Traffic Trapper 2.0 Review

Welcome to my Traffic Trapper 2.0 Review. As the name suggests this is the second time this software has been released. The first time was back in October 2017.

What’s going to be interesting is seeing if this is any different to that one or if it’s just had 2.0 stuck on the end if it, which to be fair wouldn’t really surprise me because one of the vendors has a bit of a track record when it comes to rehashing old products.

So, what we are going to do in this review is first see if this is anything new and secondly what the likelihood of it actually working is.

NAME: Traffic Trapper 2.0traffic trapper 2.0 review

OWNERS: Art Flair, Alex Krulik

& Simple Spencer

PRICE: $16.93 & $22.38


#1 recommendation for making money from home

What Is Traffic Trapper 2.0 About

Well, according to the sales page it’s a new “traffic trapping” software that can get you free traffic on autopilot with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

If only that were really true.

Apparently this is 10X more powerful than the previous version and this could be to do with the added feature they have with this one.

In the video he actually says this is why they released a 2.0 version, so you can be pretty sure right off the bat that this new feature is going to be the only difference between the two.

Is it worth it if you’ve already got the first version? Well, If auto follow is important to you then you’re going to need to buy this one as well.

On the sales page they are really secretive about what social media platform they are using to “trap” their traffic, but in the demo video although he doesn’t mention it directly, he does talk about boards and pins ……. you don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to deduct that the platform they are using is Pinterest.

So, basically what we have here is another rehash, so much in fact that even the 2 sales pages from both versions are virtually identical, except for the 2.0 part and a couple of dates.

Take the headline for example:

traffic trapper 2.0 identical headlines

The rest of the sales page is like that even down to the “testimonials,” yep, that’s right, they’ve just been copied from the first version as well. So there goes the credibility of those!

Does Pinterest work as a source of free traffic? Yes it does, but will it give you all the free traffic these guys are claiming? I don’t know, I myself have had limited success with Pinterest.

But I will admit it’s not high on my list and I don’t spend a lot of my time on it, I have just over 4,000 followers, but I don’t really use it as I should as I get my traffic from organic searches.

If I’ve got the time I’ll stick up a quick test site and see just how long it takes to implement this and what kind of traffic I get just so you guys will know the truth.

According to these guys it should only take a couple of days to see a big increase in traffic, so I can easily update this post.

Inside The Training

Let’s take a look at what’s actually involved in this shall we. When you get into the members area which is after a long-winded process of making your way past 4 upsells which, by the way, I don’t recommend buying at this point.

I’ll elaborate on that a little later, but for now just skip on past those pesky upsells 🙂

The members area is split into 2 steps.

  • Step #1 is to download the Traffic Trapper 2.0 plugin. Now, it does have a warning attached to this and that is Google Chrome will flag this as ‘may be dangerous’ They obviously tell you to ignore that as it’s a false positive. Now, the whole process hinges on this plugin so if you don’t feel comfortable downloading this you’re going to have to contact their support and get your money back.
  • Step #2 is access the training. This is a set of 13 videos with a couple of case studies thrown in at the end. A lot of those 13 are the old videos from 2017, but I’ll let you know which ones are new.

The Training:

