Boomerang Buddy Review

Welcome to my Boomerang Buddy review. Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace are two characters with whom I am very familiar with, not on a personal level, but in terms of product reviews.

You see, they release a scary amount of products on a regular basis and while some of them can be good the majority of them are just old products given a slightly different twist, but are all basically the same.

Anyone who has been looking for money making opportunities for any length of time will know that. Unfortunately, the people who are new and have maybe never come across these guys before can get taken in by the flashy sales pages and claims of easy money.

Now, I have been making money online now for quite a while and I can honestly say with hand on heart that I have never come across an easy way to make money, it all takes work and if you got these vendors on their own they would tell you the exact same thing.

They’ve had to struggle the same as you or I, it’s just you don’t see that struggle and they certainly don’t advertise how hard it actually is.

A lot of these types of products never ever live up to the hype of the sales page and it’s not until you buy it and get inside that you actually realise you’ve been duped.

And then of course there’s a fight to try and get your money back form the vendors which is not always easy as I’ve found out from the many complaints I have from my readers of the trouble they have getting a refund.

This is the reason I do these reviews, to give you the potential customer/victim an inside look at these products before you buy so you can make a better buying decision.

So without further ado, lets crack on.

NAME: Boomerang Buddyboomerang buddy review

OWNERS: Jono Armstrong, Brendan Mace

& Tom E.

PRICE: $22 21


tired of all the scams

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What Is Boomerang Buddy All About

According to the sales page it’s automation software which is combined with step by step training that lets you profit from the efforts of already successful people.

Sounds a lot like using social media influencers to me, but we’ll see as we move through.

boomerang buddy sales page headline

The best part of these claims is that they reckon that this only takes 5 minutes of actual work and they say they have to the proof to back that claim up.

And how much money are you going to have to spend? Well, they say that you can spend as little as $10 today and you’ll get it back multiplied by tomorrow.

One part of the sales page that really caught my eye was this:

sales page questions

The problem i have with this is I see these kind of questions a lot on sales pages. They are there to make you think that what you’re going to be getting is different to all the other rubbish you bought that said the exact same things.

You see, a lot of the time those questions ring true for the actual product they are trying to sell to you.

Let’s hope this one is different.

Apart from that I can’t find anything else on the sales page that actually tells you what it is you’re going to be spending your money on.

Well, lets change all that, shall we.

First up, what is this software they make such a big deal out of?

What this software does is find Instagram Influencers (told you it had something to do with influencers) along with how many followers they have, how many posts they have and other stuff like their engagement rate.

Now, they reckon the IG influencers that the software brings back are all prequalified which means that you’ll never get someone how is trying to cheat you, not sure how they can do that, but hey I’ll run with it for now.

The software is the main focus of this product, but there is 3 training videos by Jono that show different ways to make use of the software to make money and I’ll go over those in a while, but for now that is basically what Boomerang buddy is about.[su_divider top=”no”]

Problems With The Software

Now, I feel that you need to know what problems I encountered when i downloaded the software. First of all I got this warning:

software danger warning

After deciding to keep it on a test computer I thought I’d do what I always do with downloaded files and that is run it through VirusTotal and this is what it found:

software virus

So, the software is showing a Trojan. Now you might feel that’s’s enough for you to not want to take the risk of your computer being infected and all your sensitive info being stolen or held to ransom or just having to do a clean reinstall of your OS.

Inside the members area, before you download the software they tell you to read the notepad document that says “READ ME FIRST” which is inside the download folder and that document reads like this:

virus warning So the choice is yours, do you trust them? How well do you know them? You don’t know them at all do you, they could be telling you anything.

Either way I won’t be installing this on my main computer for obvious reasons, but I will run it in a sandbox on my test computer just to see if it does what they claim.[su_divider top=”no”]

Inside Boomerang Buddy

Before you actually get into the members area you’ll have to go through the sales funnel which involves 5 upsells of some pretty high priced offers.


I’ll let you know why in the next section, but for now just click ‘no thanks’ at the bottom of each page.

So, when you’ve successfully navigated your way past those nasty upsells you’re going to finally get to what you actually bought.

