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Welcome to my AppNana Review. Today we’re going to be looking at an app that has been installed over 10,000,000 on peoples devices.

Now, that can mean a couple of things, either this is an absolutely fantastic app or it’s crap and the only reason people are downloading it is because of the claims being made by the company.

The market is incredibly flooded with apps like this at the moment, some are good and will earn you a bit of extra pocket money and some you just want to delete as soon as you can.

Either way, by the end of this review you’re going to know whether or not you’re going to be wasting your time even downloading it in the first place.

NAME: AppNanaAppNana Review

OWNERS: Max Guan & Jun Guan



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What Is AppNana?

In a nutshell you basically download and try free apps, doing that will earn you ‘Nanas’ which are the points are called. Once you have enough points you can exchange them for gift cards.

This sounds very similar to an app I reviewed here a little while ago and that one was a close call as to whether or not I was going to approve it, I think the only reason I didn’t was because of the amount of complaints they had about people not receiving their points and being restricted with the amount of apps they could choose from.

I’m hoping this one doesn’t have the same sort of complaints because if getting gift cards instead of cash is something you’re happy with then the concept will suit you down to the ground.[su_divider top=”no”]

How To Use AppNana

Like most Apps this is available on both operating systems and can be accessed either through their site or your respective store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app you simply sign up with an email and password, just make sure it’s an email that you still have access to and not just a made up one cause that is how they send you your rewards.

Also when you register you’ll get 10,000 nanas as well as another 400 just for coming back every day.

appnana register for 10,000 points

As soon as you’ve registered you’ll have different Apps you can download each with varying points and requirements, for example:

Clash of Lords 2 requires you to install and play for at least 5 minute to earn 1,500 Nanas. I’ll get into how much Nanas are worth in a while.

Others might require you to attack a level 2 monster or get to level 14. I haven’t played any of these games, but I would assume that completing those tasks would take some time.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Can You Earn With AppNana?

As we’ve already established you earn points for completing various tasks with the app you’ve chosen to download, but what are those Nanas worth?

As you can see from this screenshot the amount of nanas you need for a $1 Amazon card requires you to have 30,000 points.

Let’s say for argument’s sake you decided to go for the $3 Amazon card which requires 60,000 Nanas, Lords Mobile will give you 60,000 if you attack a level 2 monster, now, level 2 doesn’t sound as if it’ll take too long to get there does it.

I did a bit of research on that game and how long doing that would take and I was surprised by some of the answers. First off you need to get your castle up to level 7 and upgrade your academy to that level also so you can actually research the ability to attack a level 2 monster in the first place!

And it’s been reported that doing all that will take you a couple of days form scratch …….. OMG, that’s just crazy

so, you’re going to be spending a lot of time for a measly $3 Amazon Gift Card, I know what I think of that, but I’ll let you make your own mind up on that one.

One thing I’d like to say at this point is you can actually exchange for cash, not just gift cards like I originally thought.

You can cash out into your PayPal account starting from $2 all the way up to $100. How many Nanas do you think you’d need for $100?

1,200,000, that’s one million, two hundred thousand, 1.2 million. However you want to say it, that’s a LOT of points. I dread to think of the amount of time you’d have to spend to accumulate that amount, all for $100.[su_divider top=”no”]

How To Earn Those Points

As well as downloading games you can earn a few points by watching short videos, these are usually promoting other apps and only reward you with around 5 nanas.

Probably the easiest way to earn points is by referring people. When you sign up to AppNana you are assigned a unique code which you can share where ever you want, social media, Youtube, forums, blogs and without any limit on the amount of referrals you can get.

Each time one of these referrals signs up and puts in your unique code not only will the person signing up get 2,500 nanas, but you will too.

This is by far the quickest way to build up your points and you’ll probably not even want to download the Apps anymore because as AppNana says on their website a lot of their applicants are earning $300 a day from doing this so why would you want to mess around with playing games to get $3 for 60,000 points.

OK, to get to that $300 a day level you would need 3,600,000 nanas, but if you have a big enough audience then hitting those figures wouldn’t be too much trouble.[su_divider top=”no”]

AppNana Hack Without Survey

While researching this App I have come across numerous Youtube videos like this one:

Some claim to be able to let you enter an unlimited amount of referral codes which in turn earns you 2,500 Nanas for each code.

A lot of the websites that are offering this hack are using content lockers which is actually earning them money, I’m not even sure what they tell you even works and even if it did you can be sure AppNana has something in place to determine if your points come from legitimate means.[su_divider top=”no”]

What Gift Cards Are Available

The options for cards will differ slightly depending on which country you are in, but they generally offer the following:

  • Amazon
  • Google play
  • iTunes
  • Steam
  • Xbox
  • PlayStation
  • Nintendo
  • Facebook gift Cards

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Although their are a lot of positive reviews, mainly from people promoting their own referral code, there are quite a few complaints about not getting credited with points after completing the requirements.

appnana complaintOthers complain about lack of support from the developers saying all they get is an automated response and nothing else:

appnana support complaintThere are also concerns about actually getting paid when you decide to cash out

appnana not paying out complaint

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Final Thoughts

The amount of time you need to spend getting to a level of Nanas that would make it worthwhile cashing out is ridiculous especially when you consider the amount of people who are saying they don’t actually they don’t receive their points in the first place or just have trouble redeeming.

and that’s the problem I have with this app, it’s basically the same problems people are having with that other App I reviewed.

What is the point of just wasting your time, knowing that you run the risk of not getting anything at the end of it.

I would say the only saving grace about this App is the referral program. There doesn’t seem to be any complaints about receiving your points for your referrals as long as you don’t try and cheat the system and believe all those claims of ‘hacks’.

Go about it the right way and you won’t have any problems. The only thing I would say is it’s a pretty saturated market at the moment, everybody is trying to get you to use their codes so competition is fierce to say the least, but if you have a big enough audience that is dedicated then you could see some progress.

I actually like the fact you do have the option of getting paid via PayPal and as long as you realise you’re not going to be making huge amounts of money and will be spending a lot of time on the App, then this is a viable option.

What I’m not going to do is give you my referral code, you can easily find them under any Youtube video like that one above or even in the comments of the App store where you download it.


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What Now?

Is AppNana Legit or A Scam? AppNana is definitely not a scam, it is a legitimate app, but is there a better way to spend your time?

I think there is, and it’s how I like to make money.

What I am talking about is Affiliate Marketing. Now I know you probably haven’t a clue what that is, I didn’t either before I got involved in it, that was over 4 years ago now, probably a bit longer than that actually.

Did you know that with Affiliate Marketing you have a fantastic opportunity to turn a hobby or something you’re passionate about into a full time income.

The main thing you need is a website.

Don’t know the first thing about building a website or how to make money from one? Don’t worry I didn’t either when I first started, but if I can do it then anyone can do it, believe me.

The good thing is you don’t even need to pay anything to see if it’s for you.

Click here to read a bit more about it.

I hope this review of the AppNana app has helped you out in some way or you may have already used it and want to let everyone know how you got on with it.

Drop a comment below.

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