One Minute Traffic Machines Review

Welcome to my One Minute Traffic Machines review.

This is a product that is the brainchild of brothers Matt and John Rhodes. The last product of theirs that I reviewed was called One Minute Free Traffic which used Quora as the source of free traffic.

The trouble I had with that one was the way they sold it. The sales page was totally over hyped and never really related to what you got in the product.

I’m really hoping they’ve learnt from that and decided to be honest with what is said on the sales page and give people a realistic expectation of what they’re going to get should they decide to buy it.

NAME: One Minute Traffic Machinesone minute traffic machines review

OWNERS: Matt and John Rhodes


WEBSITE: of all the scams

What is One Minute Traffic Machines About

I’m hoping it’s about traffic machines that’s only going to take a minute to set up, how about you? Trouble is that price point.

I know it’s nice to get a bargain, but in my experience products that cost that amount of money never really live up to expectations or maybe it’s just a ruse to get you hooked and then reel you in for the expensive upsells.

You see how cynical this industry has made me, Lol. No, but in all seriousness it’s going to be interesting to see just what you get for $9.

one minute traffic machines sales page headline

This is the headline from the sales page and I don’t even know what that means??

You’re going to get paid to do this ……. by who?? And how can we force anyone to do anything let alone to any page we want.

Luckily enough he’s going to show us how to do just that in as little as a minute. Well that’s a welcome surprise, most of the time these vendors won’t show you a thing, but not these guys, so well done Matt and John 🙂

So, I’ve just started watching the video and he’s going through some figures:

$350 a day ……. and ends up at $2,000 a month. Now, I know I’m not the greatest when it comes to mathematics, but surely if you are earning $350 a day with this method shouldn’t that monthly figure be at least $9,800???? (working on a 28 day month)

Looks like I spoke too soon. I’ve just gone through the whole video and there is nothing in there showing me how to do this. Did they really just lie???sales page hypeTheir last product said near enough the same stuff, especially the time scale with which you can do these. That particular product claimed you could set it up in less than 1 minute which i found out not to be true. So, I’m very skeptical as to the authenticity of these claims.

The boys do seem convinced that the traffic you’re going to get from this one are going to be red-hot buyers that will buy absolutely anything from you, info products, books, ecom products services.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Well you what they say don’t you.

What is intriguing me is the getting paid while you’re setting these up part, I really don’t know how that is going to work and of course they don’t let you know.

example of rankingsI’m sorry, but what good is that graphic?? They don’t even show the keyword (search term). That could be anything in the top 3 places, not even related to what this product claims.

you must put in the effort

Did they forget that this i called ONE minute traffic machines?? How much effort is one minutes work going to take??

OK, enough of this, time out find out this seemingly magical company.

I haven’t used this platform before, I haven’t even seen it to be fair, but I have seen some reviews with that as the address. I think there’re going to be using the same sort of strategy as Quora, Reddit etc, etc.

Now, while I have seen some of these ranking before, they’re usually a few pages down in the serps, al lot of the time I don’t see them at all.

Take the search results for their last product for example:search resultsHopefully you can see that nowhere on the first page of Google are any results, but look who’s at #1 🙂 And I’ll tell you how I achieve those first page rankings and how you can copy what I do at the end of this review.

Inside The Training

I think it’s time to take a look at just what the training has to offer in this product, they certainly talk a good talk, but can they do the walk

We already know from the sales page that this has 14 videos, so, I’ll be giving you a quick overview of each one so you know what you’re letting yourself in for. Just so you know there are some bonus videos so the total count is actually 23 videos.

As always, this does have upsells and as always don’t buy them as you move through the sales funnel, they are readily available inside the members area should you like this product and want to upgrade, but for now just skip on minute traffic machines members area

