Secret Profit Club Review

Welcome to my Secret Profit Club Review. Today we’re going to be Look a product seem to be getting a lot of attention lately.

The trouble is it seems to be getting a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. Don’t get me wrong I can see why it’s getting a lot of attention, I mean who wouldn’t want to make $19,510 in a single day, I know I would.

You’ve obviously landed on this page because You’ve either had an email or just managed to stumble across their website and need to know the truth, either way you’re doing the right thing checking it out.

The problem is there are so many scams out there that it can be hard to know what’s legit and what’s not.

So without further ado let’s see if this product holds water:

NAME: Secret Profit Clubsecret profit club review

OWNER: Jack Robertson



#1 way to make money from home

What Is Secret Profit Club About

What I’m going to do is let you know exactly straight off the bat what this is all about because if you sit there watching that video you know you’ll still not know what it is you’re going to be doing.

Secret Profit Club is about learning how to market Clickbank products. It’s an 11 video series that covers how to choose a niche, how to choose a product and how to market it.

I’m going to reveal something shocking about this product that I found out that no one else is talking about, but not just yet, you’ll have to stick around to the end to find out.

The Sales Video

It wouldn’t be right of me to move on with this review without going over what’s been said in that sales video with you, After all your gonna make your decision to buy this or not based on what is being said in the video.

secret profit club sales page headline

I’ve got to tell you I’ve seen some headlines in my time but this one takes the biscuit. I have just sat through the entire video, all 15 minutes of it and can tell you now It doesn’t show you how to make $19,510 today which to me isn’t really a surprise.

But to anyone new who is just seeing that for the first time will naturally watch that video hoping to find out.

And even though he doesn’t show you you’ll probably pay the $9 at the end of the video still hoping to find out.

I’m not gonna go through everything that he says on the video but I just want to touch on a couple things while We’re here.

One point he tells you that it’s possible to make $45,921 in 30 days, but surely if you could make $19,510 in one day like the headline says Why would you settle the $45,921 when it could be $585,300?

$19,510 x 30 days = $585,300

It turns out all of that is a little bit redundant because later in the video he says this:

sales video hypeSo he’s changed his mind, now it’s going to take you a week 🙂

The rest of the video is just a sob story and how he overcome it all using this method. I’m going include the video here just for you to have a look at if you want:

But rest assured you won’t have a clue what it is you will be doing, well you will now because you’re reading this review LOL.

Is This New?

You’d really hope it is wouldn’t you, but after going through all the training I can tell you that this has been released before under a different name.

It was called CB wealth, in fact it still available today and is the exact same program.

The name of the owner in that one is James Robertson As opposed to Jack Robertson the owner of this one. That one sells for $37 where this one sells for $9.

Don’t think that $9 is the end of it. Once you’ve bought this for your $9 you get 3 upsells before you even get your product. More on those a little while.

Inside The Members Area

Okay, so you’ve decided to take Jack Robinson up on his offer and managed to get past those upsells without too much trouble.

Time for you see what you get for your money.

secret profit club members area

The main training is split up into two modules which contain a mixture of PDF, audio and video training files:

Module 1 – Secret Profit Club Members Course

  • Secret Profit Club Course

This has 11 lessons that contain mainly PDF’s such as cheat sheets, mind map, Sales video, ready-made sales page, Legal pages, graphics, articles, Banners and email swipes. For the moment I have absolutely no idea what you meant to do these, Why are they in here?

  • Secret Profit Club Video Training
  1. This section contains 11 videos which are basically slideshows:
  2. Secret Profit Club Video Introduction – 1.34
  3. Choosing Your Niche – 3.46
  4. Three Layer Conversion System – 11.11
  5. Clickbank Marketing Overview – 15.22
  6. Selecting A Niche Product To Promote – 3.19
  7. Niche Target Keywords – 0.58
  8. Quora Answer Marketing – 4.59
  9. Comment on Blog Posts using Facebook Comment – 3.10
  10. Forum Marketing – 4.29
  11. Automated Twitter Marketing – 2.45
  12. Automated Facebook Marketing – 1.43Conclusion – 0.40
  • Secret Profit Club Website

Now this is very weird, Here you have a zip file that contains emails, graphics, legal pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, giveaway report PDF, sales video and an affiliate page. There are absolutely no instructions what you have to do this.

