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Welcome to my Home Income Millionaire review. Today we’re going to be looking a program that popped up in my inbox a few days ago.

The subject intrigued me enough to take a closer look and find out if the claims of making ridiculously large amounts of money for doing very little are legitimate or just another scam designed to get you to part with your hard earned on nothing more than cheap talk.

The problem is there are so many people who believe that you can make money online in the blink of an eye with hardly any work involved and are constantly on the lookout for programs that promise just that.

Unfortunately I’ve reviewed so many programs and courses that make these kind of promises and as yet I’ve never found one that lives up to the hype. And that is all it is, hype.

I’ll give this a fair crack of the whip like I do with all my reviews and by the end you’ll know exactly what I think about this.

NAME: Home Income Millionairehome income millionaire review

OWNER: Marc Jennings

PRICE: $97

WEBSITE: https://homeincomemillionaire.com/#1 way to make money from home

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What Is Home Income Millionaire About?

That’s a very good question and one that isn’t easily answered, but stick with me and I’ll try and explain the best I can what I mean.

Although at no point in the sales video does he talk about what it is you’re going to be doing, he does mention Millionaire Coach so I dd a bit of digging and found out that is an old program that is actually called 21 Step Millionaire Coach.

Now, that is or was associated with MOBE which has since been shut down by the FTC.

I’ve come across the 21 steps before in products such as Cash With Matt and Cash In On That Passion.

I found some reviews on the 21 Step Millionaire coach and I think that the video that was used for that is the exact same one that is used for this.

So, if this is just 21 Step Millionaire Coach being dressed up under a new name? The person fronting it is the same, Marc Jennings, even the amount of money they claim you can earn is the same as well as the testimonials.

But obviously this isn’t part of MOBE because like I said that was shutdown, but it could be the exact same process and that process was something like this:

21 steps

Later in the video he talks about how every time you get paid, he gets paid too. Sounds like MLM to me, just like MOBE was.

The way that worked was the $97 you paid was only the beginning. you would be assigned a mentor, now you’d think that having a mentor was a good thing, right.

In this case you’d be wrong. Your ‘mentors’ job is basically to get you to buy a more expensive system, sometimes thousands of dollars.

And chances are because these people are so persuasive you’ll be tempted into buying them all in the hope of earning the big bucks.

It’s then your turn to find people to sign up to the same system because like ‘Marc’ you get paid every time one of your referrals gets paid.[su_divider top=”no”]

The Sales Page

Talking of that video let’s take a closer look at it shall we. It’s a fairly long video, 31 minutes actually, full of what I call hype, the sort of stuff that has very little substance, but portrays a picture of abundance.

If you want you can skim through the video to see what I mean, but I’m going to discuss it anyway because I feel there’s aspects of it that need to be addressed.

Home Income Millionaire sales page headlineLater in the video he tells us that his team, the team that you’re going to have working for you, closes 125 sales of a product that retails at $10,000, 250 sales of a product that retails for $6,000 and 300 sales of a product that retails at $2,000.

So, these are high ticket items and services that they are selling and you’re going to become part of that closing process, make no mistake, you’re going to be sold to.

He says so much in this video without saying anything about what it is you’re going to be doing, it’s all full of “when you have all this money you can live like this or you can buy the house of your dreams

I got really confused at this part, i know it doesn’t take a lot, but how can he say there are tens of thousands of people watching this right nowsales video contradictionand then say this:

sales video hype

It doesn’t make any sense to me.

Then you have the parts of the video where he says he’ll tell you how it’s all done in a while only to never mention it again in the whole video.

#1 recommendation for making money from home

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Who Is Marc Jennings?

Again this is another great question and one I can’t answer as we don’t even get to see Marc or his wife Emma, but we do get to see his two kids, Alex and Kate:

Alex & Kate

Unfortunately that is just a stock photo that has been used numerous times:

stock photoThat’s just half of one page of results, there are another 9 pages after that.

What I do know is that the name Marc Jennings has been used on various different products, but this is where it gets a bit weird.

On the sales page there is a disclaimer and on there it talks about a ‘HER’, not a him which is strange because the name on the Youtube channel is also a female, Olga Krasko.

Everything just seems so cloak and dagger.[su_divider top=”no”]

Fake Testimonials

The four screenshots of testimonials from satisfied students are all phoney. the people giving them can be found on a platform called Fiverr where you can buy any number of things not least people who are willing to say exactly what you want them to say in exchange for being paid.

For example, George Willingham as he calls himself in the video goes by the user name Banjoman15 on Fiverr and is a level 2 seller which means he does a lot of work on there.

