to someone who is new, it would leave them with more questions than it answers.

Someone with any experience definitely wouldn’t find anything worthwhile inside here so I have to conclude that it’s only the vendor who will benefit from this course.

The Good Bits

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • ?????

The Bad Bits

  • Lots of fluff and filler to make a longer video
  • Terrible training
  • No cheat sheet
  • No examples

Inside The Members Area

Okay, let’s take a quick look inside the members area to see exactly what it looks like and what’s in there. Once you get past the upsells, which we’ll go over in the next section, and logged in you’ll see this dashboard:

traffic hack viper members area

This is built on the Clickfunnels platform and anyone familiar with that will know this is easy to navigate your way around, but as you work your way down the menu and click the next training video you will need to keep scrolling back to the top to see the video.

The videos are of a reasonable length, but in all honesty they could have easily been a third of what they are had it not been for all the padding out.

The Oto’s

So’ let’s move on to the upsells to see what they are, but before we do a quick heads up about some trouble people have with upsells.

What can happen is there is a money back guarantee on the main product, but then the vendor can leave any money back guarantee off the upsells and because they are generally more expensive you could potentially lose a lot of money just like one of my readers did.

You can read what happened to him here so it doesn’t happen to you. Beside you don’t need to buy them when you see them because they are available to buy inside the members area so no FOMO.

  • OTO #1 – Pinterest viper – $27 with a downsell to $17
  • OTO #2 – Facebook viper – $37 with a downsell to $27
  • OTO #3 – Instagram viper – $47 with a downsell to $37
  • OTO #4 – License rights – $97 with a downsell to $77

That little lot will set you back $208, but with the downsell you can at least save a bit of money. If the main product is anything to go by then you really should stay well away from these.

If you do want them all you need to do is click “No Thanks” at the bottom of each page to get the lower price.

Final Thoughts

He tells you different options but doesn’t tell you how to do those different options, it’s as if he’s read about this somewhere, but doesn’t know too much about it.

For example in the section on getting traffic for search engines he talks about researching the competition with what are they doing well? What are they doing badly? What keywords have worked for them and what ones have they missed?

You’re not going to know and he doesn’t give you any clue as to how to find out either. And that’s what I mean by it’s as if he’s just read it somewhere.

In fact, he presents this course via videos made up of slides and those slides remind me of PLR products I’ve seen which it’s possible that’s what he’s done and would account for his lack of any example scenarios.

I’ve just checked some of the other reviews and found they all think this is a really great product. I can only assume they haven’t bothered to go through the training or they’d have known how bad this really is.

Leon comes across as a nice guy and I’m sure he is, but I just can’t approve this for you guys.

traffic hack viper not approved

What Next?

I hope this Traffic Hack Viper review has helped you make a decision whether to buy this or not, either way this product leaves a lot of unanswered questions which is why I’m part of a community that helps each other out when help is needed.

At those times when you don’t quite understand something or just have a question about affiliate marketing in general, it’s why I’ve been a member for close to six years now and why I am a successful affiliate marketer.

The good thing is they are offering free membership at the moment and with that you’ll get a free website plus 10 free lessons on how to set up your new website the right way.

All you need to do is simply click the banner below, no credit card needed, just a name and email address and you’re good to go.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll meet you on the inside and be there to help you every step of the way. You’ll even meet the owners who will stop by to welcome you.

Whatever you decide I wish you the best in your online endeavors and remember I’m here to help you anyway I can 🙂

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