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Welcome to my list Warrior Review. The Rhodes brothers have been reviewed on this site with a couple of their other products and while they didn’t get my approval mainly due to the unrealistic claims on the relevant sales pages you did get a lot for your money.

But of course that doesn’t always mean you’re getting a quality product and in one of those products they didn’t even start talking about the platform in question until video 8 and the method wasn’t mentioned until video 11.

I found with those two products that there was a lot of content, but no real substance in either of them, so I’m really hoping for bigger things from the brothers this time.

NAME: List Warriorlist warrior review

OWNERS: Matt and John Rhodes

PRICE: $12.95


#1 recommendation for making money from home

What Is List Warrior About

As the name would suggest this is all about list building, but what do they claim on the sales page. Well, to start with they reckon you don’t need to start with a list because it gets built for you, for free.

You’re not going to need any experience, you don’t even need a website, not even a squeeze page.

As well as all that there is no need to buy traffic.

Now, the reason I’m highlighting those claims is because a lot of the time when you buy any product you won’t see any of those claims again.

It’s as though they think you’ve probably forgotten what was on the sales page that actually convinced you to buy it in the first place and a lot of the time that is exactly what happens.

You get so caught up going through the training that before you know it you’ve totally forgotten what was said on the sales page.

list warrior sales page headline

so, we know this is a software, but I have no idea what they mean by “fights” to grow your list, perhaps that just a play on words cause this is called List Warrior, who the freaking hell knows.

This is meant to be able to be done in just 3 steps, with step #3 resulting in your new subscribers ready to open your emails, click your links and earn you profit.

That all sounds tickety-boo, but just because you have email addresses and you send them offers doesn’t mean they’re going jump on every opportunity you send them, if any to be fair.

But, with that aside, this is all about an easier way to build a list, getting your target audience to seek you out, all using the free software.

So, what is this about?

List Warrior makes use of a free software called Kingsumo to run giveaway campaigns that lead to your list being built by way of sharing your giveaway on social media sites.

That actually sounds like a very cool way of building a list and if they have the training to go with like they say they have then they could be on to a winner.

Inside The Members Area

Once you’ve got into the members area which isn’t straight away, you get presented with 4 upsells before you actually get to your purchase, more on those in a while.

The members area contains no less than 20 training video, which like I said at the beginning is a bit of a trademark with these guys, they do like to fill up the training, which hopefully is a good thing and not just there for the sake of it.

list warrior members area

  • Welcome to List Warrior – 2.49
  • The 4-Step “CASH POWER STRATEGY” – 4.11
  • Viral Traffic Secrets – 2.56
  • Why This Viral Traffic Keeps Working – 3.57
  • My Favorite Type of Viral Traffic – 3.01
  • Viral List Warrior (SOFTWARE REVEALED) -3.48
  • List Warrior ULTIMATE CASE STUDY -2.50
  • Case Study: Quick Start Blueprint – 9.52
  • Case Study: Your “Clock Control” – 2.56
  • Case Study: Easy “List Lubrication” – 3.18
  • Case Study: Viral Monetization Machines – 3.35
  • Case Study: Simple Facebook “Giveaway Ignition”
  • Case Study: Behind the “Cash Curtain” – 2.17
  • Case Study: Fast and Furious Summary – 3.06
  • List Warrior BREAKTHROUGH – 4.43
  • BONUS: Secret Viral Traffic “LAUNCH PADS” 6.08
  • BONUS: Secret Amazon Giveaway Doorway – 4.24
  • BONUS: The “FREE FACE” Giveaway – 4.41
  • BONUS: Viral List Building “MONETIZATION WIZARD” – 5.44

See what I mean by a lot of content!

This time though, unlike their previous ones, they have done an incredible job, credit where credit is due.

Anyone who has been following this blog for any length of time will know how high my standards are and how honest my reviews are, I don’t give praise out unless it’s called for.

I don’t suffer fools gladly.

All of that training will help you, no doubt about it.

The Oto’s

Before we go into what these upsells are I must point out a couple of important issues.:

The first upsell is NON REFUNDABLE, there are no refunds, so you ain’t getting your money back if you don’t like what you get.

The second upsell is REFUNDABLE, but only after a concerted effort and then only at their discretion.

The third upsell is NON REFUNDABLE.

The forth upsell is NON REFUNDABLE.

So just be aware of that and make your decision with that in mind.

  • OTO #1 – ListWarrior ADVANCED – $97
  • OTO #2 – One Minute Free Traffic + One Minute Buyer Clicks – $74
  • OTO #3 – B3 Traffic Bootcamp Recordings – $77
  • OTO #4 – 100% Resale Rights – $127

My personal opinion on these is you don’t need them, definitely not to start with anyway and seeing as the links are available inside the members area you can access them once you’ve gone through the main training and are happy that it is working for you.

Final Thoughts

If I’m totally honest I wasn’t expecting too much from this considering my experience with their previous products which I really didn’t think a lot of.

But I have been pleasantly surprised by what the brothers have put together with this one. The inclusion of the case studies is a welcome addition and really shows you what you can do with this.

Sure, you could go ahead and go directly to Kingsumo, but they don’t have any real training like you get with this.

I actually have the Kingsumo WordPress plugin, but with one thing and another I’ve never got round to using it, I’d like to say I’m going to do that now, but you know how things are, there’s always another review to write 🙂


What Next

This is absolutely great if all you want to do is social media, but what if you want to embed that giveaway on your website which is probably the option I’ll choose seeing as I already have a website.

Doing that will increase the amount of traffic you get, the more traffic the more possibilities to make money.

Yeah, but Sharon I don’t have a website? I don’t know how to build one? I don’t know anything about domains and hosting?

No worries, I got you covered on that.

You know what, as hard as it is to believe, your circumstances are very similar to what mine were before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s the perfect fit for anyone looking to build an online business.

You see, it’s alright building an email list, but what’s the point if you don’t know what to do with it?

It was so difficult finding that place that when I found it I would spend the next 4 years there and I have no intention of leaving anytime soon, I can tell you that now.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the training I used to get me where I am today.

You’ll get 2 FREE websites and 10 FREE lessons on how to set them up ready to make money online. Simply click the banner below, no credit card needed, just a name and email address and you’re good to go.

wealthy affiliate free sign up

I’ll meet you on the inside and help you every step of the way 🙂


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