  • Secret Profit Club Audio

This isn’t what I thought it was either, I thought this was gonna be an audio transcript. What you get is free lessons the first one being secret profit club audio which naturally I thought was gonna be this in audio form, but it turns out it’s about selling Audio products In Clickbank.

Next lesson is another ready-made website which contains an optin and thank you page with images and index With the final

one being another graphics pack.

#1 recommendation for making money from home

Module 2 – Secret Profit Club 1.0

  • Secret Profit Club AZ

This section is a lot like the first section In that it has the cheat sheets, the mind map, ready-made sales page, Legal pages graphics, banners, email templates. Again I really don’t know why they’re here. It’s all a bit confusing if I’m honest.

  • Secret Profit Club CPA

This has two PDFs about CPA marketing.

Secret Profit Club Traffic Course

This contains a 93 page PDF that covers different traffic sources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Quora, Pinterest LinkedIn and Slideshare.

You also have a checklist and a cheat sheet.

  • Secret Profit Club FBA

This is a 17 page PDF about selling on Amazon.

And that is what you get in the secret profit club. It’s all very jumbled, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It would seem that the bits taken from different products and put into one for example this last one, FBA, is from Wealth Academy.

The Oto’s

I never recommend getting the upsells and for good reason. There have been times that my readers have contacted me to tell me how much trouble they have had getting a refund on the OTO’s and in some cases they don’t getting a refund on them at all.

Take a look at Matthew’s comment here and you’ll see what I mean.

Another reason is this product is being promoted on Clickbetter Which I reviewed quite a while ago here which at the time had an F rating with the BBB, so getting refunds might be a bit tricky.

  • OTO #1 – Secret Profit Club 2.0 – $99
  • OTO #2 – Secret Profit Club Pro – $79
  • OTO #3 – Secret Profit Club Social – $49

You can see that little lot adds up to $227, a far cry from the $9 you began with.

The Big Reveal

Remember at the beginning of this review I said I was going to tell you something no one else is talking about in relation to this product?

This is a PLR product! It’s called Clickbank Marketing Secrets. There are a few aspects that have been taken from other PLR products which is why it seems so jumbled.

Not familiar with PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights which basically means you can do with it what you want, add your own name, sell it as you see fit really.

There was a product I reviewed that actually took PLR products and ‘pimped’ them to make them a better product and sell them as new. You can check that out here.

I know this is PLR because I’ve actually got this and I’ve got the license rights to give it away which if I get any interest in I’ll probably do, leave a comment below and I’ll get round to doing it.

Final Thoughts

I really wasn’t impressed with this at all. It’s a PLR product that isn’t of the highest standard and it’s just been kept the same with no attempt to make what’s inside anymore actionable.

It’s just a mess in there. No fluidity at all, it just jumps all over the place.

As for the claims on that video, well, don’t get me started there. No wonder he doesn’t show his face. How the hell can he make those sorts of exaggerated claims?

It’s almost criminal., $19,510 today, yeah right!

This is total rubbish, don’t believe a word being said in the video, it’s never going to happen, it’s all false.

not approved

So What Now?

Affiliate Marketing which is really what this product is about is a solid way to make money online, heck it’s what I do, but the major difference is I was lucky enough to find a training platform that is not only the #1 affiliate training on the internet today, but they are honest as well.

And that is really important, you’ve got to trust the people training you, if you don’t you’re not going to have any confidence in what they are teaching you.

There are so many scams on the internet today, take what you’ve just read as an example, that when you find somewhere special you jump on the chance to be part of it.

If you want to know more of what’s involved or just want to know a bit more about them then click here for my review.

If you want to dive straight in for the free starter membership then just click the banner below and I’ll meet you on the inside along with the actual owners.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll be there to personally help on your amazing journey just like I was helped 🙂

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