  1. How To Install The Traffic Trapper 2.0 Plugin – 1.41 – This is a quick video showing how to upload your downloaded traffic trapper 2.0 trainingplugin. This is an old video
  2. Don’t Have WordPress? Here’s How To Install It – 4.21 – This is a tutorial taken from HostGator tutorial series. This is an old video.
  3. How to set up Traffic Trapper Pinterest App – 3.14 – Shows you how to set up a Pinterest account and how to create a Pinterest application and integrate it into Traffic Trapper 2.0. This is a new video.
  4. Images Search Settings Intro – 0.59 – An introduction to the following videos about setting up the free image settings. This is a new video.
  5. Images Search Settings – Flickr – 1.54 – A quick video on setting up your API key. This is an old video.
  6. Images Search Settings – Google – 3.48 – Getting your API key and search ID. This is an old video.
  7. Images Search Settings – Unsplash – 1.45 – Same as the previous videos. This is an old video.
  8. Images Search Settings – Pixabay – 0.42 – Adding the Pixabay API key. This is an old video.
  9. How To Create A Pinterest Board – 1.25 – Another quick video showing how to create a board which is a prerequisite for using this software. This is an old video.
  10. How To Create A Template In Traffic Trapper – 1.49 – This is where the traffic from Pinterest will go to. This is an old video.
  11. How To Send Traffic To Posts – 2.19 – Shows you how to get the traffic to a post instead of a page which requires another plugin. This is an old video.
  12. Getting Started With Traffic Trapper – 3.07 – This video goes over setting up your campaign, from putting in your hashtags to setting up how long the campaign will last. This is an old video.
  13. Automatic Followers – 1.03 – This is the new feature of Traffic Trapper, here you can set it up to auto follow in your particular campaign. This is a new video.

The Case Studies:

  1. NEW 2019 Case Study – 6.23 – This is simply Art showing you some stats. This is a new video.
  2. Art’s Personal CASE STUDY (Part 1 of 2) – 2.38 – Another video showing some of the images being posted on Pinterest. This is an old video.
  3. Art’s Personal CASE STUDY (Part 2 of 2) – 3.54 – This is second part showing some stats. This is an old video.

And that, Ladies & Gentlemen, is the training you get with this product. 3 new videos in the training and 1 new case study which if I’m honest isn’t really a case study, it’s just him showing some stats.

The thing with the old videos, and to be fair I haven’t gone through the individual processes yet, is that the process may have changed.

Hopefully they were smarter enough to check and that is why they didn’t feel it was necessary to record new ones.

The Oto’s

Let’s move on to the upsells. As I’ve already said, this comes with 4 upsells which available inside the members area, so don’t think that you need to buy them when you’re presented with them straight after you buy the front end, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to buy them later if you want to.

I’ve had many people complain to me about upsells, the main complaint being getting their money back if they want a refund (take a look at the comment section here to see what I mean)

  • OTO #1 – £37 – Done-For-You Platinum Pack
  • OTO #2 – $197 – Unlimited Traffic Package
  • OTO #3 – $197 – Resellers License
  • OTO #4 – $27 – Software Bundle

If you have bought any of Art Flairs products and the upsells before you’ll most probably already have seen these.

oto 1 sales page

The other problem with these is I don’t know what have the contents of these upsells got to do with this product?

What are you going to be using Youtube outros for? Or stock videos? Or email follow-ups? It doesn’t make any sense.

It just shows a complete lack of any thought for the actual customer who may well buy these. They couldn’t even be bothered to change the name from Traffic xtractor to Traffic Trapper, they just want your money!

Final Thoughts

I have a bit of an aversion to software that automates whole processes, but as I found out what this was I did hold out some hope that this could actually help people.

And on the face of it you could be mistaken for thinking just that. But when you dig a little deeper things don’t really add up.

One of the main aspects of Pinterest is having images that catch the eye, that invoke someone to click that image. This plugin just pulls in free images and posts them to your boards.

Now you may be thinking that’s a real time saver, but and stick with me here, the quality of those images is horrendous. What do Pinterest images have on them apart from the picture? Graphic titles.

And that is where the problem is.

Take a look at the case study and see if those images make you want to click on them:

boring pinterest images

They are just plain boring stock pictures. They don’t tell you anything about what’s behind the image, let alone being relevant. What the hell have flowers got to do with internet marketing??

If you are going to work on pinterest please do yourself a favour and produce better stuff than that, sure it’ll take a bit of time, but they’ll convert much better.

not approved

So What Now

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that even the so-called ‘guru’s’ are slowly coming to realise and that is that you need a website. You don’t need software to churn out rubbish.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

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