Dumb Little Cash Makers Review

Welcome to my Dumb Little Cash Makers review.

This is a product that has been around since June 2018, but I had one of my readers email me to ask me if it was a scam. So, I decided to give it a look and see just what makes this so dumb.

The creator of this product, Bryan Winters, isn’t someone who I’ve come across before which is quite surprising since I’ve reviewed a lot of products.

A quick search revealed he released a product by a very similar name in 2017 called Dumb Little System, I’m hoping this isn’t going to be just another rehash of an old product even though the reviews on that product weren’t bad.

I just think people deserve different products rather than the same old regurgitated stuff.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in:

NAME: Dumb Little Cash Makersdumb little cash makers review

OWNER: Bryan Winters

PRICE: $97 > $10

WEBSITE: http://www.dumblittlecashmakers.com/Tired of all the scams

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What Is Dumb Little Cash Makers About

Before we get too deep into this, I just want to address that $97 price. It’s on the sales page as something that is going to become the price, but if you act now you’ll get it for $10.

Problem is that has been there since the launch in June 2018 so don’t believe it, it’s never going to go to $97. How do I know it’s been there since the launch?

Waybackmachine.com, that’s how. That website is a digital archive of the world wide web.

Anyway, that’s that cleared up, on with the review.

This product is being sold as something that can show you a really quick way to make some extra cash that can be scaled up to make some decent money if you want to, and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t.dumb little cash makers sales page headlineNow, generally sales pages are full of hype and very rarely deliver on that hype, but I have to say that this sales page is different.

It doesn’t make ludicrous claims of how much money you can make, he even tells you what it is you’re going to be getting.

You know before you buy that you’ll be getting a 12 page PDF, no videos, just a simple method for making cash, now, although he doesn’t tell you what you’re going to be doing, he does say you’ll get paid in CASH, so that would suggest that this is more of a local venture.

He actually tells you that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme which has to be applauded because most vendors would have you believe if you bought their system you’d be rolling in money by the very next day or even the same day!

OK, so what ARE you going to be doing?

This system revolves around using Aliexpress to find hot products and then using Facebook Marketplace to sell them. Simple, right?

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Inside The PDF

As we already know the PDF is just 12 pages so this isn’t going to take long.

dumb little cash makers members area

The training is very simple, you find hot selling products from websites like ThisiswhyImBroke.com and then go to Aliexpress to look for similar items.

You use the product images and write a description then upload to Facebook Marketplace.

Now, remember you haven’t got the product at the moment and getting something from China will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks.

To get around this he suggests you tell your potential customer that you’re not around for a couple of weeks, but will contact them once you’re back.

Would that work? I’m not sure.

Once you have enough interest in the item you simply order them from Aliexpress.

And that is basically this system.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Did I Like

  • The simplicity of it
  • Getting buyer traffic for nothing
  • Getting interest in the product before gambling on whether it will sell
  • Not having to hold vast amounts of inventory

What I Didn’t Like

  • No Mention of Import Duty
  • Potential to be left ‘holding the baby’
  • Buyers having to wait too long
  • Refunding people if the product isn’t what it should be in terms of Quality or if it doesn’t work.

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Final Thoughts

I actually really like this. I’ve had some great success with Aliexpress myself, not selling on Facebook Marketplace, but other outlets, so I know this can work.

The problem can be with the quality of the products you order which can be frustrating. There are reviews, but you still take a chance on what you’re getting.

When you do find a supplier that sends quality products they don’t always stick around for some reason which means you’ve got to go about the whole finding a new reliable supplier again.

Things get lost in transit or damaged in transit, held up at customs. Things that have a knock on effect on getting the items to your customers.

That being said I only had that sort of thing happen on a handful of occasions.

Depending on what you decide to sell will decide how much money you can make. You could find that you have a product that people can’t get enough of and that is when you can make this work quite well.

Don’t expect to tell your boss where to stick his job just yet though, but if you’re looking for some extra money then I have no problem approving this.


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The Next Step

So, you’re having some success with this, but now you’ve got a taste for making money and want to take it to the next level.

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2 thoughts on “Dumb Little Cash Makers Review”

  1. This is funny, because I actually bought this product and made my first ever sale online with it. Well I guess it was a combination of online and local. I would have no problem approving it, but only under very specific circumstances.

    The sales page is good cause it tells you what you’re getting. It doesn’t straight up tell you that it’s FB Marketplace, but when I saw that I thought, “this could work.” Some of the claims, particularly the one about having near-instant buyer traffic, is actually pretty true. I remember when I made my first listing, then made my 2nd one, I checked back on my 1st one to see that I had actually gotten some views within the first few minutes! That surprised me greatly.

    I think that for $10 you’re getting good value for what you invest in. With regards to some of the claims he makes about how much you can earn, well that is all dependent on several variables. I made a sale within the first day I think it was, but then of course I had to order the item so I didn’t actually get the money for like 2 weeks. And I only made about $10 in profit. Made another sale later on but something was wrong with the item so he returned it and I gave him his money back. I didn’t continue with it cause I felt (a) it took too long to get the product-and I didn’t want to order a bunch of inventory, and (b) I didn’t feel like it was something I could earn a living off of. Not enough revenue coming in and at not a good pace. Plus you’re limited to your local area. If this were an ecom store and I had buyers from all over the world, that’s another thing. I just didn’t feel like I’d be able to make a lot of sales with my items, and I was looking for something I could scale.

    Not a bad way to go if you just want to make a few extra bucks. You can buy inventory ahead of time if you can afford to-I couldn’t at the time. The whole deal about garnering interest and then having them wait 2-4 weeks or whatever I didn’t like too much; I’d rather them be able to get the item right away. I feel like people are on Marketplace for that, because they see an item and expect you to have it in your possession.

    At the end of the day, it is up to the consumer. As I said, I would approve it only for specific circumstances. We just have to make sure the consumer knows the full story so they can make an accurate purchase decision in terms of what is best for them. And that is the glaring problem in this industry: there seems to be a randomness to the products that are promoted, and the primary focus seems to be just promoting whatever to get a commission instead of figuring out the applicability to that individual to whom you are marketing to

    • Hi David, Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with this. It’s always good to see what people who have used it have to say.
      I do agree with you that this is one of those things that does take a bit of time to get the product and thus means waiting to get any money, but it is something that is doable to bring in a bit of extra money.


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