The dashboard area is very similar to a lot of their previous products, so if you have any of those chances are you’ll be very familiar with the layout.

boomerang buddy members area

As you can see you have 5 sections and those are divided into different aspects:

  • Welcome & Orientation – 2.55 – This is an introduction by Jono or should I say “The 7 figure super affiliate” as he likes to call himself.
  • Detailed Overview – 4.55 – Tom E takes over and breaks the process down into 4 steps with the final step saying “The influencer promotes your link and you make money” If only it were that easy 🙂
  • Software Tutorial – This section is split into 4 videos that cover a basic overview of the software, an overview of the Pro version, How to use the software and how to contact the influencers.
  • Download the software – This is where you download the actual software, there’s no mention of it flagging as dangerous in this section.
  • Profit Training – This part is split into 3 sections: Easy, Medium and Advanced. Basically the easy method uses Clickbank, the medium method uses a squeeze page and autoresponder and the advanced method uses a pixel for Adwords.

So, that is what you get with this product. Now, there are some problems with it that I’ll go over after the upsells.[su_divider top=”no”]


As I’ve already said this comes with 5 upsells and with some of them you can get a discount and I’ll let you know which ones you can do that with.

  • OTO #1 – $37 – Pro Version – This is the pro version of the software and this has a downsell to $27
  • OTO #2 – $197 – Unlimited Traffic – Now, I’m not sure why this is in with this product. Surely you’re the Influencer is going to be getting you all the traffic you need, are they not? BTW this doesn’t have a downsell.
  • OTO #3 – $97 – Advanced Secrets – Apparently this is going to take the Boomerang method and 10x your income? I’m pretty sure the sales page said the main product will 10x your results by this time tomorrow so why would you want this upsell? It makes absolutely no sense. This has a downsell to $47
  • OTO #4 – $157 – Done For You campaigns – you get 7 of their best converting campaigns that are straight out the box ready to go. This doesn’t have a downsell.
  • OTO #5 – $197 – License Rights – you get to keep 100% commission across the whole funnel. This does have a downsell to $67.

The problem I have with upsells is the amount of complaints I have from people saying that bought them straight away when the bought the front end, but then found out the product wasn’t for them for whatever reason and tried to get their money back under the refund policy that is blazoned across the sales page.

The problems started when they only got back their front end payment and not the expensive upsells (take a look at this comment here) That poor guy was down $600!

I couldn’t find anything on the sales pages of the upsells about a money back guarantee so just be careful.

Here’s the link for the first OTO if you want to go back and decide to buy them after you’ve used the product:

My personal thoughts on it is just stay well clear of these, you really don’t need them.[su_divider top=”no”]

Does The Software Work?

OK, so I managed to run the software, but that was were the problems started. I couldn’t get it to verify my Instagram credentials, so basically useless.

I will try again from time to time, but I don’t hold out much hope.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts

Now, that is exactly why I have a problem with theses types of software, they are never reliable enough, they always seem to have some sort of problem.

I don’t know how long this was in development for, perhaps it was thrown together in a rush and that is why it doesn’t work properly, who knows.

Apart from the not being able to get the main focus of the product actually working, the other issues I had were the actual results they were getting in their demos.

Jono gives you certain criteria that you need to stick to when finding Influencers, over 50,000 followers and an average engagement rating of 10.

In the demo he uses the MMO niche as an example, a pretty big niche, right. Well, he could only find 2 with the minimum 50,000 followers, but their engagement rate was around 1.87 – 3.51, so well off the mark.

And using that criteria in the dieting niche, probably the biggest niche, it returned ZERO candidates. the same happened for Real Estate.

So, even if you could get the software to work, you’re going to have a hard time finding the right kind of influencer following their training.

The other thing is they don’t even tell you how to approach the influencer, they just say to strike a deal! Well, how do you do that? How much should you be paying them? What sort of terms do you use?

All these questions need to be answered and they’re not.

I’d throw this away and hope it doesn’t come back! It just a total waste of time and money.

not approved

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What Now

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money, it’s what I do on a daily basis, but you need to do it the right way.

You don’t need fancy software that might or might not work to do it, but you do need the right training, you need to be able to trust the people teaching you.

You need people with a proven track record. You need the whole picture, not just a part of it because you’ll be left scratching your head wondering what you do next.

That doesn’t happen at Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a place I’ve called home for the past 4 years and I don’t intend on leaving any time soon simply because they are constantly updated the platform, the training, the whole package gets better and better each year.

Having your own website is like building your house on rock solid foundations, without that your house will crumble and fall and the same goes for your online business.

The best way to build those foundations is to create a FREE Starter account at Wealthy Affiliate.

zero risk

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I’ll be there to personally welcome you on the inside and help you to become successful :)[su_divider top=”no”]

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