But here he is telling you he’s made more cash with this system than he could have imagined and living the lifestyle they always talked about …….. BS!

fake testimonial

And here’s one guy who crossed the $1,000,000 mark only last month. Then why the hell are you still selling gigs on Fiverr?

another fake testimonial

Because you didn’t cross the $1,000,000 mark with this system did you!

If this system is so damn good then why not use real testimonials? There shouldn’t be a shortage of people who want to sing the praises of this great product that let’s you collect whooping $5,000 checks while their team of pros handles all the work for you.[su_divider top=”no”]

Fake Scarcity

One thing I see a lot of is scarcity and for the most part it’s made up scarcity to make you think the offer isn’t going to be around for long so you need to jump on it right now or miss out.

Sometimes there’ll be a timer indicating that when it reaches zero the offer’s gone, but it isn’t true. I’ve sat there and watched the clock tick down only for the offer to still be available.

It’s the same with this product, notice the bit on the sales page where it says:

fake scarcity

Oh and that video makes it look like a news story doesn’t it. It has nothing to do with the news, it’s just a placeholder image to make you think it does.[su_divider top=”no”]

Fake Trust Badges

Notice these badges below the video:

fake trust badges

Again, fake. They are there purely to lull you into a false sense of security. You go and try click on one of them, they are just an image.

You know what, the deeper I dig the more annoyed I’m becoming with this, it is all smoke and mirrors, designed to deceive you.[su_divider top=”no”]

How Will You Make Money?

Mainly by selling other people on the idea of making loads of money will other people do the work, sound familiar? The trouble is with the Millionaire Coach system you need to buy the big ticket upsells to be able to stand a chance of making ANY money.

So you’re going to be spending big on the off chance you can recruit other people.[su_divider top=”no”]

Final Thoughts

It’s a long while since I’ve seen something so ……. despicable for want of a better word. If the process is so great then just tell people what the hell their going to be spending their money on from the start, don’t fill a 30-minute video with hopes and dreams.


This is just a funnel to get you to a higher ticket item and you’ll be expected to do the same to other people.

After what I’ve found out i can’t really come to any other conclusion other than you’ll very likely lose a lot more than $97 if you decide to take Marc or whoever it is up on this ‘opportunity’.

I feel as though this is geared towards getting as much money out of you as possible while keeping your hopes of making the sought of money they’re claiming alive.

The whole set up is as close to scam as I’d want to get and I would suggest you stay as far away from Home Income Millionaire as possible, it will just leave you disappointed and out-of-pocket.

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So What Now?

I’ve never been a fan of MLM tactics, but I absolutely love being an affiliate marketer and I was lucky enough to have found a place where the emphasis is on honesty and actually helping people while all the time being able to earn a fantastic living out of it.

Want to join me?

Click the banner below to find out a bit more on what it is I do and what it is YOU can do as well.

No long videos where you’re left wondering what you’ve just seen. Actually there isn’t a video just an honest account of what you can expect if you decide to join…..oh and it’s free to start.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll meet you on the inside and help you every step of the way :)[su_divider top=”no”]

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6 thoughts on “Home Income Millionaire Review”

  1. Alright we ended up with like 10 strikes on this one lol. This is bad. Really bad. I noticed you didn’t even find one positive thing to say about it, which is saying something. I feel like these kinds of companies just find different ways to disguise what is really just the same exact thing. So for example MOBE does their thing, but when they get shut down they’ll just make a New company doing the exact same thing. And I also feel like there are more companies like this than the FTC or whoever is in charge with stopping these people can keep up with. We just gotta educate the consumer to not fall for it, is all

    • That’s the problem isn’t it, you shut one down and 2 more spring up. Hopefully I’m going some small way in helping people to understand the dangers, that’s what I hope anyway

      • Well you certainly did so for me-for which I am very grateful cause who the heck knows where I would be had I not come across your site? Would I still be in that cycle of continuously buying products? And I am sure you are doing it for others as well. Keep doing what you’re doing.

  2. Alright yeah, I’m gonna say this to anyone that comes across this: chances are if a product has been previously released, (a) it is a crap product, and you shouldn’t get it, and (b) they probably repackaged it because people knew it was a crap product, or maybe they got into some legal trouble (like this example), and you shouldn’t buy it. This is strike 2 on this product haha

  3. “The subject intrigued me enough to take a closer look and find out if the claims of making ridiculously large amounts of money for doing very little are legitimate or just another scam designed to get you to part with your hard earned on nothing more than cheap talk.”

    Pirely based off this you already know what my prediction is gonna be. Also I like the use of the phrase “cheap talk.” It seems like a pun and it seems like there can be multiple interpretations


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