CPA Phenom Review

Welcome to my CPA Phenom review.

This is a product that was released a few days ago by Timothy Miranda. Now, I’ve only seen his work once before, but I know that he does release a lot of products related to CPA.

it would be natural to assume that someone with this amount of experience would produce products that would reflect that, wouldn’t you?

Well, that one product that I did have the opportunity to review, Hyper Traffic Breakthrough, was absolutely horrendous, it was just a total waste of money. All he did was rehash his old products and came up with a different name.

So, I really don’t know what to expect with this latest offering, but me being forever the optimist, I can only hope it’s something worthwhile.

We shall see ……..

NAME: CPA PhenomCPA Phenom review

OWNER: Timothy Miranda

PRICE: $17


Tired of all the scams

What Is CPA Phenom About

First of all let’s see what Timothy Miranda has to say about this because to be fair the sales page isn’t as big as some I’ve seen, so hopefully he’ll let us in on what this actually is.

CPA Phenom sales page headline

Premium traffic? Cutting edge free tool? Over $290 a day? All with just a $5 budget. It doesn’t get any better than that does it.

One thing before we move on, there’s a timer at the top of the page that says this is a limited offer that is going to end in 20 minutes.

This review is going to take longer than 20 minutes so I’ll let you know if that can be believed, but I’ll tell you no it’s complete rubbish and the offer will still be there so I wouldn’t panic into thinking you need to rush because you don’t.

Let’s move on.

He goes on to say how he has taught not just a few hundred, but countless people how to crush CPA.

He admits that most cases and strategies can be difficult and time-consuming to implement, what with all the research and maintaining campaigns.

But not with this one, oh no. This one is a breeze!!!!

sales page hypeEven though the headline says this is exactly what you’re getting it doesn’t really tell you what it is. I suppose CPA is CPA, but it would be nice to know what you’re getting into before you shell out the $17, wouldn’t it?

I mean it all sounds fine and dandy, but unfortunately that’s very rarely the reality when you actually get inside the product.

OK, enough of what Timothy is prepared to tell you, it’s time to find out what all this means to you.

FB messenger bots. That’s what this method is all about, using FB messenger bots while promoting CPA offers on Facebook.

The Reality Of CPA Phenom

Now, the sales page makes this sound super easy doesn’t it, and all that you’re going to need is contained in CPA Phenom, right?

Well, like I said things there are things on the sales page have a habit of being left out once you buy the product.

Seeing that sales page I was thinking that this could all be done on a $5 budget, after all, that’s what it said, but once you get inside you soon realise that’s not the case.

All of his recommendations cost money, such as a landing page builder such as Instabuilder, Leadpages, and Instapage.

To be fair he does say you can use WordPress as a standalone option, but the trouble with that is there is absolutely no training in here how to do that so you’re going to have to end up paying good money for one of the aforementioned landing page builders.

Remember this method is meant to be able to be implemented by ‘absolutely anyone‘ regardless of skill level or experience.

Then you have the bot software itself. Again, he does say there is a free option, but again, there is no training on using the free option.

He uses MSGHero that is going to cost you $47 a month and he uses this software to show you what to do, so again if you want to follow along with this training, which I’m assuming you do, you’re going to need to cough up a considerable monthly amount.

Then of course you have your email responder which he recommends using Aweber which is going to cost you another $19 a month.

You then have your $5 daily allowance for the actual FB ads.

Inside CPA Phenom

Now, before you all start thinking you’re going to be shown what to do, you’re not. This is a 16 page PDF only which is split into sections:

  • What You Need – This part goes over what I’ve just talked about in the above section, but also includes the need for picture editing software which I’m glad to say is free in the form of Canva and of course a CPA offer.
  • Overview – An explanation of what the process is, use FB ads for traffic, get them to comment and use bots to contact everyone.
  • Niche – His recommended niches to get into, such as Pets, Survival and Gaming among others.
  • Landing Page Creation – A basic look at what to put on your landing page, no instruction HOW to do it.
  • Creating Your Ad Image – Use Pixabay and Canva to make your image.
  • Setting Up Your Ad – Your objective is to get post engagement so that is how you set up your Ads.
  • Setting Up Your Messenger Bot – He goes over how to set up MSGHero, not the free option, Manychat.
  • Conclusion – A short summary.

What Did I like

  • I’m really struggling to find something that I did like with this if I’m honest

What Didn’t I like

  • Where do I start? Not one bit of information on where to find the best CPA offers of any kind
  • No instructions on how to use Canva, just says very easy to use.
  • All his examples use paid services
  • The training is very, very thin
  • It’s all a case of just do this without telling you HOW to do it.
  • The landing page creation section tells you that you can get done for you ones in the DFY upsell, but that only has Instabuilder files so you need to have Intabuilder.
  • Oh and while I’m going over what I didn’t like, remember the limited offer that would end in 20 minutes? Well it hasn’t, just like I said it wouldn’t.

Final Thoughts

Did I think this was going to be different to the other Timothy Miranda product I reviewed? Yes.

Was it any different? Not really. The only real difference was this one didn’t have any videos whereas the other one did, but they are both as awful as each other.

For someone with no skills and no experience this product is just going to leave you with a massive headache, not knowing how to do half the things you need to do.

Even if you used the free option for the landing page, how the hell do you go about setting that up? Everything that is in here is just skimmed over with no real depth to it.

It’s a real shame actually because this could have been quite good if only he would have gone into more detail.

The very least he could have done was let you know on the sales page that this isn’t the whole picture and that you’re going to need to research other aspects of the course to actually be able to implement it.

For $17 I would be expecting a lot more.

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So What Now

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