  1. Welcome to One Minute Traffic Machines – 2.51 – This is just a welcome video where he talks about speed, high speed, now, he did that in his last product and that turned out to be anything but high speed.
  2. Secret Money “Force Multiplication” – 3.21 – He uses the example of a hammer as a force multiplier then goes off on a bit of a tangent and to be honest loses me a bit, don’t know what the hell he’s on about.
  3. Our New Fast Traffic Superpower – 2.37 – Ooh, a superpower! Just what I always wanted. It’s not caring. Not really what I’d call a superpower.
  4. Where Does the Speed Come From? – 2.06 – Text content, you’re going to be typing content.
  5. Writing a Letter to a Friend – 5.52 – Write as if writing to a friend, do not lecture!
  6. How to “Write” 150 Words Per Minute – 4.33 – This goes over using speech to text instead of using a keyboard.
  7. Why Is This Traffic FREE? – 4.08 – Doesn’t really tell you, apart from saying you’ll be using emotional power content, yeah that’s what i thought as well.
  8. What Is This “Almost Magical” Site? – 4.49 – 8 videos in and we finally get to know what all the fuss is about. This is where he reveals it’s the site
  9. How to Get Signed Up Right Now 6.01 – An overview of how to sign up to
  10. Get In Front of Millions of People Right Now – 4.27 – They reckon that your Medium content will be picked up by their algorithm and delivered to people via email. Now, that email will contain stuff based on a persons interests and behavior.
  11. The One Minute Traffic Machine – 7.13 – Not sure why it’s called that because it should be called The Few Minutes Traffic Machine as that is how long he says it will take to create content, but for some reason he decides to cut the video on his “live demo” and when he returns he has his content. If it really was only a few minutes then why not show it.
  12. The “Human Headline” Secret – 2.24 – Tells you to create curiosity in your headlines
  13. The 7 Minute Miracle – 7.57 – Supposedly, the perfect post takes around 7 minutes to read which equals around 1600 words.
  14. How to Create Value Insanely Fast – 3.54 – This goes over creating list type posts.
  15. Secret Eye Candy “Traffic Accelerator” – 3.22 – Tells you to use free image sites and places like Canva to put text onto the image.
  16. Little-Known ’Trick’ That Delivers Extreme Quality – 4.32 – The trick is to post on a regular schedule
  17. The “Golden Ghost” Tactic – 2.28 – If your post isn’t getting the views you want then you can kill it and then re post it with some changes.
  18. The Monetization Miracle – 4.20 – Medium uses a partner program and as a partner you get paid every month based on how members engage with your posts.
  19. Sexy Selling Secrets – 4.25 – This section covers things like not trying to sell, helping people and keeping it fun.
  20. What Can You Sell Right Now? – 5.18 – You can make use of the Medium partner program or be an affiliate for a product.
  21. Triple Fast Freedom – 5.28 – Linking to your own blog, using fresh news and using public domain books to get content.
  22. Invitation to M-Time – 3.18 – A recap of using Medium
  23. Your OMTM Breakthrough – 6.01 – A conclusion of One Minute Traffic Machines.

Thank god that’s all over ……… that bored the hell out of me, it really did. I mean they didn’t even talk about the platform until video 8 and didn’t speak about the method until video 11.

Final Thoughts

To be fair to the guys, you get a lot for your $9, I say a lot, but that doesn’t mean all that content is necessarily of any real value to you.

This is called One Minute Traffic Machines, right. Well I can’t see how anyone is going to create that sort of content in a minute.

Now, if it takes longer than a minute why would you call your product that?? It doesn’t make any sense to do that.

And why do they think that everyone that might read a Medium post is going to be buyer traffic???

They recommend you do at least a 1600 word post, do you think you could do a quality post that someone would want to read in minute?? NO, of course you couldn’t.

Even if you use speech to text software you need to have some idea of what you’re going to be saying otherwise it’s just going to be complete gibberish.

You can’t research a subject in a minute, simple as that.

Could this work??? Yes, I think it probably could. Do I think it’s as easy as they say it is???? NO, absolutely not.

They even say in one of the videos that if your post fails to get views after 3 re posts then forget about it and move on.

not approved

Is There A Better Way?

Absolutely there is a better way. In the training he talks about linking back to your blog, well I would say forget about using platforms like Medium and concentrate on creating great content for your OWN site.

That’s the best bit of real estate you’ll ever own. Forget about churning out ‘fast’ rubbish on those types of site and build your site into one that people will respect.

If you start spreading yourself too thin creating for loads of different sites then your content WILL suffer, no doubt about it.

Want to know how to do that?

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  1. Why do you people go to all the effort to review something that you know you are going to rubbish regardless, just to promote “wealthy affiliate”.

    You are not the only “Wealthy Affiliate” followers that I have seen do this. Man, this sort of negative bullsh would make me steer well clear of “Wealthy Affiliate” if this method of rubbishing something, just to promote your own gig, is part of the teaching.

    Live and let live people, promote what you believe in by highlighting its benefits rather than mindlessly rubbishing the opposition!

    • Hi Mike, thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts, they are always welcome here. I’m not sure I understand why you think this review is ‘mindlessly’ rubbishing the opposition?

      I’d like to think an 1800+ word review isn’t mindless. You can clearly see I’ve gone through the product with a fine tooth comb.

      Unlike all the other “reviewers” that just copy the sales page and never have a bad word to say about any product they review just to get a commission I want to let people know the truth behind these products so they don’t waste their money rather than just line my own pockets.

      As for promoting Wealthy Affiliate, after being a member for over 5 years I know from personal experience that they are head and shoulders above the competition and my readers should be given an alternative that actually works.

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      I want to thank you once again for taking time out to leave a great comment and I hope I have gone some way to explaining the ethos behind my reviews.


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