Is Gifthulk A Scam Or Easy Money

Is Gifthulk a scam? Well having been around since 2011, Gifthulk is just one of many contenders in the battle to grab a market share of customers all looking to make some extra cash and they have given out over $1,000,000 to its users in that time or so they say.
A lot of these GPT (get paid to) sites all claim they give out vast amounts, but the truth is sometimes not always that way.

We will be looking to give you an answer so you can either join them happy in the knowledge you’re not going to get scammed or to leave them well gifthulk a scam

Product name: GiftHulk


Price: Free

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what is gifthulk

Gifthulk is no different from all the other rewards sites out there at the moment which is a bit of a shame to be fair and by that i mean you’re going to be doing a lot of similar things especially if you’ve tried some of the others.

You’ll be earning virtual currency called Hulk Coins, and when you have enough you simply cash them in for different items in the Hulk Store.

These include:

• Search & Win
• Offer Walls
• Offers
• Surveys
• Referring People
• GiftHulk TV
The people behind the company are a bit shy when it comes to letting you know who they are which is never a good sign. What they do tell you is they have a mobile app called Tapporo which is built along the same lines as this.[su_divider top=”no”]

how to earn hulk coins

Let’s take a better look at how you can actually earn the coins in the first place.


How many times a day do you go to your favorite search engine to look for something? Well Gifthulk will pay you 4 hulk coins for the first search you do in each hour. Obviously you have to be logged into your Gifthulk account and use their search feature which uses Yahoo and Bing to deliver the search results.


The offers wall is where you are shown 3rd party offers either in the form of a survey or a trial that you have to sign up for. The amount of Hulk coins you can earn varies greatly from offer to offer, anything from to 12 coins for vacation rental search to 14400 coins for Ladbrokes sports app.


Pretty similar to the wall actually with the highest paying one’s being a betting one, William Hill Casino, at 40000 coins, but for that you have to deposit a minimum of £20 and use that in the live casino play.


This has got to be my least favorite one for the simple reason after putting in all your details you’re generally met with a “SORRY YOUR PROFILE DOESN’T MEET THE SURVEY NEEDS” please try another one. One thing i will say for them though is they do give you a consolation 20 Hulk coins if you don’t qualify which is more than you get from most sites like this.


I felt that this aspect of Hulkgift was a bit of a let down and by that i mean the amount you receive is not the greatest amount I’ve seen from these types of sites. You will get 5% of your referrals earnings when they complete offers form the wall, surveys and Gifthulk TV. You used to get 600 HC when someone signed up through your referral link, but they seem to have changed that.


This gives you the option of earning HC while you watch videos, well you don’t even have to watch them, you just have to let them run while you work on something else, just don’t try to watch a number of them in different tabs/windows because you won’t get the credits for them. Just make sure the video runs the entire length.
You’re going to get 10 HC for every 10 videos you “watch” which is considered a round and you can watch a total of 30 rounds a day. As you progress the coins earned increase for example on round 30 you will get 60 HC[su_divider top=”no”]1-recommendation-

how much is a hulk coin worth

So you’re earning all these coins, but how much are they in real money? Well don’t expect to be able to retire any time soon.

1000 Hulk coins is going to get you around $1 in cold hard cash so don’t get too excited. The only saving grace is that the cash out threshold is set at $5 so you are going to need to accumulate 5000 Hulkcoins in order to cash out.[su_divider top=”no”]

other ways to earn

There is a game within the site called ‘Guess the Card’ which also includes two others called Guess the Rank and Guess the Suit guess the cardYou are given a certain number of free chips per day depending on your level which you are free to use on any of the 3 games to try to win more HC.

If you use up your free chips then you can use what HC you have and convert them to chips which seems a bit pointless to me seeing as the whole point is to get as many HC as you can so you can cash out.

The levels that i mentioned are made up of 5 segments

  • GOLD

gifthulk levelsAs far as incentives to reach the higher levels are concerned I’m not really convinced that these are ….. well incentive enough.[su_divider top=”no”]


On the dashboard you have a couple of ways to earn extra HC, daily and weekly, but you have to complete the daily one to be able to earn the weekly one.

The daily bonus requires you to earn 750 HC by the end of the day for which you will get a 75 HC bonus. If you do that for consecutive days then you’re going to get a weekly bonus of either 100, 150 or 200 HC depending on how many days you did the daily bonus for.[su_divider top=”no”]

final thoughts

Is Gifthulk a scam? no it’s not, but it’s not a great platform either, there are more than a few complaints about not paying and not even getting any response from customer support.

On the Better Business Bureau, gifthulk is given an F rating which is the lowest there is.

My final word on Gifthulk is to stay clear of it.not approved

If this is your thing you might want to check out Paidviewpoint as a better alternative.[su_divider top=”no”]

what now

I think your time is more valuable than what sites like Gifthulk will pay you, in fact i know it is.

It’s why a chose to learn how to make a consistent income from websites, just like this one you’re on now. That exact same training is available to you right now and the best part is it’s completely free to get started, in fact it’s completely free for as long as you want it to be.

You can check out what’s involved here

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Have you been a member of Gifthulk? Share your thoughts below in the comments

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  1. Hallo there,

    Thanks for the review here, and most importantly for pointing out that the system has a very poor support system and they don’t always pay out.

    It really helped me make a well informed decision.

    I was in a program that had the same issues and boy did I struggle with them. This is not something I want to go through again.

    • Hi, yeah it’s always a bit hit and miss with these types of program so I’m glad to have been some help to you.


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