Is Clickbetter A Scam – This Review Reveals The Truth

You may well heard of Clickbank like I have, but to be honest I’ve never heard of Clickbetter, so I decided to take a closer look because I’ve heard a lot of people ask is Clickbetter a scam? So join me as I take a first look and give you some feedback on what I find.

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What Is Clickbetter?

​Clickbetter is a company that offers two platforms, one for vendors to sell their products and one for affiliate marketers to find digital products to promote and earn a commission on in what’s called the marketplace.

affiliate marketingadvertising​​

first thoughts

​The free sign up was easy and straightforward, the only thing I didn’t like was as soon as you’ve signed up you’re hit with an upsell

sign up​That looks like a YouTube video doesn’t it. I thought it was so I pressed the play button, it’s not, it takes you to the Click .org page, which is what the circled text is about.

When you get there you realise the plans they have are going to cost you a fair amount $950 a year if you choose the extreme package, obviously you’re not obliged to purchase anything so I don’t.

Once we get past the upsell we’re presented with the dashboard, now while looking around I found something that made me question how up to date the site is.

clickbetter dashboard

Now unless I’ve gone back in time I’m pretty sure it’s the year 2018, in their news and updates the last entries were 2014, so I’m really not sure how much interest there is in the site, also one more point I’d like to make is that the links in there lead to……wait for it…… yep, so they’re pushing that quite a bit.

the marketplace

​This is the place you need to go to if you’re looking for a product to promote, currently there are 11 categories all with sub-categories so there should be a really nice pool of products to choose from.

clickbetter categories

Out of these 8 sub-categories in arts & entertainment only 1 yes 1 has anything in it and that’s films & television.

Clickbetter marketplace

​Trouble is all the 45 entries over 5 pages are all the same product.

The other categories fair a bit better, but in general there really isn’t a lot here. More often than not you zero results or just some crappy Forex signals.

The health and fitness niche is huge so I would expect this section to be rammed….22 lousy products to choose from.

Some that I went on to see if they were worth promoting weren’t even live anymore!

page not found

Some you couldn’t even see the sales page, you just had to submit a request to promote even though you had no idea what is was you’d be promoting.

This one here didn’t even take to the sales page, it just redirected me to the Clickbetter homepage…..what the hell’s going on?


What I Liked

​Now this is the part I usually tell you what it is I liked about the product or service I’m reviewing.

In all honesty the only thing I like about this is how easy it is to sign up and the fact it’s free, but bearing in mind how rubbish the site is they couldn’t exactly charge you to sign up could they.

What I Didn’t Like

​First off I don’t like upsells, period. So to see that this has them is a big no no for me, but looking at it from their point of view I don’t think their revenue is going to be that great having seen what I’ve seen on their site so I suppose they have to try and maximise their potential income somehow.

The lack of any real products, now I don’t mean that in the physical sense I know they only have digital products, no what I mean is the lack of choice, it’s very barren, it really is, and the ones they do have don’t always lead anywhere which in itself is extremely annoying to say the least.

Doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a while.

How Do You Make Money?

​If you are lucky enough to find a product that you feel comfortable with promoting and it is still live then you’re going to earn a commission on any sales you make.

Now the amount of commission you receive is anywhere from 20% to 80%, but keep in mind that Clickbetter takes off 10% of the total sales for processing fee + $1 off each transaction before you get your commission.

Before you can get paid you have to reach a payment threshold which at the moment stands at $250. Usually all the big companies and even the smaller ones offer Paypal as a payment option, not Clickbetter, their options are check, wire, or ACH.

Now when you reach your $250 threshold you might think happy days and go to withdraw your dosh, but if you haven’t got 5 unique buyers minimum then you will have to wait until you have, to be fair that’s not a massive hoop you have to jump through, think about it, you’re going to need more than that if you’re getting say 65% of a $39 product.

Another thing to bear in mind is the $20 payment processing charge plus the 20% reserve which is held for 6 months to cover things such as refunds which again is strange because I found a lot of complaints form customers saying they hadn’t been refunded.

What Are Other Saying?

​Well there is a lot of unhappy people out there for one reason or another and that is one of the reasons that this company only manages a big fat ​F ​on the Better Business Bureau

bbb rating

Final Thoughts

​If I had to sum Clickbetter up in one word it would be ‘poor’. The title of this review asks if this is a scam, no it’s not a scam but the site is so poor that you really don’t have any reason to have any sort of dealings with them in the first place.

If you’re interested in promoting digital products then there are much better site out there to accommodate you.

When you start digging into the site you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was only a few months old and that they are in the process of building up their client base, but it’s not, it’s an established site which has been around since 2012 so they’ve had time to get their act together they just haven’t which is really strange to me.

Would I use Clickbetter……NO….. and I wouldn’t advise you too either.

clickbetter not approved

What Now?

In order to use sites like this, not this site obviously, you’re going to need to know how to get your site ranked in the search engines in order to be seen, just like this review you’re reading now. Do you want first page rankings?

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There’s a quote that I love that goes something like this:

“Do exactly as I say until you find out it doesn’t work or until you find out I’m lying, well I don’t lie and it does work”

That’s why I’m still there over 4 years down the line.

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Have you had any experience with Clickbetter? or know someone who has? Let us know if you think this is site worth working with in the comments below


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